Addressing the African Rulers

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By Belayneh Abate

As African rulers look wealthier than the leaders of prosperous nations at the annual United Nations Assembly, the National Public Radio (NPR) of America reported on September 27, 2019 that the People of Gambia suffer from pain after complicated surgeries because no pain medicine in the country.  NPR news should know that many other African dictators treat their people worse than the Gambian rulers. The peoples of Africa suffer from many forms of physical and mental pains because they are held in chains and their wealth is robbed by their rulers.

The heinous African Rulers! I don’t have to say dears because you are not Africans dears; neither do I need to say leaders precisely because you are not leaders.  If I must address you by name, I would rather say the monstrous dictators.

As usual, you are enjoying New York City while your people are suffering from endless starvation and preventable diseases. Are you here to promote the interests of Africa or to promote your interests? Are you here to solve Africa’s health problems or to look for the best health care providers for you and your families? Are you here to solve Africa’s economic and social problems or to find Western and Eastern banks where you can store the money you robbed? Are you here to talk about freedom of speech or to lobby human right activities and good leaders that accuse you of heinous crimes?  Are you here to shop for feasible technology or to shop for jewelry and dresses for you wives and mistresses? Are you here to make sure your voices are heard or to take orders from your superpower masters?

Do you think you represent Africans? Alas representation! Let’s forget the phony representation and talk about your attires. Look at your ties!  Nice ties; aren’t they? Who purchased them for you? Look at your suits! Marvelous!  Where did you get them from?  What do the labels scratching the back of your chunky necks read? I am sure, the labels do not pronounce made in Abuja, Kinshasa, Lagos, Addis Ababa or Nairobi; do they?  While considering yourselves as “African leaders” you are promoting the commodities of France, Italy, Great Britain, USA and others, and you are proud of it; Aren’t you?  Look at your shirts! They are unequivocally classical; aren’t they?  Allah wua Kiber! Look at your shoes! Astoundingly archetypal and shimmering! Am I not correct? How much you shelled out for these distinctive shoes? Who paid for these luxurious outfits?

What percent of the people, you disgracefully claim to represent, wear these types of ties, suits, shirts and shoes like you do? Representation by definition is symbolizing the whole. In other words, representatives are samples of the whole.  Do you really consider yourselves as samples of the whole Africa?

I request each of you to look at each other for one moment.  I believe you observed pumpkin cheeks, chunky necks and distended bellies; Didn’t you? I also demand that you compare the pictures you had before assuming your power with the current ones. May I ask what you regularly put in your plates in the palaces you luxuriously live in? Is it interfering in your personal life if we want to know the beverages you enjoy, the couches you park yourselves on and the beds you snooze in?  What portions of the people in your tyrannical rule obtain access to one meal and a glass of water in a day? What portion of your general population is homeless?  What proportions of the African infants, the young and the elderly die from man-made starvation?

Unlike your mind, your flesh looks healthy; doesn’t it? Where do you get your quality health care services? Ehi… that is right! Even when you have temporary indigestion from gulping down too much, you dash to Europe, America, and Israel by chartered airplanes; don’t you?  On the other hand, what portion of African population has access to the minimum health care services even once in 25 years? What fraction of African population dies from communicable diseases, which basically are turned to history and locked up in museum in western countries?  What segments of African population still utilize stone-age technologies to farm, communicate and travel?  Despite this colossal lifestyle discrepancy between you and ordinary Africans, you still think you represent destitute Africans; don’t you?  O lord! Even those of you who came from East Africa are raising your hands to profess that you represent your people! I shall say at this juncture that your conscience plates are either congenitally absent or surgically removed.

Please close your eyes and review your administrations (if you call them administrations at all), in silence.  Do not your ministers, congressmen, senators and managers serve like water pipes that do not leak or rust whatever corrosive material you pass through them?  Do not they convey your unholy orders and commands unaltered as long as you feed them? Do not you invest substantial amount of your budget to spy your own people? Do not you bridle your people like horses and mules? Do not you place your peoples under nonstop restraining orders to deprive them of using their sense organs and processing brains? Do not most of you beg on behalf of your people and exploit the baloney you received to strengthen your dictatorial power?

Who owns the mass- media?  Will your mass-media speak the truth ever? Do people believe even the date and the time portrayed at the bottom of your TV screen?  Are not your people suffering from suppurative chronic ear infections as a result of your eternal lies and irksome voices? Are not your people sick of watching you acting like experts in economics, engineering, agriculture, public health, medicine, journalism and other professions while you, in fact, employ your muscles as solitary organs of thinking?  Don’t you hound, silence or put experts in exile if they don’t agree with your callous and precarious behaviors?

Do you mind looking at your own hands at this moment, please?   Aha! Your decorated wrists and fingers with diamond and gold trinkets look soft and clean! However; are your hands really unsoiled and shiny as they appear in this bogusly garnished United Nation’s hall? How many of you have hands doused with blood?  How many of you eliminated even your own colleagues and comrades, during your journeys and ascensions towards power? How often you direct your soldiers to kill your fellow Africans for no apparent reason?  How many of you wreak ethnic fracas to stay in power? How often you coerce your flunky judges to rule in favor of your chair? How many million innocent people die, languish in jails, and suffer from torture under your wicked rules? How many children live under orphanage because you wiped out their parents? How many parents shed tears as we speak because you executed, arrested and locked up their children? Do people elect robbers, butchers and murderers?  Do you still assume that you represent Africans? Shame on you!

I wish we had the opportunity to discuss concepts and ideas that foster development and annihilate misery in Africa. Unfortunately, however; what most of the African rules that fly to New York every September are collections of heads engorged with lusts of power and material treasure. Sorry for wasting your WHISKY and STEAK time.  Enjoy the Africans’ flesh and blood until you face the final call known as death-a natural conqueror that cannot be embezzled, tortured or exterminated.

With best disregards,

Belayneh Abate

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  1. African leaders such as abiy are bandas who selling the dignity and resources of african for the sake of thier personal gain ;

    they never advocate for thier citizens when a nigerian , gambian , senegal men were killed by western countries policeofficers . Many were committed suicide in the detention center just because they had no legal residence permit .

    The cause of thier death is always reported to be a heartattack while police phisical abuse , forced medication are some of the cause of thier death and mental disoder.

    Many are falsely accused of a certain crime while they are innocent. Many of prisoners who spent all thier lifetime , more than 27 years, in person are africans and lastly they were freed and som were dead being locked behind bars .

    African leaders work to maintain the luxrious life of themselves and thier family members and extended family while the majority of africans are fleeing and destined to death .

  2. BTW, To All of You Bigots!

    el-Sisi is calling out on you!!! If you hate that countryman just because he is an Oromo, he is saying that he has a job for you!!! You who hate that countryman just because he is an Amhara, he has a nice job for you!!! You who hate a countryman just because he is a Tigrayan he is asking you to come over because he has a mission for you. All those of you who hate countrymen just because they are not from one of your own ethnicity, he has an exciting job for you. After shining up his shoes like a mirror he will assign you for specific missions so you can slip back in the old country wreak havoc just like some of you have been doing already but this time on steroid proportion. He is promising that you will be rewarded handsomely. If you are thinking about founding your own republic he said he will support you in every way. Just like your predecessors of the 1960’s and just like Nasser do then, he will help you in getting petro dollars for you worth tens of millions. What are you waiting for? You have honed your conniving skills and you have sharpened your attacking tongues on this and other websites. Hurry up!!! By the way, on your way to Al-Qahirah stop by Seyoum Mesfin and Sebhat Nega to get some pointers on how to woo the Wahhabis for boatload of petro dollars. And don’t forget Dawud!!!! Hurry up!!! El-Sisi is waiting for you with open arms.

  3. who are you , Ittu Aba Farda
    are you working for western world just beacuse you are given nationality there ?
    why are you blaming TPLF officials ? They are Tigreans . I saw you in many sites working hard to defame Tigray and TPLF . TPLF=Tigary.

    are you a cyber militia pretending to be pious protestant??

  4. el-Sisi is still waiting for you!!!! Hurry up!!! He has prepared the best halawa to treat you with. BTW, Don’t forget to stop by Seyoum and the gang to pick up some pointers on how to soothe everyone in the Middle East including the Wahhabis. They will tell you how they bamboozled Gaddafi, Sadat Assad, Saddam and every Wahhabi with ‘We are Arabs too’. BTW, These are not legit TPLF officials just because they were elected with ‘100%’ of the vote. They knifed and made opponents disappear on their way to office. 100% of the vote? My foot!!!!!!

  5. If you say TPLF=Tigray, then you are dumb ass as there is no logic to explain it. TPLF is a fascist party consisting of leftist pagans who are full of hate towards Amahra people, while Tigrai is an administrative region in Ethiopia where people known for their orthodox christanity and Ethiopian patriotism are living.

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