A Letter to the Honorable Tim Walz Governor of Minnesota

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To the Honorable Tim Walz
Governor of Minnesota
1006 Summit Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

July 8, 2020

Dear Governor

Tim Walz Governor of Minnesota

We are writing you this letter as concerned US citizens of Ethiopian origin residing in New York and New Jersey. OMN (Oromo Media Network) is a news media headquartered in Minnesota (1144 Larpenteur Ave. W. St Paul, MN 55113). The media was established by Jawar Mohammed (a man who has no religious conviction but is determined to use Muslim extremist ideals  to get to power while disguising himself as an Oromo activist).

When Ethiopia was under an ethnocentric dictatorial regime ruled by the TPLF (Tigrian Liberation Front), Jawar Mohammed has used his activism to push for the muslimization of Ethiopian Oromo region while at the same time using his media for exposing the cruel TPLF regime’s unfair treatment of the Oromo (which gave him popularity among some Oromo youth in Ethiopia).

About two years ago, the TPLF was forced to relinquish power, and the current prime minister Abiy Ahmed and his group who have led the struggle from within the regime took power. Since assuming power, despite so many obstacles and setbacks Prime Minster Abiy and his cabinet are working hard towards the democratization of the country by allowing democratic institutions to flourish, including an independent election commission and an independent human right’s commission.

When Abiy invited opposition groups to return and participate in the democratic process. Jawar Mohammed took that opportunity, went home determined to use his popularity and take over the government by any means. In a despicable political move, he joined forces with the TPLF to play the only game they know, which is inciting ethnic and religious division. To achieve that, the OMN headquartered in your state has been used as the primary propaganda machine.

Within the past two-years, Jawar Mohammed has attempted to failed coup d’état against Abiy Ahmed using ethnic and religious cleansing as a weapon. The first attempt was carried on October 20, 2019 when Jawar told his followers that his guards are being removed by government forces basically asking for protection. His supporters armed with his hateful messages and his rhetoric killed people whom they called outsiders and burned Churches. That day close to eighty-six innocent Ethiopians including women and children were killed. Among the dead were also two pastors who were beheaded.

Jawar Mohammed’s second attempt took place recently, on June 29, 2020 when a young and popular singer “Hachalu Hundessa” an ardent critic of the former TPLF regime was assassinated in Addis Ababa (the capital city of Ethiopia). The heinous killings are believed to have been plotted by the TPLF leaders and Oromo extremist including Jawar to incite violence. The same day OMN was telling Oromo youth to revolt against Neftegna (a term used to describe riflemen mostly from the Amhara ethnic group). The OMN and its crony guests went on further elaborating how the act was equivalent to the killing all Oromos. By spreading that type of rhetoric, OMN was clearly calling for ethnic cleansing designed to benefit their power thirsty boss in Ethiopia. This time more than two hundred innocent people were killed by his radical supporters.

As the governor of the state you have the power to do an independent investigation on this matter to prevent such genocide being cooked, planned and propagated from your state. As US citizens, we are asking you to deny Jawar Mohammed and his media (OMN) using your state as headquarters to spread hate and incite genocide in Ethiopia.

We ask you to please remember what happened in Rwanda in 1994, we have witnessed how hateful speeches loaded with intentional name callings have resulted in one of Worst genocides in history. We strongly believe that OMN as a media is executing a well-planned action to destroy one of the oldest Christian nations on Earth by a CEO with hidden agenda of Muslimization of the Oromia region in Ethiopia where close to fifty percent of the population is Christian.



NY/NJ Ethiopian Task Force


  1. Repeat!

    Good luck with this!!! I don’t think you will get any response if any. I’ve a few good reasons for that with two standing out like a sore thumb. I hope I will be found to be wrong on this one. But good luck anyway!!!!

  2. Subject: “A Letter to the Honorable Tim Walz Governor of Minnesota July 12, 2020.”

    Commentary, 12 July 2020
    I am again curious. Ethiopia is an ancient independent country with admirable history of indigenous Emperors and with rich enviable culture, NOT less than any country around the Globe. THIS IS A FACT.

    Now, with that background, rational reasoning dictates that such a country of immense history would be able to solve its own problems by its own collection of indigenous scholars who were able to go through sick and thin of LIFE under all circumstances.
    Why is 21st Century different?
    Why can’t Ethiopians manage their affairs by themselves for themselves?
    Why is it necessary for Ethiopia to go down begging for help by foreign governors, prime ministers, and presidents etc etc of foreign countries?
    Why is it that Ethiopia is obliged to become an EXAMPLE of DEROGATORY ATTITUDE of colonial powers of YESTERYEARS about Black Africans?
    It is a bizarre situation — to say the very least.
    It is time that Ethiopians get together and solve their inherent problems by themselves for themselves — and STOP being a standing example of standing derogatory saying>>>> ‘WE TOLD YOU SO” about BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE. THE END

  3. Ditto here too!!!

    I wish I would end up being wrong here. I said before that there will be two major reasons you will not hear from the mayor.

    1) Many victims were illegal settlers in a foreign territory after evicting the natives anyway.
    2) The victims were all supporters of the government that aborted the latest Middle East Peace Initiative by
    pulling out of a negotiation and started the filling of the dam without signing an agreement. By doing so the
    victims were jeopardizing the State of Israel.

    The other secondary reasons are:

    – People got killed! So what? It is not new that niggers kill each other. That is the problem you niggers have to
    sort it out among yourself. Leave me out if this!
    – It is election season, baby!!! I ain’t got no time for your bull crap. The first question I had for my adviser was ‘
    do these writers
    of this letter have crowd around them?’ and the answer I got was no. So what do I or my colleagues in DFL
    Party have to worry about these writers now or coming November? Nothing from them. But supporters of
    the killers close to 50,000 may be 100,000 are all in my pocket. So take it somewhere else, bud!!!!!

    BTW, I did not receive your letters. Which address did you use to send it? Oh that one? Wrong address!!!

  4. I feel diifferent and expect positive response from the addresses. Because this is election time as you said. And they need support from every part of the community where one of them is the immigrants.
    Any way let us think positive and do our best and keep educating those who don’t even know our differences. Because I observe the other side is working hard to convince them as enslaved by the amphora people.
    More over we have the almighty GOD who always stands for our country.

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