A Good Bye letter to Awrambatimes Editor !!!

By Tedla Asfaw

Dear  Awrambatimes Editor,

AwrambaI have known you for the last two years thanks to your Website Awrambatimes. It is from this site I learned today that you are going back home after two yeas in exile. I had a chance to be interviewed on phone by you almost a year ago following the protest we had at Abyssinian Baptist Church, Harlem, NY denouncing the memorial service organized by foreign supporters and admirers of the late Meles Zenawi including Ambassador David Shin among many.
I want you to know that your voice wherever you are matters. Yes, journalism that matters most to Ethiopians must be done from home if it is indeed possible. Foreign journalists who have offices like VOA and DW are doing their best with all restrictions they met.
Exiled journalists and medias try to report using their sources back home kept confidential. Opposition movements try to send their messages using all outlets to be heard. Hailemariam Desalegne is continuing the policy of the late Meles Zenawiequating oppositions to terrorism.
By categorizing  peaceful opposition leaders with Al Shabab, Woyane is doing a great service to Al Shabab. The regime is telling the youth who are marching peacefully for freedom and job as we have seen in the last 3 months organized by the Blue Party and Andinet that you are no different from suicide bombers. Go and Bomb Me if You Can !!!

The regime wants Ethiopia to be like that of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia , Yemen, Afghanistan etc where oppositions are waging war  to topple the regime. The stalemate in Asmara and Addis has been exploited by Shabia and the  WoyaneShabia in Addis to keep both of them under constant No peace No War Mode. More than a decade war drum can not be sustained any longer. War is indeed very likely, Badme Two !!!
You are retuning to Ethiopia where the current situation in all fronts, political economical and social is not sustainable. Hope you will tell the story of the terrorized people of Ethiopia who will rise up as one to bring change, a revolution like that of Feb. 1974 four decades ago. A revolution  for dignity and justice. We lost that revolution and hopefully not the coming one. Someone has to be there to document the popular uprising for New Ethiopia. It can be you or someone else. Be Well and Good Luck !!!
Tedla Asfaw

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