Let my sister go!

By Yilma Bekele “Opposition UDJ party president Birtukan Mideksa, whose pardon was revoked and life sentence reinstated in December 2008, remained in

Remembering Ato Ketema

By Yilma Bekele I am sure you are familiar with all the big numbers thrown around when it comes to the number

VOA responds to Meles Zenawi

By Jason McLure | Bloomberg Voice of America said Ethiopian Prime Minister dictator Meles Zenawi’s comparison of its local-language news service with the Rwandan

Meles Zenawi calls VOA ‘hate media’

WASHINGTON DC (VOA) — Ethiopia’s Prime Minister genocidal dictator Meles Zenawi says he is prepared to order jamming of VOA broadcasts in Amharic, the

Woyanne admits jamming VOA (BBC)

(BBC) — Ethiopia’s ruling junta, Woyanne, has admitted it is jamming the Voice of America’s (VOA) broadcasts in Amharic, accusing the radio