Hell Clasico!

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Jose Mourinho reacted bitterly to Real Madrid’s defeat by Barcelona last night by accusing UEFA of conspiring in favour of the Catalan team.

Lionel Messi scored both goals in a 2-0 win at the Bernabeu Stadium which puts Barca on the brink of a Champions League final against Manchester United at Wembley next month.

Mourinho, ordered from the touchline after Pepe was sent off in the second half, faces an extended ban for an astonishing post-match outburst, with Barcelona planning to report him for defamatory allegations.

‘I won two European titles and I won them on the pitch,’ said Mourinho, as he poured scorn on Guardiola’s last European triumph in 2009 – when Barca beat Chelsea in a stormy semi-final – and insisted all their recent success was tarnished by referees’ decisions.

The Real boss added: ‘I would have been embarrassed to win that title (in 2009) because it was won with the scandal of Stamford Bridge and this one will be won with the scandal of the Bernabeu. I hope one day Josep Guardiola wins a Champions League title as it should be – perfect, spotless, without any scandal.

‘I don’t know if it’s to give publicity to Unicef or their power at UEFA. I don’t know if people just like them. I don’t know and I don’t understand. Where does all this power come from? No-one else has a chance really. Why don’t they let other teams play against them? If Barcelona are honest, they know this is happening.

‘Congratulations because they are a fantastic football team but congratulations for everything else they have. It has to be very difficult to achieve this kind of power. The others have no chance.

‘If I say what I think my career ends today. I can’t say what I feel. I only leave one question. Why?’

Mourinho named the referees he believes have helped Barcelona. They included Wolfgang Stark (in charge on Wednesday night), Tom Henning Ovrebo (referee when Barca beat Chelsea in 2009), Frank de Bleeckere (sent off Inter Milan’s Thiago Motta in last year’s semi-final) and Anders Frisk (retired soon after another controversial Chelsea v Barcelona game).
‘We are out,’ added the Real coach. ‘Sometimes I feel disgusted living in this world and earning my living in this world. The result is practically impossible to revert. If we score in Barcelona they will kill us again. It’s mission impossible.’

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