Amendments to the 1995 Constitution of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

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By The Golden Rule Constitution A Proposal For A New Ethiopian Constitution


Amendment 1

The House of Peoples Representatives with a Three Fourths majority Vote may propose for adoption, a New Constitution. The proposed Constitution shall be put to a National Referendum by The Federal Government within Three months of it passing The House of Peoples Representatives. If the proposed Constitution shall receive Two Thirds of the Votes cast in its favor, it shall be valid to all intents and purposes as The New Constitution of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.


Amendment 2

Until such time that a New Constitution shall be adopted by The Federal Government, all Federal Bills shall require a Three Fourths majority vote and all State Bills shall require a Two Thirds majority vote of all the members of their respective Legislatures in order to become Law. And during such time there shall not be held any referendum for the secession of a State.

Read -PDF version of the Constitution of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia



The Golden Rule Constitution

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  1. Priority number one is the ethnic federalism get replaced by federalism.

    Priority number two Chinese politicians need to stop meddling in the Internal politics of Ethiopia since they are known to encourage one ethnicity domination in Ethiopia.

    Justice is a must .
    Rule of law is a must.
    Freedom is a must.

    Ethiopia is the fastest growing economy in the world. The problem is only one Ethnicity prospers at a time while the other ethnicities end up deep in debt. Curently the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is prospering mainly Oromo elites only while others are sinking deeper in debt paying for what the Oromo elites are stealing.

    If only five percent of the money deposited by the public at the commercial Bank of Ethiopia is withdrawn by it’s customers, then the bank will end up closing it’s doors since there is no more cash to give out to the customers who deposited the other 95% of the money.

    Printing birr is not an option since foreign exchanges is about to be regulated by Market rate per the new PP rule.

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