12th International Conference – Bahir Dar University

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The Consortium for International Management, Policy



Addressing Sustainability from Multi-Disciplinary Approaches: 

Pro-active agenda for Sustainable Development Goals and Youth Engagement


General Conference Co-Chairs:

Dr. Berhanu Mengistu, Emeritus Professor of Public Policy and Administration, Old Dominion University

Dr. Harvey White, Professor of Public Policy and Administration, University of Delaware

U.S. Conference Program Co-Chairs:

Dr. Aziza Zemrani, Professor/Graduate Program Coordinator, Public Affairs & Security Studies, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Dr. David Bell, Clinical Associate Professor, Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University


Pre-conference in Addis Ababa: Co-Chairs:

Dr. Alemayehu Debebe Mekonnen, Vice President, Ethiopian Civil Service University

Dr. Berhanu Temesgene, Chair, Department of Public Administration, Addis Ababa University


Ethiopian Conference Program Co-Chairs:

Dr. Zewdu Emiru, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Bahir Dar University

Dr. Tilahun Bejtual, Bahir Dar University



The Consortium for International Management, Policy and Development (CIMPAD) was precipitated by the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. This oppressive system inspired public service professionals in various countries on different continents to work cooperatively to enhance the provision of goods and services in Africa. The first international conference was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1997. Since then, bi-annual conferences have been held in Ghana (1999), Ethiopia (2001), Mozambique (2003), Senegal (2005), Uganda (2007), Ghana (2009), Liberia (2011), Namibia (2013), Zambia (2015) and Botswana (2018).


The Mission of CIMPAD “To inspire and promote collaborative working relationships towards the advancement of knowledge in public administration, public management, public policy and leadership development, among practitioners and academicians in various African countries and the diaspora.”


CIMPAD’s Statement of Ethical Commitment: CIMPAD is committed to fostering ethical collaborative relationships that promote and sustain peace, democratic institutions, and equal rights for all.


About the Conference

CIMPAD in partnership with Bahir Dar University is pleased to invite scholars, public service professionals, students, activists and performers from diverse practice fields (e.g., public administration, social work, sociology, economics, engineering, law, nursing, religion, music, theatre) to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia June 10-12, 2020. The primary aim of this conference, as with all CIMPAD conferences, is to strengthen and promote public sector leadership and management and the sustainable development of communities and countries on the continent of Africa and the diaspora.

The collaboration between CIMPAD and the Bahir Dar University recognizes that Africa is at the center of analysis and celebrates Africans as leaders in all aspects of social, cultural, political, and economic sustainable development on the continent. We aspire to engage in innovative conversations and meaningful collaborations regarding best practices, policy enhancement and scholarship that will lead to sustainable change.


As such, we encourage paper and poster submissions that involve scholars and practitioners in and across the following:

Concurrent Session Themes

v Track I – Youth Development, Employment and Empowerment
Strategies to enhance youth entrepreneurship, strategic talent development, opportunities for youth participation in governance activities

v Track II – Health, Poverty, and Public Policy
Health care policy and resource allocation, health technology, and AIDS

v Track III – Public Safety and Disaster/Emergency Management
Reducing the vulnerability of individuals and communities to loss of life and property from natural or man-made hazards and disasters

v Track IV – Trade, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development
Defining the relationship between global trade and finance, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and international/regional trade and economics

v Track V – Natural Resources and Food Security

Reviewing policy innovations in forests and water management, policy and the effect of international trade in achieving food security

v Track VI – Infrastructure and Public/Private Partnerships
Integrating physical and social infrastructure needs and priorities, leveraging resources, investing, privatization, and joint ventures

v Track VII – Technology and Sustainable Development

Utilizing science and computers, evolving skills and training persons to achieve societal sustainable development

v Track VIII – Decentralization, Governance, and Civil Service

Devolving political and administrative processes, transparency and accountability, reform, civil society, and non-governmental organizations

v Track IX – Education, Culture, Gender, and Development

Wholly developing human talent, developmental linkages between traits, knowledge, beliefs, values, and gender development

v Track X – Prevention, Management, and Conflict Resolution

Emphasizing the role played by civil society and institutions with impact on policy and management

All proposals must be received on or before Friday, April 3, 2020. All presenters must register for the conference.
Proposals will be provisionally accepted or rejected by the Conference Program Committee and notices will be sent out by email no later than Monday, April 13, 2020.

Final acceptance is contingent upon the completion of the Conference Registration. Failure to register for the conference will result in an automatic proposal rejection. Only those participants who are registered for the conference will be published in the program.


The Program Committee will review only complete proposals. Proposals may be submitted online via the submission portal at www.cimpad.org OR via email to aziza.zemrani@utrgv.edu AND davidabell.phd@gmail.com. Proposals must be submitted in English.  We are unable to accept proposals sent by hard copy or fax.

Every paper and poster submission must consist of: 1) A title that describes the content of the proposed paper and correlates with one of the ten session themes; 2) An abstract that is no more than 200 words;  3) A summary of the main issues that the paper proposes to explore in no more than 300 words. The quality of the submission is the main criterion for acceptance. A submission with a weak abstract and summary is unlikely to be accepted.


The Program Committee has final responsibility for accepting or declining all proposals in accordance with the established guidelines. It also maintains the right to change designated theme tracks.

Your participation in the 12th International Conference is a major commitment to your colleagues, to CIMPAD, and to Bahir Dar University. Individuals may be seriously inconvenienced and disappointed when they attend sessions, only to find that persons they looked forward to hearing and seeing failed to appear. The Program Committee works hard to create a cohesive program and “no shows” detract from the success of the conference.

Presenters should notify the Program Committee via email as soon as possible if they know they will be unable to attend the conference. The information will be reflected in the Final Program if said notification is received within two (2) weeks of notification of acceptance.

Conference refunds will only be processed for an individual whose proposal has been declined, and only upon written request. Requests should be sent to
info@cimpad.org, and include your preferred mailing address.

CIMPAD and Bahir Dar University are committed to ensuring that the conference is accessible to all. If you have any special needs or require special assistance, please indicate on your conference registration form.

CIMPAD established the Student Presentation Prize in 2015 to recognize outstanding presentations by students. All presentations by students at the conference are eligible for the cash prize, which is awarded during the Closing Session.


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  1. Subject: “12th International Conference – Bahir Dar University”

    PlEASE, THIS IS a CRY in the wilderness!!!
    Nothing will come out of the gathering.
    It is earthly short paradise for thE PARTICIPANTS to have a mini vacation.
    The United Nations Organization can testify to it …. in a miraculous Day.
    i don’t expect this note to see the light of the day.
    amen, inshaalah or what ever expression you have in your belief of nothingness.
    the end

    February 10, 2020 at 10:29 am

  2. THANK YOU, zehabesha >>> for Proving me wrong.
    ej enesalehu keyqrta gar.
    mingiziem yenantew, ke’engidih wediya.

    February 10, 2020 at 1:58 pm

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