Abiy Ahmed, what is Honor to You?  Ethiopian Life? Sovereignty?

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ፎክሮ መሸሽ እንዳይሆን።
Abiy Ahmed, what is Honor to You?
Ethiopian Life? Sovereignty?
Tecola W Hagos (29 June 2020)

Dedicated to the incorrigible, dutiful, courageous, and kind  Ethiopian women (mothers, daughters) who carried the burdens of life and civilization for thousands of years to this day.

First thing first: Bring home all Ethiopians

Let me ask what seems to be a ridiculous question: How much is an Ethiopian life worth? Less than the value of a chicken? I read the other day a news-story by a CNN reporter Amanda Jackson about a California animal sanctuary chartering two planes to fly to a farm in Iowa, a distance approximately 2,500 Kilometer, and rescue one thousand chickens from being exterminated. [CNN News 18 June 2020] Ethiopian citizens have been thrown out from their workplace and are living on the streets of cities near Ethiopian Consulates  seeking protection and passage back to Ethiopia for nearly a month. I believe nothing else matters right now more than rescuing those Ethiopians and bringing them home.

Since poverty is the root cause of migration, even accepting some inhumane conditions of employment, we are witnessing in Ethiopia tremendous demographic movements. The CODIV-19 is having similar effects on migrant workers in several countries around the World. there is nothing worse than being thrown out without documents, no earned cash on hand but unpaid salaries, being shut out by one’s own country consulates and embassies. The Ethiopian Government must commit itself as its foremost priority to come to the assistance of Ethiopians in distress. Being a Citizen of  a country is a sacred Covenant between the Individual Citizen and the entire population represented by the Nation as a whole. In as much as the individual citizen has a duty to serve even die for the country, the country has also the duty to protect the individual citizen at all cost.


Rescue/Mercy Commission of Ethiopians

In order to cry out this national rescue mission properly, I suggest the Ethiopian Government establish immediately an independent Commission to solve and administer the problem of stranded or imprisoned, or Ethiopians in dire circumstances, or held as hostage, et cetera in foreign countries. If there is one individual I could trust who would be an effective Commissioner is Tamagn Beyene.


Fill the Dam, too late to change your mind, PM Abiy

I knew Abiy Ahmed was plotting against us when suddenly they started talking about clearing the site that should have been done when they announced the filling schedule months ago. There were also other signs that something was underway. What is tragic is the fact that Djibouti, Qatar, and Somalia stretched out their necks trusting Abiy was true to the image he projected as a committed Leader defending the interest of Ethiopia. I doubt whether he has the decency to call the leaders of such brave and loyal leaders about his compromises and submission to Egypt. If I were Abiy, I will make a personal trip to explain the situation to each of the Leaders of that Djibouti, Qatar, and Somalia.

Abiy Ahmed, you should also realize that you are compromising for the second time Gedu Andargachew and Shimeles Bekele who have consistently declared that the Dam will be filled on schedule. It is far too late now for Ethiopia to reconsider the scheduled filling of the GERD. Starting of the filling of the Dam will not affect neither Sudan  nor Egypt. The demand that there be an agreement prior to the starting of filling the Dam has no merit whatsoever other than to force Ethiopia into accepting the 1959 allocation of water rights of the Nile River/GERD water. It is simply posturing to have Ethiopia accept terms taken from the 1959  Agreement between Egypt and Sudan dividing up the Nile River water between the two of them and leaving absolutely nothing for Ethiopia. Their intellectuals and journalists have started claiming that the water that drains from Ethiopia’s highlands into the Nile is God’s gift to them. Soon they will claim that they have material claim on the GERD.


Figure 2: young Ethiopian girls carrying heavy firewood on their backs for miles.

It seems we are overlooking why the Dam in the first place. It is to unburden the people of Ethiopia from primitive life conditions, lifting burdens from their back et cetera. I am withholding and reevaluating my support of Abiy Ahmed for any public office and certainly for the Premiership. Abiy Ahmed is not the right person to lead Ethiopia in times of crises or war. He is a weak man, and just a good orator. He has placed Ethiopia in very precarious position with his shallow ideas and amateurish political manipulation like agreeing to take the dispute/negotiation to the “Court” of Donald Trump. He is incapable of leading,  because he has never learned how  to follow in the first place. What he has learned is being amicable and endearing to those who are his direct supervisors and being docile unchallenging with disarming personal charm and beautiful language.


Abiy Ahmed, disclose the agreement

Abiy Ahmed, disclose the agreement you entered with Egypt and Sudan. Post the full text. May I remind you that such documents are not your private property. You must allow us Ethiopians to read the text of all the agreements and communication documents you have had with Egypt and Sudan leaders.

You are no better than Meles Zenawi: you lie, hide important information from the Ethiopian Public, you give out misleading press releases et cetera. Just stop your buffoonery, and just resign and go somewhere else.


Isaias Afeworki

A Good friend is someone who comes to your extended hand in friendship. He is serving Ethiopia’s national interest like his own national interest. If he were not old, I would suggest Isaias Afeworki as Prime Minister of Ethiopia in addition to his current position as President of Eritrea.  Yes, Isaias Afeworki has done some despicable things in connection with his former fellow freedom fighters. I do not endorse such acts, but I understand it to be a desperate act of self-preservation, a question of survival. On the other hand, Isaias Afeworki in a truly admirable single mindedness preserved the dignity of Eritrea as a sovereign nation far better than either Meles Zenawi or Abiy Ahmed did for Ethiopia. In fact, under the current development on the GERD even Merara Gudina or Jawar Mohammed might prove to be a far better Prime Minister than Abiy Ahmed.


No Tigrai State

I am not healed from the separation of Eritrea let alone accept now the secession of Tigrai. I always held the view that people who are not happy to be part of Ethiopia should leave and go somewhere else. For the land that Tigrai is, the land that Oromo is, the land that Amhara is et cetera are all Ethiopian Land. No ethnic group has an exclusive intrinsic right to own any piece of Ethiopia. We own Ethiopia as one not separate pieces of it. There is no substitute for a country based on ethical principles. We have seen the ugly hate-face of ethnic based political structure since 1992 introduced by an ersatz small man whose ambition knew no bound. It is his legacy that is creating havoc among people opening chances for hate filled individuals to sway the public with their manipulation and foreign sourced money to destroy the current Ethiopian Government and Abiy Ahmed’s new political Party. They failed to understand how much damage they are causing to Ethiopia the State/Nation.

All the insulting challenges by Debretsion and his TPLF Party Bosses seem timed and coordinated with our dispute with Egypt on the GERD.   I have heard from people that I talked with recently that Egypt is funding both political Parties and individual political leaders to help it derail the GERD project from ever becoming operational. However, I have not come across a single evidence to show me such Egyptian involvement with Ethiopian local politicians or their organizations. Now, the Federal Government of Abiy Ahmed must formulate its policy and administrative action as a war engagement without declaring war. It must take care of Jawar, Merara, Bekele, Dawood near its home base in Addis. I do not recommend detention but holding them tightly close to one’s chest that they breath not at all.

Some people believe that if Tigrai Kilil declares itself an independent state, no one will recognize it as such. I think such assumption is wrong. I can imagine a few who not only recognize but send assistance and diplomatic missions to a “Tigrai State”, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria,  Iraq and Gulf States. I do not think no such political disaster will occur. The political and procedural process to use Article 39ff is daunting, even more so where there is no elected Government in place yet.



Much has been written supporting the current Government of Ethiopia by individuals who do not have governmental duties to do so, but by patriotic individuals with deep love and concern for Ethiopia and fellow Ethiopians. These last few days, there are several  remarkable changes taking place, for Ethiopia is being supported on its goals of filling the dam and the operation of the dam by many national Government Leaders. It pays being guided by principles. When Qatar had a fallout with Saudi Arabis, the Arab League countries including Egypt were all vilifying and condemning Qatar in supporting Saudi Arabia, except Ethiopia who did not fold and abandon Qatar. Now, Qatar remembered Ethiopia’s loyalty and friendship and is paying back its debt by supporting Ethiopia.

It is obvious that I am deeply disappointed on how Abiy Ahmed has handled the dispute we have with Egypt and Sudan on the filling and operation of the GERD.  It is clear to me that the people who influence him are not savvy politicians nor people with depth and understanding of the long and complex history of Ethiopia and that of Egypt and Sudan, as well as the history of the Horn Countries.

Paramount reason to my reservation on the leadership quality of Abiy Ahmed is his lukewarm concern of the individual sufferings of Ethiopians whether detained by terrorist thugs in Oromo Kilil, or those female migrant young female workers thrown out by their employees on the streets of foreign cities. In fact, when I see him in some silly publicity stunt planting trees, I almost vomited with disgust because he is doing such acts while real people are suffering in the hands of murderers and traffickers, and by abusive foreign employers.


Tecola W Hagos

(29 June 2020)


  1. The first sacred duty of any government is to uphold the well being of its citizens. In that respect, for the most part, Abiy’s government has failed miserably. Suffice it to see the sufferings of the Ethiopian maids in Lebanon and the ignoring by the Consulate. .What the world thinks of Ethiopia is indescribable. If the government is short of money for fuel of airplanes, they should borrow for the noble cause of bringing back stranded citizens. If Go Fund Me for the stranded women in Lebanon is launched, I will be willing to chip in.
    I think the extension is for two weeks only. Hence let us not despair too much till then.

  2. Caritas_Lebanon is giving the stranded maids loafs of breads for them to survive on . Until action is taken by Abiy Ahmed please contact Caritas_Lebanon charity and give the maids any donation you can. Even morals are desperately needed. Diasporas sent money for almost every disaster or emergency, but for these poor diaspora women very few diasporas are reaching out to them due to Covid-19 so it is time for diasporas in a better position to reach out to these diasporas suffering in Lebanon , these maids had their money saved up millions of USD dollars then sent it to the Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia years ago hoping the Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia would hold it for them if any emergency such as this arises where they get stranded with no money, other money they had they sent it to their family members back in Ethiopia, now they are completely penniless . The whereabouts of that money saved at the Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia might be known by Teodros Adanhom , Seyoum Mesfin , Workneh Gebeyehu , Azeb Mesfin , Samora Yunus or even Gedu Andargachew ,all who Abiy Ahmed adores and been an accomplice to for years , so it is better to reach out to the stranded maids in the diaspora through caritas_Lebanon a trusted humanitarian organization since the Clown Abiy Ahmed got no substance in him, he just keeps on clowning around, sweeping the side walks of his residence and office letting Ethiopia go through the drain , he even let Coronavirus get transported in and out of Ethiopia through Ethiopian Airlines by giving little regards to the danger it poses to the Ethiopians lives. He also is ready to sell EAL , Telecom , Shipping lines…. with little regards to the Sovereignty of Ethiopia .

    Hypocrite Diasporas task forces in USA send money to Abiy Ahmed Covid-19 initiatives while these diasporas are in a life and death situation outside Ethiopia getting blind eyes from “Oakland , Seattle , DC , Canada , Australia ….. task forces that keep pumping money to Abiy Ahmed inorder to personally get in Abiy’s good sides hoping to get a plot of land to build residences in
    Ethiopia while neglecting poor desperate diasporas who are in desperate needs in their backyards right in the diaspora .

    የሕዳሴ ግድብን የውኃ ሙሌት ጊዜ እንደተራዘመ የሚገልፁ ዘገባዎች ሐሰት ናቸው ተባለ


  3. Let’s do our part to help those abandoned children of ours in Lebanon in any way we can.

    In regards to the start of the filling of the dam, I never knew that July 1st was announced as the start date. First it should start when it is raining in buckets otherwise it would not be the right thing to do. No matter how the megalomaniac in Cairo has been behaving and acting up, we should never forget that there is a combined close to 150 million innocent people both in Sudan and Egypt. The filling should begin in July without causing any harm to those innocent neighbors. Otherwise, it is going to be a diplomatic disaster for the old country. That country cannot afford to be seen as a pariah state by the rest of the world and its leaders should exhibit maturity and remain pragmatic as they have been so far.

    BTW, have you noticed the numbers coming out of Egypt about the pandemic? There has been a runaway infection rate daily. The new confirmed cases have been in thousands every day. Those of you who have lived there would remember how people live there. It is said that more than a fifth of the entire population live in Cairo alone sardined together like ants. The same in Alexandria or Giza. Once extremely infectious virus like COVID enters the hood, it is gonna be a bloodbath. It is not difficult to find 10-15 people living in not more than a small room. Our very capable Lia bint Tadesse has tested more than 245,000 people but Egypt with a GDP(PPP) of more a trillion US dollars(more than 5 times bigger than the old country) has tested 135,000 only. Out of the 135,000 total tested more than 63,000 of them have the virus, almost half. I bet you the 63,000 positive numbers are also heavily cooked. I don’t know how they gonna implement social distancing. The superpower wannabe has a time bomb in his hands. This is a total failure.

  4. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ
    June 23, 2020 at 5:03 pm
    በችግር ጊዜ የማይደርስ መንግስት ታድያ ምንነቱ ዜጎቹ ሲመቻቸው ገንዝዘብ አዋጡ ለማለት ብቻ ነውን….?
    የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት
    1. የተቸገሩትን ወገኖችን ጊዝያዊ መጠለያን በማደራጀትና ከዚያም ወደ አገራቸው ለመመለስ የሚፈልጉትን በመጓጉያዣ ዜቤ በመተባበር
    2. ሌላ አቅጣጫ ለመከተል የሚፈልጉትን እስኪሳካላቸው ጊዜ ድረስ በመቆያ ቤት ውስጥ እንዲሰነብቱ በማድረግ መተባበር ይኖርበታል ግዴታውም ነው

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