ENTC has Released Draft Interim Period Charter for Public Comment

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ENTC ENTC urges all Ethiopians to get involved in the transition process to a free and democratic Ethiopia. Unlike the past transitions, we all should be determined to get it right this time and break the cycle of one dictatorship after another. We urge you to go through this draft document and provide your constructive comments. The draft charter is at an initial stage and it will be reviewed and discussed by representatives of every sector of the Ethiopian society before it is presented to a constitutional convention for final approval.

Read the draft here – Amharic (pdf)

6 Responses to ENTC has Released Draft Interim Period Charter for Public Comment

  1. Another fiasco of attempting to realize the old dream. Who delegate this group to develop a charter on? Assumption of the way to get to power in a shortcut way by the dreamers of subjugating other nations and nationalities and treating them as subhuman as they have done for decades.
    What makes this attempt different from the TPLF exercises of the 1990s which lasted until today? The same shame and tyranny is in the making.

    January 6, 2014 at 9:07 pm

  2. It is really trash and does not even fulfill the minimum standard of national constitution. The “draft” is made having Amhara, its culture and people in mind.

    This document is prepared for people who are backward looking in many ways. To mention two reasons:
    – Zenawis’ constitution acknowledges the existence of different group of people in the Ethiopian empire and recognizes their region, language and other cultures. This is one is looking backward to revive the 19th and 20th centuries days of agony and denial of rights of the other people different form Amhara;
    – Their dream “president” will have, according to this “document”, has the right to fire a Supreme Court Judge at his/her will. Zenawi’s constitution even does not nominally allow the prime minister to fire a Supreme Court Judge, even though Zenawi used to fire the judges at his will by simply bring replacement to his rubberstamp parliament.
    The document itself is not worked on well. At a glance I saw Article 36(B) and Article 38(B) of Chapter 5 are contradicting each other.


    January 6, 2014 at 9:45 pm

  3. zehabeshawoch,
    Don’t make us laugh. Ethiopia is no-somalia. No amount of press release and town hall meetings can turn these gutless monkeys in to real politicians. If there were a grain of truth to the cause that they stand for (what ever it is) they should have stayed put within the borders of Ethiopia and fight for the cause of freedom and unity but instead they are playing remote control politics from the comfort of their host countries in the west, which is this is hilarious. As much as I resent the EPRDF regime for being the root cause for all the ills the country is going through, I equally despise these group who call it self “ENTC” Do they really think that Ethiopians are going to take them seriously?

    Rule of Law
    January 6, 2014 at 10:54 pm

  4. From GETACHEW REDA;(Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    Though I did not read it entirely , I like the way you avoid the apartheid name “Kilil, Birher, Bihere Seboch and Hizboc” and replaced it with genuine perfect naming of the Ethiopian territory as ‘Kifle Hager’. It is great and significant change that will move the apartheid design of territory by language and color, ethnic…. to a civilized and modern designated name of administration “Kifle Hager”. The communist designated and the Fascistic and useless and meaningless name of TPLF apartheid Killilization is Bantustan design of administration tat invited conflict and deportation of many thousands of peasant Ethiopian all over the country (even in Tigray in Afar area, …) and need to be ridiculed and criminalized. Good Job.

    Having said that, as I have said I have to read it carefully taking my time. So, I can’t comment on what is much hated Article 39 the subversion’s article to destroy Ethiopia without gun battle. That is principal article that you or any Ethiopians need to eradicate. No compromise with this, with flag and you can’t allow vote on those. Democracy crap should not allow an ancient country to destroy the family and society of Ethiopia for another clash. If the secessionists and mercenaries want that Article, and flag changes and the Fascist flags they are now practicing- they have to go to the jungle and fight if that is what they want- which they never success any ways. We will allow legitimate war to defend our Ethiopia than subversions and mercenaries using democracy to destroy the nation where later people (like Eritrea or Sudan or USSAR) are now fighting each other after all that crap freedom and flag hoisting using their crap secession.

    You also have to be careful whom your members are inside you. If you filtered that part, I think your effort should be appreciated. But, make sure do not mixed yourself with the mujahedeend and anti Ethiopia secessionist who wants Bantustans flags and Latina language. Remember, our parents never compromise our Ethiopia -there is no compromise in principle, but with with minor issues yeas, not with those Comunits and Fascistic design of administration. Hold to your principle. You give them or not- there will always complain and conflict- so you might as well hold to your country and let them live in the Diaspora if that is their wish. I give you a respect for some of the issues raised there. But I will read all carefully and will see who the members of the Shengo are.
    Getachew Reda

    January 7, 2014 at 6:27 am

  5. Hi Getachew, great job and I read all pages and I will write my opinion soon.


    Dr.. A
    January 7, 2014 at 1:11 pm

  6. The word ” Kfle Gizat ” is suffice to tell the whole history of the so called chapter as it is Hayle Selassie constitution. This document is non-starter. It fails before begins.

    Summii Diina
    January 9, 2014 at 3:40 pm

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