A Letter to Mayor of Minneapolis: Jacob Frey

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Mayor of Minneapolis: Jacob Frey

To: State of MN, City of Minneapolis
Mayor of Minneapolis: Jacob Frey

Last week was unbearably painful for many Ethiopians. Hundreds murdered, properties looted & burnt down to the ground; and hundreds of thousands left in horrendous fear and insecurity.

I was exhausted and, blatantly speaking, disgusted by the deafening reluctance of MN Minneapolis when the state provides operational ground for anti-Christian and xenophobic tendencies/sentiment nurtured, orchestrated and broadcasted that has been deadly. Given credible evidences, a MN registered satellite media network was in full capacity operational behind the tragedy; and should held accountable for instigating ethnically and somehow religiously motivated campaigns via live and archived streaming.

MN (specifically Minneapolis) has either failed to attentively trace and monitor what is legal and illegal, lawful and unlawful; what are in and against compliances and guidelines of legal framework in which broadcasting and journalism were supposed to operate or may be has ignored it all. The fact that the other states tolerance to such offenses is in scale of negligible to null suggests to agree with the later.

The inhuman and barbaric act against targeted groups left many Ethiopians in shock and caused public outrage. What shocked me, on the other hand, is how MN (of all states) failed to deter or at least minimize the damage by imposing strict inspections that suppresses inflammatory and identity targeted propaganda machines from being operational. Regrettably that was not the case. The ignorance in this has challenged profound conviction I have towards US as a nation with utmost commitment to principles and execution of justice.

Gruesome pictures and videos being unfolded are alarming. It takes courage to listen families in terror confused, unprepared to experience the sudden attack and victims in trauma share their helpless experience, mourn lost beloved ones and/or speechless about their years of investment damaged to the ground. I am not here to elaborate the consequences, nor to articulate how media can be lethal when handled irresponsibly; nor brief  historical insights how media propaganda and engineered narratives could be source of incalculable tragedy; nor discuss how medias help grave ethnic cleansing and genocide, lets say, in my neighboring country Rwanda executed; nor recount the cost in established radical/fundamentalist/nativist preaching can be irreversible.

I may also provide you with conclusive evidences (credible websites, pictures, audio and video…) on the scale of murders and scope of properties damaged but that diminishes the commitment MN should show for justice be served. I urge MN committed to bring criminals and media networks involved to justice based on the content of its campaigns broadcasted last week (based on the source of the consequences as evidences show the derivation is here in MN).

I am under impression that OMN (Oromia Media Network), established and operational in US MN, has contributed massive and carried out almost similar campaigns, content wise, to Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) a.k.a ‘Radio Genocide’ –  considered as the lead propaganda machine in the Rwanda April genocide .

More than 300 (as of now) murdered. Small and medium-scale business stores, hotels, factories, private schools and houses looted and burnt to the ground their ethnic (and in some cases religious) background. Credible media outlets like BBC, Voice of America and DW reported the horrific incidents as ethnic motivated. The targets; strategy applied to carry out violence against the targets and nature of violence are pretty consistent with campaigns broadcasted live via OMN.

Seven years back, a US citizen named Jawar Mohammed, who is also founder of OMN, took a podium in a town hall organized by Risala International, a consortium of three Minnesota-based mosques, and vowed

“In a city where I was born, 99 percent are Muslim. if any [non-Muslim/ Christians] speaks up/heads up, we chop their neck with machete”.  [Machete is also known to be widely used weapon in the horrific Rwanda Genocide]

My Interpretation

[ in the city I was born, we are majority Muslim. We constitute some 99 percent of the whole population. We are the majority. If anyone in the minority Christian speaks up, the fate is being slaughtered with machete. They better not do so] …..

(I leave it with you to reflect on how MN tolerated or ignored such anti-Christian sentiment and jihadis call against minorities; shared in public and the person was not even called and asked about it. Imagine this Islamic fundamentalism being subscribed by an individual who has the media operational in MN and has the capacity to carry out detrimental call for xenophobic violence in Ethiopia and has yet earned and maintained his US-Citizenship. MN is such an interesting state)

He was cheered by hundreds of crowds and accompanied by full house “Ahalu-wa-akbar”s.  It puzzles me, even after this all years, how and why such intolerable anti-Christian offense happened not worthy of police interrogation, especially when it was apparent that the speech was not only for hundreds in the town hall, it was aired live from MN. Its yet legitimate question to raise weather such ignorance enabled OMN to operate against compliance and guidelines of network media and journalism in US that ultimately carried out campaign that has strong causality to the last week despicable murder, looting, vandalism and put millions at risk

Despite diverse religions in an ethnic Oromo, he highlighted to the crowed

“90 percent of the Muslim is Oromo. when Oromo is challenged, Muslim is challenged …and vise-versa”.

With this conviction of overlapping interest in Oromo and Muslim, Jawar Mohammed established OMN in MN and has been operational since then.

Back to my very point, the need to write this letter is that evidences strongly suggest OMN had incalculable contribution to murder of more than 165 people, properties vandalized and damaged in the last week tragedy that targeted non-Oromos and in some cases non-Christian residents in number of rural and sub-urban cities across Oromia Region.


Jawar Mohammed July 2013  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CB3k2gzFKs

Here are few live broadcasts from OMN in MN.

On the date of June 29, 2020 [06/29/2020].

OMN Live broadcasted from MN: A lady from MN introduced as Bonsa watched advocating the following

“we have to lock their house and burn them”. She added “if we block the road to Addis, Menzes in Negele Arsi have no place to go; they have to be finished”

My interpretation

[ we have to lock houses belong to ethnic non-Oromo and burn them inside. If we block the road to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, where they may escape to when they learn they are confined and circled, these Menzes (ethnic Amhara) would have no way to escape. There we will finish them. ] 

OMN continued to live transmit her call for murder via OMN from MN “block the roads and not one or two but in hundreds. Habeshas must die”

My Interpretation

[ block the roads to make sure they have no where to escape. block all possible roads, not one or two but hundreds. Habeshas, who we believe are dominantly Christian non-oromos, must be killed and die]

Or  [block the roads to make sure they have no where to escape. Come out and block the roads, come out not as one or two but be in hundreds. Hundreds of you should stand in blocking the possible gateways and leave them no room to escape. Habeshas, who we believe are dominantly Christian non-oromos, must be all murdered and vanish”

Ref: https://twitter.com/AlemayehuGK/status/1279675006130311168?s=20


On the Date of June 2, 2020 [06/02/2020]

OMN Live from MN: in a live broadcast, an anonymous was invited from DireDawa (a city in Ethiopia)

“If non-Oromos have different ideas from Oromos, we have to take measures against them”


My interpretation

[ if ethnic non-Oromos have different ideas/views/opinions from the Oromos, we have to take measures against residents who are ethnic non-Oromos. They have to be murdered for having different opinion]

Ref: https://twitter.com/AlemayehuGK/status/1279675009880010752?s=20

On the date of June 1, 2020 [06/01/2020]

OMN Live from US MN: Live transmitted call for ethnic cleansing against ethnic-Amhara Ethiopians:

“Amharas need to be exterminated in our neighborhood”


My Interpretation

[No interpretation needed] 

Ref: https://twitter.com/AlemayehuGK/status/1279675011498999809?s=20

Samuel Titten put it right “to kill one person is shocking. To kill millions is statistics”. I request MN give it a deserving concern at this late stage responsibly. This has been carried out, campaigned here in US soil state of MN.  Kofe Annan, former US Secretary, noted “Genocide begins with the killing of a one man- not for what he has done. But because who he is”.  I am infuriated that this all has been happening in US but I am hopeful too. MN shall help justice served.

(The hyperlinks take you to videos had been backed up before OMN dropped them fear of enormous reports. The act of removing the videos was not with good intent and remorse for the crime against humanity. The video was aired and been active to the public for days. It has already served its purpose. It played role in inciting murder, vandalism, eviction and constant fear. A Family of four killed in a locked house. People died begging for mercy (of being Christians and from different ethnicity). Buildings marked by ‘who owns them’ burnt down.  The attack in Arsi, Bale and Eastern Harrarge had religious elements that non-muslim Oromos, along any other non-Muslims, were targeted.

I consider the act of removing the videos as an attempt to eliminate evidences after the dirty job done. The videos had already reached out the intended audiences; caused unalterable damage)




BBC Amharic:


VOA (Voice of America) Amharic https://www.facebook.com/voaamharic/videos/275628180556890

 VOA Amharic https://amharic.voanews.com/a/5491325.html?fbclid=IwAR1iENZszlqv9GXRZWTxFzultmkGub2uHqpH0DzCL-GqRAwI1_O73fbcqBE


Tamrat Tam Rat




  1. Humble Short Commentary from a NEUTRAL individual

    Every thing in Life has a BEGINNING and END
    What is the BEGINNING of the Oromo REACTION of ‘TODAY’?
    TRUTH leads to the eventual SANITY and COMRADESHIP of SOCIETY.
    AMEN — INSHALAH >>> i.e. in alphabetical order, please.

  2. Good luck with this!!! I don’t think you will get any response if any. I’ve a few good reasons for that with two standing out like a sore thumb. I hope I will be found to be wrong on this one. But good luck anyway!!!!

  3. This is a well documented and tmely open letter. However, it would be more impactful and consequential if it came from the Ethiopian PM , at the very least from the ambassador in Washington and addressed to the FCC the MN governor, the state and federal AGs etc .
    There are many syntax errors in the article. There is a difference between weather and whether. Please have it edited by someone proficient in the English language

  4. absolute lie
    what all Oromo peoples are asking is
    #free all political prisoners
    you are going to silence our voices, but you can’t. am telling you ,you can’t 100%

  5. This is a False narrative being pushed by the Oppressors of Oromo people! Do not believe this. Do your own research

  6. This is false and fabricated. Oromo is protesting against the dictator government of Ethiopia (Neftanya) and for justice.

  7. Amhars hate to mulisms have no deapth. Only 46 Amharas ddied mong 239 ( accourding to govrnment ) ..more than 200 Oromo died. This letter is reflect the ethiopianst mentality.

  8. Shame on you , this is false document ! I am a Christian, I am telling the truth it is not about religion it’s about different natioñ and nationalities in Ethiopia but you are preparing news and letters hating documents on oromo people OROMO people protesting dictator government any time! Today oromo youth and his political mayor found in prison and others are dying . open your eyes and see the truth. I know this letter come from PM OF ETHIOPIA!

  9. Fake news at its finest. No legitimate authority would believe this. Your are trying hard to counter a truthful movement, #OromoProtests. It wouldn’t take more than a seconds research to know the truth if not already known. Shame on you.

  10. I wish I would end up being wrong here. I said before that there will be two major reasons you will not hear from the mayor.

    1) Many victims were illegal settlers in a foreign territory after evicting the natives anyway.
    2) The victims were all supporters of the government that aborted the latest Middle East Peace Initiative by
    pulling out of a negotiation and started the filling of the dam without signing an agreement. By doing so the
    victims were jeopardizing the State of Israel.

    The other secondary reasons are:

    – People got killed! So what? It is not new that niggers kill each other. That is the problem you niggers have to
    sort it out among yourself. Leave me out if this!
    – It is election season, baby!!! I ain’t got no time for your bull crap. The first question I had for my adviser was ‘
    do these writers
    of this letter have crowd around them?’ and the answer I got was no. So what do I or my colleagues in DFL
    Party have to worry about these writers now or coming November? Nothing from them. But supporters of
    the killers close to 50,000 may be 100,000 are all in my pocket. So take it somewhere else, bud!!!!!

    BTW, I did not receive your letters. Which address did you use to send it? Oh that one? Wrong address!!!

  11. We all know that Most Amhara people hate Oromos to death so they tried hard to eradicate our ideology of oromuma,our identity and liberation, what is funny is that, they even try to slave us in 21 century ,,,kkk
    The Man of justice won’t believe your fake narrative so dont waste your time to write a letter

  12. Its pity that some 90 percent of the comments tell could not grasp the core point raised in this letter. If you have anything to refute evidences and objective truth the evidences back, bring it on. the rest blabbering, love, hate, emotions, … they can stay with you.

    The letter demands investigative response for if the framework OMN carried out its genocidal campaign is in compliance with the state and city legal frame work or not. if so, are they not offensive enough ?

    The consequences and debate on numbers are not the point here albeit these were deadly. The question gives MN a chance to reconsider the way it tolerates offenses such as these in the referenced links.

    This is the core point raised in this article.

  13. OMN broadcasts all hate full, ethnic target violence all year round. Last week incident mainly facilitated by this USA based violence media. This kind of inhuman, Terrorist activity Cause to death of hundreds of innocents and to burn millions of houses & properties.

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