A little word to radical Tigrean activists: Truth be told

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There is something which some radical Tigrean activists find it hard to accept, regarding the so-called change that occurred in Ethiopia.  Partially, that is understandable, because the dominance TPLF had in Ethiopian politics made them develop a wrong impression about themselves. It all begins with the inane claim that TPLF alone defeated the ‘derge’ regime. The question is: did really TPLF alone triumph the ‘derge’? This is totally untrue, rather I would say fortune falls into TPLF’s hand. By the way, this is not to underestimate the gallant struggle of TPLF fighters, but the truth must be debunked so as to deflate the conceited Tigrean activists. These activists are unrepresentative of the Tigrean people. My belief is that it is these people and their radical opponents that made matters difficult in Ethiopia.

Both the “Shabia’ and TPLF fighters must be admired for their struggle though it was for a wrong cause, but if it were not for the fortune they secured, their struggle could be nullified and they would vanish. During the time of their victory, the World order was changing, that change skewed to their favor.  As we know the two were working together and the ‘Shabia’ had absolute superiority over TPLF. It is said that the ‘Shabian’ forces were the ones that controlled Addis. This is the first thing these radical Tigrean activists need to admit. Up until the infamous   Ethio-Ertirean war or stupid war as western Medias would like to call it, ‘Shebias’ dominance was overt in the Ethiopian politics.

Mr. G/ kidan is an Eritrean. During the ‘Derge’ regime, his children were our friends, we played hide and seek with them as a child. They used to live in a tiny bungalow; their seat was their bed as there was no space for chairs. To add injury to insult, he had many children. Mr. G/ kidan was a truck driver. He was living in this condition, when the country fell in the hands of the ‘Shabia’ and TPLF. After five or six years, he quit his driving and began spending his time in the ‘kebel’. His eldest son Tewdros emulating his dad became a truck driver as well. The two of his sons who were our-age mate, as they came of age were sent to Eritrea to serve what they call ‘Sewa’ kind of national service. So his family had dwindled. In 1998, he heard that one Ethiopian in our village, who lived in a big ‘kebel’ house, built a house in another ‘kebel’ but instead of moving there, he rented the new house to others and continued to live in the ‘kebel’ house. Mr. G/kidan approached the ‘kebel’ chairman and threatened him to dislodge the man. The coward ‘kebel’ chairman obeyed and Mr. G/kidan moved to it. Needless to say, he didn’t live in that house for a year as a war broke out in 1998 between the two countries. Mr. G/KIdan’s family was among the first Eritreans who were deported to Eritrea.

This simple incident shows how the ‘Shabia’ was influential in Ethiopian politics. I think that it is this fact that angered some senior TPLF officials and later divided the party. And, also probably, it is this fact, which made President Issais to hold grudge against TPLF. The former find it unfair to let the ‘Shabia’ exploit Ethiopia’s resource unconditionally. The latter, on his part, feels that he is the one who brought them this far; therefore, he should be free to do anything in Ethiopia implying a view like Eritrea is mine, and Ethiopia is ours.

Anyway, credit should be given to the one it deserves, in this case to the ‘Shabia’, even then there is another actor which takes the lion’s share in this struggle namely the western powers, specifically, the US. Those in the higher echelon of TPLF leadership always sweep the truth under the carpet and they tell their fans and foes alike only their bravery toppled the dictatorial ‘Derge’ regime.  During the time of their victory, it was the end of the cold war, and Western powers proved their superiority over the Eastern Power. The USSR was collapsed, many eastern European countries became free. All these factors played a pivotal role to assist TPLF’s politics. Especially, the US took the opportunity to anoint puppet governments that may be subservient to its interest in all those places that were under the USSR influence including Ethiopia. In the Ethiopian case it chose the rebels instead of the ‘degre’ dictatorial regime, albeit they both had the same ideology, for the simple reason that the latter sided with its archenemy the USSR during the struggle for dominance. The fact that TPLF leadership’s story is more of mendacious, reading books published in that era is enough to prove it. The fact is that the cold war was the West versus East proxy war that occurred in the developing and poor countries. The two powers funded and fueled civil wars taking place in those countries for their own interest. Among the many rebel armed groups the Americans trained and armed was the mujahedeen, an Afghan rebel group that fought the USSR.  Osama Bin laden who later became their number one enemy was believed to be in that rebel army, they trained, armed and even educated the guy who befriended them under the slogan the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This said, TPLF fighters are truly gallant and deserve honor, but few individuals in the higher echelon of the party are too unscrupulous, coward, greedy and selfish. They are the ones perverting these radicals and increasingly complicating matters in Ethiopia.

Trading with Tigreans blood

Because their guidelines are on the principle of exclusiveness, TPLF leadership propagate all their dissidents to be ant-Tigreans, but, I think that this is only a ploy to cover up their shoddy work, otherwise if poor Tigreans are attacked because of their wicked incitement, outwardly, they pretend to be angry, but inwardly, they will be thrilled as that is how they thrive their business.   These people, deliberately encourage Tigreans to involve in one form of feud or another with their neighbors only to cover up their criminality, it is unfortunate few naïve tigreans who don’t get a penny from their theft  believe them, but more importantly their disciples are those who pick up their leftover to fanfare these few individuals bullshit agenda. These few coward individuals they use Tigreans as a human shield; however, they know their living conditions make them impregnable. They live in a spacious house, they send their kids in best western schools, and their wives buy swanky clothes and jewelries. Their amoral politics is increasingly degenerating the Ethiopian politics. They know what they are doing is a crime and that makes them feel apprehensive. If they really care for Tigreans, the easiest means would be creating a conducive atmosphere for every citizen to coexist. Otherwise, endangering Tigreans life in Ethiopia cannot be caring for Tigreans. They always try hard to sever Tigreans from the rest of the society, to that end it is okay should a poor Tigrean is stabbed to death, but let God forbid, if civil unrest arises and people start attacking one another, they will be the first to flee, but for the time being because they control the economy and the military of the country they keep trading with Tigreans lives. They have facilitated their own sanctuary, endangering poor Tigreans lives.

Nihil propaganda, selfish agenda

TPLF leadership claim that they enabled nations and nationalities to determine their own destiny including secession, they claim regions are administrating themselves, educate their children using their own languages, the judiciaries are free to rule by their own languages. True, few of the aforementioned matters like education and the judiciary might have been realized, but as TPLF leaders brag, were all regions really free? I leave the answer to the TPLF leaders themselves.

The very federalism TPLF claimed to have earned for Tigreans, is it really an advantage or a disadvantage? How selfish the TPLF leadership is, one should see how it structured the Ethiopian federalism. As the Ethiopian state is a parliamentarian system, power is determined by seats. Each region’s seat is determined by the number of population living in the region, in a way forfeiting minorities not to claim the highest post in the country. How selfish they are, this very fact makes Tigreans not to assume the premiership, as the saying ‘if I die no grass shall grow’ goes to counter this ineligibility, they came up with the idea of party leadership, because they had the dominance in the party they established for their own advantage, they coerced the party to choose its leader by majority vote within the EPRDF party not the regions. When it comes to electing the party leader TPLF, ADP, ODP and SEPDM which comprise EPRDF come up with their executive bodies. For nominal they sit to elect their chairman, but who should be that person is predetermined.   As long as they are in power this means is useful for them, they don’t care what might happen after that and yet they tell us they stand for Tigreans.

Now their heirs who grew up being fed their poison, if anything they only make matters even harsher for coexistence in Ethiopia. They never ask themselves what they might contribute to create a conducive atmosphere for all citizens in Ethiopia to live together. They inherited greed from their forerunners.

Equating the unequitable

One naiveté I am observing from these radical Tigreans is their attempt to equate themselves with the Jews people. What they see is only the surface, the Jewish story is a unique one. These radical tigreans say the Jewish people are minorities in the Middle East, but they are the smartest, this and that. The crux of the matter is that the modern Jewish history doesn’t start in the place where the state of Israel is located today, it goes way back to 73 AD during the Jewish diaspora ensuing the destruction of the Solomon’s temple. Beginning from that time up until the state of Israel was established in 1948, the Israelites were scattered all over the world. One factor that makes these radical tigreans comparison with the Jews, dissimilar is faith or religion. Wherever the Jewish live they are adhered to Judaism, it is their identity which they never reject whatsoever, like the Jews, Tigreans have a religion such as orthodox Christianity, but unlike the Jews, orthodox Christianity is not only tigreans identity, it is most Ethiopians especially, amhara’s identity. This is another sign of TPLF leadership savagery, trying to obliterate anything that unites Tigreans with the rest of Ethiopians especially amharas.  Not only did they try to undermine the role of the Ethiopian orthodox church, they did all they could to replace the church by what they call revolutionary democracy in Tigray. Another misunderstanding these radical tigreans have about the Jewish people competence is that theirs is boundless. Wherever they lived before the creation of Israel, conditions were harsh for them. They were persecuted, tortured and killed especially in Europe, yet that never deterred them from accomplishing great things. Many of Hitler’s scientists were Jews, they were underprivileged but their contribution be it in the banking sector, technology, science was immense. Their contribution in today’s America is also colossal. Like I said, their achievements happened amidst very harsh conditions, not by any kind of nepotism. But, in these radical Tigreans side, by the time TPLF was dominating the Ethiopian government, every opportunity was open to them, now the question is what did they contribute let alone to Ethiopia even to Tigray? Sometimes the comparison they make their similarity with the Jewish people is preposterous. For instance, recently a TPLF militia killed a young Tigrean most media in Ethiopia voiced that, some of these guys came out and claimed why all this clamor? Is it because the deceased is a Tigrean? Two things here to show how they are brainless, first, in the Israelite’s case they kill many Palestinians to retaliate the death of one Israeli by a Palestinian whereas the poor Tigrean in ‘Mekele’ was killed by a fellow Tigean. The other ignorance is their accusation of Ethiopian Medias reporting only because it is from Tigray. Nowadays Medias do report everything happening in Ethiopia. The problem is these Tigrean radicals don’t lend their ears happening in Ethiopia unless it is about Tigreans. Actually, this the problem of all extremists, they see, they hear and they perceive only their side. Their attempt to equate the poor Tigrean life with the jaws also tells us something about these people such us trading with poor Tigreans’ lives. As long as they are safe, the loss of poor Tigreans’ life is a business for them

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  1. Shinfila ena some DIM Ethiopians such as this deluded writer can never learn or even clean themselves thus shinfila is always shinfila!!!

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