60 Minutes visits Lalibela, a holy site where 200,000 Ethiopian Orthodox Christians make pilgrimage

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60 Minutes visits mysterious

The story of 11 Ethiopian churches, each carved from a single block of stone, with no brick, no mortar, nor wood, is a creation story you’ll need to see to believe. 60 Minutes reports, Sunday

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  1. What an uplifting story about our beloved Ethiopia! In the US 60 Minutes is the most popular news magazine program with 10 million weekly viewership.
    I hope the Ethiopian tourist agencies will take notice and use it to attract more visitors to the country. I also hope that those citizens who surmise that a nation called Ethiopia does not exist will be inspired by and be proud of the narrative because it belongs to all.
    Finally we should bring to a close the derogatory comments about the clergy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church calling them uneducated “debteras” and the church a medieval institution more identified with the ruling class. Reformation theologians in aristocratic Europe had accused the Catholic Church of similar misdeeds. I hope to see more discussion from people with expertise and scholarship in the Reformation and if any parallel exists with the history of the Tewahido Church.
    The 60 Minutes story and Pope Francis’ prayer on Nov 4 2019 for persecuted Christians in Ethiopia couldn’t have come at a better time.

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