Abiy Appoints New Ambassador to Eritrea

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27 Mar 2020 – (EP) The Government of Ethiopia announced today its Eritrea envoy in Asmara. The new Ambassador is Mehreteab Mulugeta Haile (pictured), the former Director-General European and European Union Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

Former Ethiopia’s envoy to Eritrea, Ambassador Redwan Hussien, is promoted to State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mehreteab Mulugeta was the Head of the Diplomatic Mission (Consulate-General) in Germany since 2015.

The new ambassador in Eritrea was also in charge of promoting investment, trade and tourism opportunities in Seoul and New Delhi from 1995-2011.

Mehreteab has a Diploma in Administrative Science from AA University and later studied a master’s degree in economics from Ivanova University between1983-89.

He speaks four foreign languages. English, German, Korean and Russian.

He has once welcomed the famous Hollywood movie star Anjelina Jolie’s private visit to Ethiopia.

Eritrean Press


  1. I wish this patriot countryman H.E. Mehreteab Mulugeta Haile success in his new appointment. These two noble peoples were not supposed to live in a way they lived for quite some time now and they are not responsible for the misfortune but rather the mismanagement of their affairs. I have said this before on so many occasions and I will say it again. If these industrious people work together the sky will be the only limit for what they can achieve. But they have to bury the hatchet they did not create. Not only burying it but melting and casting it into industrial implements. That has been my dream and will go on to be so until I gasp from my last breath on this good earth. Insha’Allah!!!

  2. Let’s hope His Excellency recovers the properties that were stolen from Ethiopian-Eritreans for us from whoever stole the properties two decades ago.

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