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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hailed the role played by ex-foe Eritrea in the Nobel Peace Prize he collected on Tuesday for his efforts to resolve the long-running conflict between the two neighbours.

“I accept this award on behalf of Ethiopians and Eritreans, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of peace,” Abiy said after he received the prestigious award in a formal ceremony at Oslo’s City Hall.

“Likewise, I accept this award on behalf of my partner, and comrade-in-peace, President Isaias Afwerki, whose goodwill, trust and commitment were vital in ending the two-decade deadlock between our countries,” he added.


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  1. 1997 Ethiopia was at peace with Eritrea.
    1998 war started , now is the war over???
    I don’t see Redwan Hussein walking down Asmara streets as if the war is over or I don’t see Hailemariam Desalegn visiting his family members in Eritrea as if the war is over. I don’t see the Ethiopians that resided in Eritrea until 1991 , that have their golden teeth and other properties stolen by Eritreans in 1991 go to visit Eritrea as if the war is over. Is the war really over???

  2. 1936 Time Magazine Man of The Year and The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner? This beyond-repair-AfroEthio-centric septuagenarian here is screaming with joy here!!!! I have told you this a million times before! That is why our old country is the gem of the colored, among many other reason!!! I’m good now!!! I’m good for the rest of the year!!!! Bigots! Look up to the moon and eat your crow!!!!

  3. Has that not been our Achilles heel? Hasn’t this been the story of our sorrow? When peace knocks on our door, have we not kept ourselves inside, all bolted-up? Shouldn’t we rather have joyfully welcomed it? Shouldn’t a celebration have erupted in both countries, to welcome this, however minuscule its stature, as long as it did have even a tiny semblance of that which one would normally call “peace”?

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