Abiy Ahmed a Dictator wearing Nobel Hat !!!!

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By Tedla Asfaw

The Apartheid Administration of Addis Ababa banned a meeting by the Addis Ababa Take  Care Council (Balderas) today at Continnental Hotel.

This pollitical decision was made by Nobel peace prize winner Abiy Ahmed who declared war on Balderas last year in public.

The prime minster that  promised free and fair election when he took the peace prize at Oslo last December is neither a peace maker nor a democrat. He is just another dictator with a Nobel hat. He ashamed himself and his western backers by denying peaceful gathering to participate in so called coming election.

Abiy Ahmed foreign and home supporters should know that the struggle against “Prosperity by Apartheid” will continue and there will be no prosperity and  peace by Abiy Ahmed Fake so called Prosperity Party (PP) ruled Addis Ababa or the rest of Ethiopia.

It is time for Birtukan Medekssa the Election Commissioner to denounce this undemocratic action by Abiy Ahmed PP and allow Balderas to register as a contending party. She needs to stand up or stand down.No place to hide !!!!

Moreover, the opposition parties currently registered need to stand with Balderas and denounce this illegal decision immediatley.

The majority of the diaspora that denounced Abiy Ahmed for declaring war on Balderas will organize public protest and expose Abiy Ahmed for what he is. He is just another Isaias Afeworki with Nobel hut.

Down with Abiy Ahmed PP !!!! Say No to Fake Election in 2020 orchestrated by Abiy Ahmed and his few supporters running as opposition !!!!

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