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Ethiopia Continues to Deny Genocide in the Oromia Region. But Pictures and Personal Testimonies Tell a Different Story

By Girma Birhanu Contact information: Girma Berhanu (Professor) Department of Education and Special Education University of Gothenburg Box 300, SE 405 30 Göteborg, Sweden E-mail: Girma.Berhanu@ped.gu.se Introduction Reports estimate that as many as fifty thousand people have been displaced by ethno nationalist mobs, and hundreds killed. This is not the first time similar atrocities committed against, in particular non-Oromos1, orthodox…

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Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s Organized Plunder Funds Ethiopia’s Destabilization

PDF – Tigray People’s Liberation …… Aklog Birara (Dr)       I have always thought that a poor, aid dependent and least developed nation such as Ethiopia cannot eradicate poverty without good and accountable governance. A lead component of good governance is the elimination of graft, corruption and illicit outflow of funds. It is inevitable that poor and repressive governance leads to corruption and squanders investment resources. Corruption breeds insecurity, instability and inequality. For almost three decades, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dominated Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRD) regime inflicted huge pain and suffering on Ethiopian citizens, fused party,…

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By Alem Every 5 May is a national public holiday called “Ethiopian Patriots’ Victory Day”. The holiday commemorates the brave resistance of Ethiopia’s people against the Italian invasion of the 1930’s and,…



Coronavirus – Ethiopia: COVID-19 Response Overview

International Organization for Migration (IOM) continued to support Government of Ethiopia (GoE) in coordinating support for quarantine facilities in Addis Ababa and the regions (35 in total) GENEVA, Switzerland, July 31, 2020/APO…