Ethiopia: Somalis, ONLF, OLF plus Eritreans hold “Horn of Africa Solidarity Conference”in Frankfurt, Germany

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07 January 2014
By: Ahmed Abdi

Eritrean citizens at the conference

Eritrean citizens at the conference

Somalilandsun – The “Horn of Africa Solidarity Conference” is held in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday.

This conference,which is annually held was this time long-time invested and properly organized by Somali Communities from Ogaden Region in Germany.

This Conference, which was totally different from the previous ones was participated in different communities from Horn of Africa mainly Somali communities,Oromio Communities, Eritrean Communities and Somali communities from Occupied-Ogaden region.

The aim of the Conference was to overthrow what they call an “illegal government” of Tigray People’s liberation front Regime of Addis Ababa.

The Leaders from United Horn of Africa allies of ONLF,OLF,Somali Diaspora,plus Eritreans that participated in the conference vowed to oust out the minority regime of Tigray.

“We have opened a new chapter of collaboration between us and the Horn of Africa nations that are under Ethiopian occupation and have created an umbrella that wants to overthrow the repressive regime of TPLF,”said, Hassan Moalim,an ONLF-deputy foreign secretary to Ethiopia.

Mr. Moalim spoke at length about the ONLF political developments and how importance is to ally with the nations under Ethiopian colony such as the nations of Oromia,Sidama,Afar,etc. Ethiopian Regime of TPLF continues to commit genocide against the nations under its colony including peoples in Oromia, Afar-land, Sidama, Welayta,and Somalis in Ogaden Region etc and continually intervenes Somalia domestic politics that unnerved Somalis inside the country as well as Somali diaspora.

Putting the flag in the world mapPutting the flag in the world map

The participants watched a film that changed the mood of the environment and showed human rights abuses that proved beyond doubt including rape,killing,wide-spread detentions,and torture.The material is currently investigating by Swedish prosecutors.

“The filmed-evidence suggests that the Ethiopian Army and Liyu Police militia has carried out crimes against humanity on a large scale”,said Abdullahi Hussein,now a human rights activist and former Regional President adviser ,who put himself at risk for smuggling out 100-hours film evidence.

He added the Ethiopian regime must be held accountable for its crimes.

The Regional puppet administration of Abdi Iley has been very keen to claim that the Ogaden region is developing when it comes to some water wells,roads and very few schools when his notorious Liyu police militia could not spare a single soul that encountered. Abdi Iley claims boastfully to be the truer ONLF and others are solely bandits a term carefully avoided by the former regional presidents that encouraged ONLF-supporters,but he did not stop there,he constantly aired hate speech against Amhara through the Ethiopian Somali TV(ESTV) and passes out a message from his masters,Tigray generals, and his legal adviser Col. Zegeye to spread negative stereotypes against Ahmara amid to sow a fresh enmity between Somali ethnic population and Amhara population to divert the Tigray’s human rights abuses.

“The TPLF-regime propagates lies in the name of development to divert the eyes of the diaspora about the reality on the ground.And The Regional President,Abdi Iley,keeps telling his masters’ message that the TPLF is better than it was the Derg Regime, while it is massacring the nomads and aired several times that the Amhara regime was not permitted Somalis to wear garments as if we were fighting for a right to wear garment against a regime,Derg,which was on war with garments and garment industries ,a compliment they received and accepted easily,of course got gassed”,said Jamal Diriye,a former Ethiopian parliament token that lives in Germany.

Conference dignitaries from Eritrea and Ethiopia(Ogaden)Conference dignitaries from Eritrea and Ethiopia(Ogaden)

Ethiopia,which uses its power to oppress its dissents at the same time has been labeling Journalists and its main political figures as terrorists has jailed dozens of main political figures and Journalists in the world’s worst prisons in Addis Ababa and Jigjiga that met International criticism.

Eritrea, a former Ethiopian colony and in an open war with Ethiopia sees herself a friend and an ally for the oppressed and down-trodden nations in the Horn Of Africa. Somalia provided Eritrea a brotherly direct assistance during its fight for the Eritrean Independence and Eritrea wants to payback for that and repeatedly says ,”let the Somalis solve their problems through dialogue.”

Somali people in Ogaden and people of Oromia have been fighting for their identity,of course they don’t like to be called Ethiopians. And their representatives have been fighting for full independence.


15 Responses to Ethiopia: Somalis, ONLF, OLF plus Eritreans hold “Horn of Africa Solidarity Conference”in Frankfurt, Germany

  1. Trying to remove the ethno-fascist Tigre people liberation front is one thing.

    But if we replace one ethnicist fascist dictatorship with another fascist ethnicist group of war lords then we are back in the same hole.

    Ethnic based organisation like Tigre liberation front is no different fro ONLF, OLF, dFF, SFF, RTF, ALLF .. They are all scums good for nothing hate mongers causing division between communities and inciting violence.

    Do not waste your time, you have no new agenda. you will only come back as disguised TPLF. The only difference between you and TPLF is the name only.

    TPLF say they are liberation fighters for tigre, you say you are a liberation fighter for ogadenis. While you are in the bush , you claim to be fighting to liberate your ethnic group, but once you get hold of power you will quickly start to massacre , loot and plunder.
    Look at what is going on in Ethiopia, eritrea, and now south sudan. Are noot all these groups in power now former ethnic ”liberatio” ‘fighters.
    So now can you be different from them.

    January 8, 2014 at 3:48 am

  2. So do we fighting for our people who have been subjected to systematic genocide, sterilization not to give birth, extra-judicial execution, demoniac torture and arbitrary detention at the hands of the vicious Minority Junta.

    Solomon Dagnachew
    January 8, 2014 at 5:58 am

  3. Know the Muslim Oromo Libration Front creates alliance with the muslim Ogaden (ONLF) and the Somalian alshabab to dismantle Ethiopia. All people should fight this terrorrists.

    January 8, 2014 at 12:53 pm

  4. woyane eqd alewo esun degmo ye ethiopia habt dollars Tor mesarya /weapens/ wede tigray eyesebesebewu newu endyawu ye air-force sayqer yehe mn dinewu mikinyat yemihonewu yetaweqe newu shaebiya enday metubun matalel mikinyatu kedro dro ye tigray meriwoch atalay nachowu tenkolonoch :: woyane ethiopia silata kalewu buzu trf silalewu yqoyal gn yachi tigray tigrign ende ager lemegembat behali bemistir eyesera new yehe betegbar endimiyadergewu ergit newu woyane ke ethiopia yemiferawu yelem mikinyatu ethiopia eyebetatenat newu weapens betigray newu yalew gn woyane mifera ke eritrea bicha new le eritrea deg ke ethiopianoch wuneh ahun madakem be ethiopia habt be ethiopia goromsawoch be ethiopia hzb

    January 8, 2014 at 1:59 pm

  5. Aye Shabia you talk about unity on other hand and you work day and night to distroy ethiopia in the other. how many times you think you can fool ethiopians. i hope even G7 leaders only want your money and know deep inside how much hate you have to ethiopia.
    did tesfaye geberebabe attended this meeting? this time shabia you are the fool becouse most of ethiopians know what you want is to destroy ethiopia and to get your dream to make eritria african singapor by sacking a blood of ethiopia

    January 9, 2014 at 3:27 am

  6. From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    Question about the fake ethnic cleansing movie document made by ONLF conspiracy.

    Here is a challenge challenge to all supporter of ONLF, and Ethiopian medias like ETSAT and the likes of the Diaspora media who were highlighting only the crime of TPLF while silent about the crime and fake documents prepared by those criminal entities and liars of ONLF never mentioned on your media which should be a very significant story. I have a challenge for you here ONLF supporters and community leaders to tell us the truth about the following question I will ask you.

    Do you guys remember the film made by Ethiopian Somali Ogadenians who lived in British. Those young students were misinformed by an ONLF member who works as Taxi driver that there was ethnic cleansing against Ogadenians. These students prepared a theatrical fake movie.

    The actors posed as Ethiopian Ogaden Somalia victims of TPLF government were most ONLF members.

    The documented movie was a hot news and got ears by IS Congress and the president’s office. The fake movie document prepared by these students fooled by ONLF leaders and cadres was explained by Abdi Hussien who is ONLF member living in Victoria. Here is what he said and we will see how fake the document was told by the students themselves. Later the students who prepared the fake document were harassed and beaten by ONLF. You will here their testimony on the following document I will give you. But before that, here is ‘Silent Cry’ which was fake and praised by an ONLF member as true story as the following.

    “Silent Cry” is a documentary about the genocide which is happening in the Ogaden region. The people of Ogaden are suffering from killing, torture and rape, which has occurred because of the Ethiopian military regime. The documentary has been seen in 26 countries, especially western countries. It was created by a group of amateur student filmmakers who came across victims of the genocide whilst holidaying in Africa” Abdi Hussien

    Abdi Hussien, a member of the Ogaden community in Victoria who was the chairperson for the evening said :-

    “that this genocide was caused by Melles Zainowe who has isolated the people of Ogaden from the rest of the world.”
    Now listen and watch “Silent Cry” producers exposing the lie of the document and how they produced it to fool the world.
    So how can the world believe when the ONLF Community leader by the name Abdi Hussien claimed with such fake document prepared by ONLF themselves and claimed “It’s time for the International community now to take an action for that area” Abdi Hussien said based on the fake document? We ask the ONLF Abdi or any others to explain to us about this story of “Silent Cry’ which got international coverage on which ONLF lye to us and to the world, while the secret here is exposed a different story by the producers themselves.
    Seeing this fake document, how could one believe any document that will come in the future? Who can we trust? I believe there is an abuse by TPLF against the people of Ogaden. But, how can one take ONLF serious political entity when we also see such fake claim of abuse? I leave the judge for the rational mind. Please let us argue genuinely without any emotional or childish argument. I am inviting those ONLF to explain to us what is going on with such fake document told by ONLF community leaders as real document which was a fake. Please argue rational if you have points to challenge my question.
    Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    January 9, 2014 at 11:57 am

  7. MR. Getachew thank you and well said about this usless ONLF..There is a long way before people take this organization seriously.

    January 9, 2014 at 8:01 pm

  8. Thank you and well said Mr. reda……It is going to be a long way before people will
    take ONLF seriously ONLF is worst than TPLF

    January 9, 2014 at 8:06 pm

  9. Where are the architects of such anti-Ethiopian collection, Jawar and Tesfaye G/ab. Tesfaye G/ab in his book ,yesedetegnaw mastawsha’ said that the way forward is the disintegration of Ethiopia in to pieces and forming a Horn of Africa union with a single currency. That is exactlly what this all is about.

    January 10, 2014 at 7:12 am

  10. from-GETACHEW REDA

    (1) – About the Eritrea scums.

    The other day, I was talking to God of Ethiopia privately, and asked him – father God, do you know by the name Eritrea? I asked. He said “who?” I said:- Eritrea. And he asked back “Eritrea? I said “yea”. And he said “Eritrea?” ……”Ertrea?” ha…..! I have no name with such list on my list book of creation.

    And he continue said “you mean – that little property owed by the lunatic kid by the name Isayas Afewerki? I said “Yea! Yea! that is the one”. Oh, that is not a country my son. That is the property of that lunatic kid that I am very soon to pull him out of the planet earth to punish him like the other lunatic kid from Adua who is now in hell” God said. And I said “Please do”. And he said, for your information my son, by time I take him out , there will be lunatics like him who might clash each other and became like that property of Al-shabab in Somalia. So help the people out of that property owned by those lunatics in that land.

    Question to ONLF leaders that we are still waiting for answer;

    (2-) Did not I tell you genuine Ethiopian brothers and sisters earlier on my question posed to ONLF liars and criminals that they can’t defend their own lie? You see, this what I was saying all alone, all these years- that these are simply Al Shabab type of bandits who can do any thing to upgrade their nihilist and banditry mission of civil war as their ancestors in MQdesho in Somalia are now going through. We are still waiting clarification and answer to my question I posed to them from ONLF. Here is the video that we need ONLF to tell us their fake ethnic cleansing claim.

    January 10, 2014 at 12:22 pm

  11. From the conquest of the south of Menelik till 19974 ethiopian empire was a prison of nations,facing a lot of wars against the highlandres invasion and occupation.Many rebelleions,and mouvements from somalis,oromos,tigree afars,sidama,walayta, and after teh annexion of ertra eritreans join the struggle. All were against one flag,one religion,one language.The empire power used all weapond to exterminate all the populations of those area,i remember Dhagahbuur and Aicha tow which were totaly destroyed.In 1991 the TPLF brought hope and significant change (they implement the kilil or regional state according to languages which deserve reallt congratulations) but did not implement real democracy in the federation.EPRDF has to correct its policy and discuss with the real representative of the somalis ONLF and Oromo OLF to find a lasting peace in ethiopia .

    January 10, 2014 at 12:57 pm


    Mohamad that all you have for the challenge I pose for you?

    Let us say, you are TPLF supporter or Ogadenian, I have also question for you .

    (1)- Besides repeating your leaders lie, that the previous Ethiopia governments declared one religion , one language. Where can you show us with evidence such lie? Tell us with your evidence. I Know you can’t. We challenged your leaders to stop fooling you or to show us their evidence. They shut their mouth, because they know they have no evidence except lie and lie and lie to cheat manicure like you. I love to discuss with such manicures who are disoriented.

    Amharic Happened to be the winner for thousands and thousands of years to be a national language due to its historical exposure. You need one at least and that became a language of all. So what?

    As far as religion- there is no such religious conflict in the history of Ethiopia except during the Jihadist Ahmed Girang as the TPLF era that you appreciated. Christians against Christians and Muslims against Christians and their church or Muslims against Muslims and their Mosque. Ethiopia is now suffering by Jihadist in the South/Eastern/Central/North even in Tigray. How notorious creator or dumb are you failed to see such trend?

    Gambela is ruled by TPLF cadres, Oromo,Somali/Harari/Aderi….Gurage/Amhara even Tigray is ethnic federal states are Bantustan Federalism which is Apartheid ruled by TPLF proxy cadres. Name one from your area that you can argue he was elected by the local people without the approval of TPLF. Name one who can not be arrested or removed from power if TPLF the master do not want him to be in power.

    Gambela Massacre:

    In Gambella there happened ethnic cleansing under TPLF’s ethnic Federal administration which never happened in history of Gambela people. here some report explained as the following

    “Each act was barbarous enough on its own to warrant fear and loathing. It was human savagery at its worst and an eyewitness as he worked with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society on the dying and the wounded amongst the dead. The U.S marines who rescued their citizens at the scene, what they saw were so unimaginable that the atrocities committed need to be separated from each other to even begin comprehending the viciousness of the crimes.

    People tortured. Blackened bodies smelling of roasted flesh from the power shocks that had convulsed their bodies before their hearts gave out – the electric wires still tied around their lifeless limbs.”

    (2) Ethnic cleansing against Amhara population reads as the following::

    ” In the six districts located in Arba Gugu sub-province of Arsi Administrative region, thousands of homes have been razed and burnt down to ashes, thousands of human lives have perished; property worth millions of Birr has been destroyed. Human beings have been slaughtered like animals; the breast of women were cut and these very women victims forced to roast or grill their breast. Countless atrocities have been perpetrated. Looking at the following objective evidences (accounts) would give a good picture of the damage wrought.


    JUNE 9, 1991 :

    Groups calling themselves members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) entered into the town of Debre Selam (capital of the district of Gololcha).

    JUNE 10, 1991 :

    In the morning these OLF members came to the Gololcha school. They brought down the Ethiopian flag and tore it down. Those students who are the children of Amharas and as well as those who are Christians were told that their country is that part (of Ethiopia) which lies beyond the Abbay river (Blue Nile River) and accordingly they were told to leave Arsi. They closed the school, dispersed the students and hoisted their own flag (the flag of the OLF). On this very day 16 peasant associations elected and sent elders as representatives to mediate between them and the OLF members. However the elders were greeted with insults and sent back by the OLF.

    JUNE 11, 1991 :

    On this day OLF members having mounted automatic machine guns on open wagons, looted property (which was being taken care of by elders from twenty peasant associations) belonging to the peasant associations and the government; took away 500 quintals of washed and unbounded (uncrushed) coffee and 57000 birr meant for the coffee plantation workers in the area. On this same day these OLF members opened fire and killed two civilians and wounded five. They shot dead three legal prisoners who were in the prison.

    JUNE 13, 1991 :

    On this day the EPRDF tried to stabilize the situation. For the time being the killings stopped. There took place a political agitation (propaganda by the OLF) which had the effect of fanning differences between the Christian and Muslim populations which have (hitherto) always lived together in peace and harmony. Gradually many people joined them (the OLF) as a result of the propaganda campaign.

    OCTOBER 8, 1991 :

    On this day we were told about the entry of 15 members of the OLF (into the town of Debre Selam) for political activity. On this same day an (OLF) army of more than 2000 equipped with modern weapons entered during the night by using the darkness of the night as their cover. This army had a health team along with large and medium sized trucks loaded with dry foodstuff. On this day these OLF members killed one of the three OPDO (Oromo Peoples Democratic Movement) members who was then in Debre- Selam, while the other two, who were hand-cuffed by the OLF, later escaped towards the near-by peasant associations. However, as one of these escapees was wounded (by the OLF) while escaping, he later died of the wound he sustained. While their dry foodstuff (of the OLF army) has been canned, it bears the script LIBYA on it. Many civilians who tried to defend themselves by taking positions and entrenching themselves along rivers and streams died due to the poisoning of the water by the OLF. The poison was manufactured in Saudi Arabia.


    The OLF members closed the narrow and key road connecting the district of Gololcha with the district capital – Abomsa thereby killing 10 people and looting a lot of property. Among those killed were:

    1). Mr. Hailu Habte Mariam who was a famous elder and a man with a modest medical knowledge.

    2). Mr. Haile Wolde Michael who was a renowned elder of the area.

    3). Mr. Mamo Beyene

    4). Mr. Awgichew Gucho

    5). Mr. Bedlu Shifferaw and 6) Mr. Tutu Shifferaw who were brothers.

    OCTOBER 31, 1991:

    Beginning at 6 a.m. in the morning, the OLF surrounded the 16 peasant associations around DIBU and GIGAN areas in the district of GOLOLCHA killing 7 people and wounding many others. The people in the area opposed this massacre by trying to defend themselves by resorting to spears. Upon the intervention of elders the shooting was stopped.

    NOVEMBER 2, 1991:

    On this very area (DIBU and GIGAN areas) the OLF opened fire beginning at 7 a.m. thereby killing more than 1000 (one thousand people). The homes and properties of 16 peasant associations and their individual members were looted, pillaged and the rest set on fire by the OLF. The genocide which took place on this day was extremely horrendous and barbaric. For example, the OLF members after having forced two Christian elders to say “Alah Weakber” against their religious belief, have blind-folded these two elders with a piece of cloth and slaughtered them like animals and thrown them in front of the doorsteps of SAINT MIKAEL (MICHEL) CHURCH at GINGA.



    OCTOBER 19, 1991 :

    On this market day in an attempt to attack the Amhara people and disperse the people at the market, the Arsi moslems opened fire and shot dead 3 (three) people.

    OCTOBER 22, 1991 :

    These same Muslims, having organized an army of between 300 and 400 men, opened fire on the town of Moye killing an unknown number of people. In general they looted and ransacked everything ranging from business owned by individuals to governmental organizations thereby leaving the town empty.

    OCTOBER 23, 1991 :

    These same fighters set on fire four peasant villages thereby leaving no less than 1000 (one thousand) families without any shelter.

    OCTOBER 28, 1991 :

    This same attack continued thereby destroying and burning 12 (twelve) peasant villages by fire and leaving behind more than 10,000 (ten thousand) inhabitants (people without shelter and exposing them to starvation and dispossession.

    NOVEMBER 5, 1991 :

    On this day also an OLF army, no less than 400 in number, penetrated deep into Moye from the neighboring administrative region of Hararghe. This OLF force bombed and shelled with launchers, automatic rifles, bombs and explosives innocent farmers who do not know anything else except farming and civilian life. This modern army has different types of canned and dry foodstuff and was particularly attacking members of the Amhara ethnic group and the Christian population living in the area. This massacre and genocide has not abated or stopped yet.


    OCTOBER 4, 1991 :

    Mr. Tesfaye Alemu and Mr. Gebre Sellase Gebre Egziabher, both of whom were working on their farms, near ABOMSA town – the capital of the sub-province, were perforated and killed with bullets by the OLF forces. The killers went away ululating. The killers of these two men are Mr. Hussien Safeno and Mr. Kedir Gelma. Having committed these atrocities, the two men still live freely in the town (ABOMSA town) with their arms. Since the killing of these two men, the property and domestic animals of the Christian population of the area are openly looted and the rest being set on fire.

    OCTOBER 28, 1991 :

    900 (nine hundred homes) housing people in six peasant associations in ANGODECHI area in the district of GEGU were set on fire and the properties of the inhabitants looted and ransacked. Although burned and tarred human skulls were found in the burnt houses, it was not possible to know the exact number of victims of this atrocity. However, those who survived this horrendous attack have fled into the surrounding bushes and valleys.

    OCTOBER 29, 1991:

    In this same district in WERENSO GURE, WENGELO KERSA, AMSHERA MENGAGSA areas 420 (four hundred twenty) houses were burnt down by fire. As the houses were set on fire during the night, at which time many people were in deep sleep, the number of people killed by far exceeds that of GEGU mentioned above. But the exact figure of the people who had died is not known.

    OCTOBER 30, 1991 :

    In three areas in the district of MERTI i.e in MOLLEME SEKA, FEREKESA MESKOBE, MOLOME KESA areas a total of 570 (Five Hundred Seventy) homes were burnt down.

    OCTOBER 31, 1991 :

    In this same district of MERTI in areas called AWACHURA MICHA, FEREKESA MUKAGELO, ASHE FELIKA 336 houses were burnt down.

    NOVEMBER 5, 1991 :

    In a peasant association known as GOBENU CHAKA with the exception of 16 houses with corrugated roofs, all the remaining 116 houses (one hundred sixteen) were burnt down. While houses in the above -mentioned areas were set on fire, children and old people housed in these homes were also burnt alive. Those who were strong and tried to escape from the burning houses were shot at and the ones who survived have fled to an unknown direction. Within these two days, in these two districts alone property worth millions of Birr, accumulated over centuries has been destroyed. More than one thousand homes were burnt down. Schools and churches in the districts have been looted and pillaged. Parts of these schools and churches have also been burnt down. At this moment, in the whole sub-province 197 (one hundred ninety seven elementary and junior high schools as well as 2 (two) high schools, thus a total of 199 (one hundred ninety nine) schools are closed. While a school teacher in the district of MERTI had been killed, the remaining teachers have fled the area. With the exception of government offices in the sub-provincial capital, all government offices in other parts of the sub-province have been looted and closed. The culprits or the people responsible for this serious massacre (genocide) of people and the destruction of property are :

    1) Mr. Kassim Hussien representative of the OLF in ARSI administrative region.

    2) Mr. Abiyu Gilo representative of the OLF in the district of MERTI, HOMBA area.

    3) Mr. Mohammed Kebir Adem otherwise known as Mohammed Moye a rich merchant in the district of Guna and member of the OLF.

    4) Mr. Adem Abdulahi a very rich merchant of GEGU district and member of the OLF.

    These four people are the general commanders and coordinators.

    The following people are members of the OLF and commanders of the army who master-minded and led the OLF army that perpetrated these above-mentioned atrocities):

    1) Mr. Sultan Kedir

    2) Mr. Reshad Feto

    3) Mr. Ahmed Amane

    4) Mr. Tutuna Kedir

    5) Mr. Gibriel Sheik Mukthar

    6) Mr. Geylana Hagihum

    7) Mr. Sikuare Sane

    Various elders, representatives of the populace, church representatives have at various times appealed and brought to the attention of various authorities including the prime minster this genocide (massacre) and this boundless tribulation of the people. However, to this day no measures have been taken. The committee presenting this appeal has the backing of 221 (two hundred twenty one) persons and has as its aim the cessation or stopping of the current genocide or massacre that is being directed against the AMHARAS and the CHRISTIAN people living in the area; if at all this appeal is heeded and supported”.

    So Mr.Mohamad; Is this not the fascistic Ethnic Federalism you are appreciating committing ethnic cleansing all over the country? By the way you like also OPDO as an independent Oromo party. Who is OPDO?

    OPDO is – Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization , this is an organization which has been spawned by the TPLF (EPRDF) from the ranks of captured prisoners of war (POWs) of the former government. It was created by the TPLF and is used by the latter today to displace the OLF proper and justify TPLF’s penetration into so-called Oromo territories. The OPDO is considered by the OLF as a puppet organization of the TPLF (EPRDF);.

    GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    January 10, 2014 at 6:20 pm

  13. Hi gechi redati do you think God talk to u or you are debtera told you that about Eritrea or afwerki I will leave the answer for you

    January 10, 2014 at 7:05 pm

  14. What are Eritreans doing supposedly in what is an Ethiopian affair? My advice to ONLF, OLF is, if you really are serious about getting rid off TPLF work with other Ethiopian opposition groups. Just because they have different opinions you can not ignore them.

    January 10, 2014 at 7:52 pm

  15. Ethiopian affair without Ethiopians pointless

    January 18, 2014 at 6:16 pm

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