67 people killed in protests in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region -police

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ADDIS ABABA, Oct 25 (Reuters) – Sixty-seven were people killed in two days of protests this week in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region, the region’s police commissioner told Reuters late on Friday.

Sixty-two of the dead were protesters while five were police officers, Oromiya regional police commissioner Kefyalew Tefera said by phone. Thirteen died from bullet wounds and the rest from injuries caused by stones, he said. (Reporting by Giulia Paravicini Writing by Maggie Fick, Editing by William Maclean)


  1. Worqu Belayneh

    you are spreading the agenda of amhara and its terrorism here

    I thought gondres are too humble and pious but I realized that they are serial killers , massacring Kimant and all non-amhara.

  2. Where is that biggest whore , Messeret and other hate preachers

    Why is still kimant get killed by Amhara and amhara still claim massacred by TPLF ? how many amhara lives in Ethiopia ? I just heard that TPLF killed 60 million amhara . Is that true ?

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