Ethiopia: Mohammed Aman stuns Rudisha

ZURICH, (Capitalfm)- Ethiopian teenager Mohammed Aman trumped world and Olympic champion David Rudisha of Kenya in emphatic style in the men’s 800m

Highly Politicized Death

By Yinegal Belachew( Dear Ethiopian Compatriots all over the world; Dear all human beings of this treacherous world; Dear all readers of

Ethiopia: Army Commits Torture, Rape

Gambella Atrocities Follow Attack on Commercial Farm; New ‘Villagization’ Abuses –hrw (Nairobi) – The Ethiopian military responded to an April 2012 attack on

A Farewell to Meles Zenawi

By Alemayehu G Mariam For over two hundred seventy five weeks, without missing a single week, I have written long expository commentaries

Melese expected to resurrect

by Tegen Ashagrie It goes without saying that, the late Melse Zenawi has imperishably been observed as the emancipator of the horn

Ethiopia: After Meles

  The Premier’s death removes one of Africa’s most prominent leaders and will test the unity of the country and the ruling

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