ጃዋር መሐመድ – “ትልቁ ዳቦ ሊጥ ሆነ”

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ከናይትሮ ኢትዮጵያን

. ከናይትሮ ኢትዮጵያን … ኢትዮጵያን በአሁኑ ወቅት እያስተዳደረ ያለው ማን ነው?


  1. Why Jawar lies?, Jawar and his co intervier want to form islamic Ormiya collabrating with Egypt in East Africa.We never let this to happen and fight it the next 100 years. All students speak Afan Oromo without any shame and inferior in the corridor all strait, universities, Market, etc. The court system is all in all in Afan ormo. Meeting all in all in Afan ormo. This a an old fashion politics revive after Egypt openly say to weaken Ethiopia through OLF. What is the pity thing is that OLF is facilitating more violent and more oromo to be prisoned in ethiopa, and then in the name of prison oromo, OLF collects money and use it in erope to buy Marawana and cocaine for thier addiction. Hopefully the never get a young ormo to fight in the behalf of the old club of OLF so as to satisfy thier cocain and Marawna addiction. Now a time of business, Not war. This out let of screen talking in Aljazira window is short time and not coming back.More over Jawar used sensational phrase like 60%GDP bila bila. Narow mind things to struggle on long and wide road. Narrow mind never win the war. Wow, Minlik had got modern weapon and conquer ormiya, Now 40 years with Tank and Modern launcher, OlF never comes to succeed. Even it is disintegrate into cranks of OLF craying as it were alive. Go Ethiopia forward. Death for narrow OLF.

    • @Jemal
      Rather you are a lier. Jawar and others who gave interview on Aljezra never said they are gonna to form Islamic State of Oromia. In fact one of them is not a muslim. To tarnish the image of proud Oromos you and your likes give many false accusations. The struggle of the Oromo people is not only to use our language but also to establish oromia state which is semi independent or fully independent. The views reflected by jawar and others is the views of millions of other oromos.

  2. Jawar is one of the most intelligent guys of this generation. He speaks the truth with out any fear. He is not derived by emotion. All he has spoken on Al jezra recently is based on evidence and logic. If any one is not agreeing with this let he/she comes with valid argument.

  3. Nothing is wrong with the constitution of EPRDF. The problem is its implementation. Allowing nations and nationalities to freely exercise their rights to use their language and culture;their resources; to have fair representation in federal government; to administer them selves; etc is a blessed idea. If any political group is against such idea the fate of that empire will be worse.

  4. Let’s be frank in our political analysis. When I go to school in nearby town, they laugh at me becuase my rural Amharic and feel shy not to speak so do my friends who have Oromo or other accents. This was really a city hegmony rather than ethnic hegmmony. Any just thinker can seconded my argument and any ethnically biased person opposes it. Jawar lied that somebody will be excuted becuase of his language or race. May be he is talking about what OLF did. If we continue in this way, I think Ethiopians may end in a disasterious situation.

  5. Dear Nitro,
    Those people who you want to disgrace them deserve the platform because they represent so many people who have been subject to so many years of subjugation. Actually people like you are the real problem in forming a new type of Ethiopia in which every body has a right to govern themselves. You want to have an old type of Ethiopia in which one culture, one language and one religion is prdominant. Wake up from your sleep and come to the reality that your kind of Ethiopia has gone for good. What is best for the people of that country is to work together and try to over through the TPLF from power and form a real federal and democratic system.

  6. Jawar i strongly disagree with u when u say u r first Oromian,,,such negative understanding drive u who think u r oromian and exclude Ethiopia.

  7. Is Jawar a moslem activist or ormo politician or both. On the one hand he calls himself an oromo, with a bit of egyptian blood, on the other hand he acts like a moslem activist, but exclusively for the moslem oromos.

    Does he know that moslem is a relegion and is not confined to one ethnic group. The ethiopian moslems protesting at Anwar mosque every friday come from all back grounds.

    Is this the start of a campaign to break the unity of Ethiopian moslems of ethnic and racial lines.

    • Jawar is both oromo and muslim. Is it not possible to be both? He is even an Ethiopian but he has order of preference: 1st Oromo 2nD muslim 3rd Ethiopia


    Jawar mohammad has an identity crisis. He cannot call himself an egyptian because the arabs wont accept him, so he presented himself as a victim.

    He said oromos are persecuted and so he calls himself oromo.

    Long live ETHIOPIA.

    Ethiopia haters like this third rated egyptian activist cannot change anything about my feeling for my country ETHIOPIA.

  9. @Temam
    Jawar said “I am an Oromo”. How can you consider this as hating Ethiopia. You claimed that “You are proud Ethiopian.” I respect your choice. But I donot consider you as “Oromo hater”.

  10. Have you heared what MR.Obang talk in Isral we want such a peaceful activist . I need my indivisual right first. Thank-U

  11. I have been saying this. Jawar, I suspect is an individual who wants to resurrect the now defunct IFLO (Islamic Front For Liberation of Oromo). They were active in the eastern part of Ethiopia. They were locally known by the nick name JARRA. Any one from Harer area can attest how cruel these groups were. I remember from my child hood when my parents speak about how these groups stop buses traveling between Harer and Jijgiga and kill passengers who do not have a muslim name. It was alleged that they even have killed Christian Oromos.

    • @Guta
      For your information the war between Oromo nationalists on the basis of religious difference has been resolved for once and for all . It was culminated by formation of United Liberation Fronts of Oromia (ULFO). The current OLF factions have no problem with religious issues. Both christian and muslim Oromo nationalists are struggling together. I am a christian;yet I support what Jawar says. The oromo people have one and only one question: that is the issue of self determination. We donot want Habeshas(Tigres and Amharas) meddling into our internal affairs. We have the right to govern our selves;the right to freely use our language;the right to choose what ever script is appropriate to write our language; the right to be or not to be part of Ethiopia; the right to be ourselves.

  12. I wish our forefathers had finished off this gimatam Galloch from our country. When I was a kid every time I cried my mom used to scare me saying “galochu metu, zimbey yibalushal” I beleived her and those selales I hate them. They are like animals. Epecially allowing them to live around beautiful Addis Ababa is not good. Those Gallas should be transported to Madagascar. This shritam Jawar he is an ignorant person and he must have an Egyptian blood.
    Long live Ethiopia
    Death to those who do no like being Ethiopia.

    • Misraq;
      i just appreciate your honesty! whether emotions drive you or not you speak the truth about what make Oromoo feel more Oromoo than Ethiopia!
      ….Though I have to admit that you are below the bar of humanity!

      • you made it so clear why we don’t like to associate ourselves to your mother’s Ethiopia! Why we want a radical change on that country’s sociopolitical configuration.

        • Hunde,

          Please forget Misraq , probably he is someone not from Ethiopia. My comment to Jamwar is he is more for Oromo than any thing less. To me, it is to mean he has an ethinc mentality than any thing else, is it really to mean he cares for an oromo man he does not than anyone he knows from other group if so that is funny !!!
          Amazing man!

      • Dear Hunde,
        You are still thinking as a primitive society. Yes, we know that what Misraq stated is true. But it was in the earliest period. Now we are in the 21st century. I have many Oromo Friends and my sister-in-law is also Oromo. No one in this century consider them as inferior groups. Why do you feel inferiority complex? why don’t you consider yourself as a human being? You are like me and other Ethiopians. No one is considering you as an inferior group but you yourself consider you and all Oromos as inferior group. I assure you that you are a human being and no one will consider you and other Oromos as less than human being. Please try to avoid this inferiority complex from your mind.

        • Mebrat and Alem
          I don’t never feel any identity crisis or inferiority complex! Never ever!!
          I am just proud Oromoo!! period! Misraq just justify with her own words howmuch your Ethioyawinet was unjust, racial and backward!
          Why don’t fail to condemn that in this 21st century if you really believe in our peaceful coexistence? Why don’t fail to understand my very simple basic right of defining myslef based on my own historical and political paths? Why do you still dream to help me accept what you only believe in?
          …The bottom line is in Ethiopian sociopolitical dynamics; Oromoo is more rational and logical than the empty bravado “unity fukera” who traped is their past obsession!
          Why don’t you accept and respect millions of Oromoos choice to be recognized as as an Oromoo first? Why don’t you fail to understand Ethiopia is not a land of a single nation with a single identity, rather it is a multination state??
          …Simply putting you have no moral ground to tell me how I supposed to feel about myself since you yourself are ignorant, unable to learn facts on the ground!!

    • Misraq, being honest is appreciated, but if u hate them like this u should have supported jawar, coz he is saying ‘u guys hate so leave us alone, we gonna estabilish a nice, democratic country(Gada system), where every body is respected for being human, where power is not gained through gun(like ethio in which all the rulers come to power through gun and genocide….’
      u cant love the land and hate the people, what’s the definition of ethiopia hagere?
      anyways ur ignorance is out of limit, wake up

      • Ethiopia! where wearing a T-shirt which says “ye Gonder Lij” makes you the pride of the nation while telling someone you are “from Wollega” makes you a source of suspect.
        Ethiopia where owning a name called “aklilu” makes you best Ethiopiyawi and having a name “Duuressaa” makes you questionable “endi aynet sim Ethiopia wusti ale ende”? or “le min gin arif ye Ethiopiyawi simi atadergohum”?
        …I have never feel hate for any nation in Ethiopia! They do have all their own good stuff! But when it comes to “Ethiopiyawnet”…it simply doesn’t reflect the nations existing in the land. I just can’t see myslef in that mirror! So I prefer to express myself first as an Oromoo!! I don’t understand why the others feel pain for this! And I am happy the oromoo young generations feel more Oromoo than Ethiopia!
        …Does this have problem to the country’s sociopolitics? definitely yes! This neftegna generation(‘neftegna is not a race it’s a system built by certain nation in Ethiopia) should pass with all their poisonous hate about other nations in Ethiopia other than the one which built neftegna system.
        …Again proudly I am oromoo first!!(and I will keep telling the world that; I don’t expect the world to learn it by default; I have to tell, express my feleings, preferences, I have to assert my choice)
        Nobody has been born with a knowledge about Norway people or Hong Kong people, ! So I don’t expect a prior knowledge about oromoo nation from the world, !
        …I still don’t close my door to “Ethiopia” to hear my voice, to reshape itself to be all inclusive; though my neighbors are hardly good at learning!
        I am Oromoo First(x100000000000000000)

    • Your forefathers have tried their best to finish all Oromos from the face of the earth. But they failed;thanks to God. It is a pity that you do not know from where your own ancestors come. Do not U know that habeshas were migrated from middle East to Africa. You are more close in blood to Arabs than jawar. Oromos have no blood relationship with Arabs but habeshas have. Long live Oromia! Death to those who do not accept rights of nations and nationalities!

  13. Why some people are more happier to call themselves Ethiopians than others? Do we know why? Why some others hate to associate themselves with the name Ethiopia?. When did we starting having this problems? Just now, twenty years ago or hundre or so years ago?

    Ethiopia is the home of several nations and minorty groups. Menilik the second became an emperor of Ethiopia by becoming victorious in the battles with all ethnic groups in the present day Ethiopia. He then declared himself an emperor of Ethiopia. The area of lands brought under his control at the end of the war and ever since were named as Gabbar maret and the people who inhabited tha land were also classified as chisegna.

    The question of nationhood under Menilik

    Menilk projected Ethiopia to the world as a nation state. Orthodox Christianity became state religion. Amharic was given not only the status of official language but also considered as a language of first class citizens. His successor emperor Haile- sellassie up held much of his predecessor’s unfair policies and took with him to his grave yard. Therefore people never had chance to have conversation over the contract ( constitution ) that keep them together. You should never expect one to be proud of the nation that does not recognise your rights as citizen, in a country where there is no freedom of expression, where justice is not done, where equality and equal opportunity is nonexistent. The relationship between the chisegna and emperial power was completely different from that of state and its citizens. The successive regimes in Ethiopia made little or no efforts to accommodate marginalised communities into the decision making power at the centre.that is why Tigre libration front went to war with the government. That is why Oromo,Ogaden and others are mounting challenges to the state of Ethiopia.
    Now we cannot go back to that and cannot afford to fall apart either. The best way out is to have mature conversation to eventually progress to the common ground produce win win solution.

  14. It’s so unbelievable,
    People what is wrong with you? What is Jawa’s crime here? He said he is an Oromo first and an Ethiopian second. I commend him for not saying he is not an Ethiopia. He said he is an Ethiopian second. So, what is your juvenile cry attacking him? You expect him to denounce his Oromo heritage and put Ethiopia first? No body can and has the right to impose Ethiopiawinet on anybody. Being and claiming to be an Ethiopian is something you acquire by birth and by naturalization. For the peace and prosperity of Ethiopia people should be left alone to express their god given democratic rights to freely say “I am a proud Oromian first and a proud Ethiopian second”, “I’m a proud Tigrian first and a proud Ethiopian second’ and so on. Can you Amhara elites see the damage you are doing to future coexistence by attacking people who have ideas and values different to yours? No amount of your tantrum will force the Oromo, the Somali, Sidama, Tigre, Affar, Gambella etc relinquish and abandon their identity and heritage to please you or win your approval or your friendship. Gone are the days when ignorant people like tell others what to say and not to say. YOU people never cease to amaze me: you have this inherent and incurable disease of calling the Arabs your “historical enemies” Now it is Egypt’s turn as you started having nightmare about Egypt destabilising Ethiopia. And all of a sudden Jawar became an Egyptian agent and most of all has been given an Egyptian mother. How low can you guys go? No amount of education seems to change and cure the disease that afflicted your gins. How can you insist on calling the Arabs as your historical enemies while it is the same Arabs who have provided you with billions of dollars of investment (do you know Alamudi is an Arab?) and jobs for tens of thousands of Ethiopians as maids? Let’s assume your claim that the Arabs had supported anti-Ethiopian groups were true who do you think was responsible for creating that possibility? Your leaders, the Amhara ruling elites who had refused the Eritreans call for the re-institution of the Federation that was dissolved by the ignorant Harree Silassie. Eritreans than had no choice but fight, oh boy! what a fight they did winning their freedom at last. It was you Amharas who are responsible for Ethiopia becoming land locked. Now again you continue your usual stupid and juvenile behavior of cornering every Oromo who have done nothing to you but articulate their identity that has been at the risk of extinction due to systematic policy of your fathers is gonna make you regret after it is too late. No amount of unwarranted attacks such the one aginst Jawat just for saying he is an Oromo first is the most shameful act that should be condemned by all who want to see Ethiopia united on the equality of its diverse peoples

      • @ Yes Ethiopiwinet is imposed not only on him but on millions of others. Give them right to make refrendum on self determination and you will see what will happen.

    • @ Abdella, i hear you buddy. but you finally twisted it to the same old fashioned argument…..who is Amhara? why you blaming Amhara….i dont get this point

      are you gonna blame on me because my father was something….? hell no
      i am who i am ….blame me for what i did…not for what my father or grandfather did….i DO AGREE with your point that those previous leader did a big damage to so many inocent ppl….but dont try to justify it /blame on me….

    • Abdalla,

      Let this message reach you, my Arab neighbour!

      Dont’ messup with us Ethiopians. We have a long held traditional wisdom to sort out our problems, to speed it up at finger snap, if you will. No matter what is dicussed on the public, whether it is about Oromo, or Amhara, or Tigre or Sidama. etc.. We are on the way to finding the root cause of our problems. In this process some socalled rising stars will fall from grace as it was always the case in the last decade in Ethiopian politics. What ever happens in our politics will be for better Ethiopia. You might be wishing for disaster to happen to our country. I will assure you, will not be a beneficiary. Gone are those days when day to day life was treacherous for some specific groups. That happened because of WEYANNE’S prime policy of hatred politics. No matter what the outcome would be out of our current hostile political differences, we will ultimately find lasting solutions as we are destined to be together.
      And in order to suvive we are also determined to fully utilize own natural resources irrespective of our differences. Incase you feel discomfort as to how we utilize our natural resources, I would advise you to address it politely. Nothing will keep us from doing it.

  15. @Misrak, The way you coment is uncivilized and unethical. I my self I do not like one ethinic dominate the whole Ethiopia. Your forfater did ugly and bad thin to our people. Your backward idea could not save Ertirea from independent. You are pushing moderate oormo to extrimism. Donot forget now the weopn is in the hand of Tigrians. Donot forget million Amharas leave in oromiya. Disseminating hatred to oromos is not helpful for the strength of Ethiopia We fight this to end to our blood. We do not negotiate with our dignity and pride.

  16. Jowar Mohammed is a darling son of Esat and olf. Esat promotes jowar with the hate of Ethiopia: every conference esat made is represented with islamist activist. I wonder what is going on here?

  17. @ Admine of Zehabesha. When a nation is insulted by one person, your IT administrator let the whole people are insulted. This doesnot help for the unit of Ethiopia that you crying

  18. OMG !!
    aye Ethiopia !!! yenetsanet Arna,, ye Jegnoch Hager

    bale Tarik yechewa Hihb meder

    bezih tewled tewared ? tebetaten ? betam yasaznal

    Long live Ethiopia !!!!!!!!

  19. Here you go again. The narrow minded amhara who is filled with hate of other ethnic group in general and the Oromos in particular came up with their old rotten ideology of smashing all ethnic group.
    The prove of this is what is their attack on an open minded and talented Young, outspoken and rational Oromo. They always want to hear what they want to hear. If some one speak his mind and deviated from their political interest. the truth of the matter and the inconvenient truth is jawar is liberal when compared with the over 40million Oromos who are more conservatives and never settle for any thing less other than an independent Oromia or if we need to stay in the union the renaming and removal of the name Ethiopia.
    This the feeling and wish of millions of young Oromos. If you are not satisfied with moderate Oromo like Jawar you will be shocked to your death what the rest of us want.
    Jawar is the Only open minded person free of hate and full of reason and rationality who serve and reflecte the opinion of modern Ethiopia to be. he is the only person who has a web site with three different languages.
    For God seek any one tell me any Amahra or Tigre with that level of rational and free of hate who want to promote harmony from the amhara camp?
    Shame on The amharas. you know you talked about TPLF when you are not better than them. you the diaspora made your poor debelo lebashi (savage and primitive people in 21centry) brother in Ethiopia to be hate by all other ethnic group. I know you might say that is the work of TPLF, don’t full yourself is you the diaspora and Amhara media that promote hate and rotten political view and interest.
    get out of your shell and see the world in 21st century mind. living in the west with 19 century mind of zemene mesafint won’t help you and your end political goal.
    Well done Jawar and all the other panelist you are the champion.
    Keep doing the good thing and forget the lost EPRP members and lost ilemman nefitenyaa.

  20. Jawar is the most opportunist politician this country ever seen. When he is with a pro unity Ethiopians he talks about the need of unity and when he is with Cessesionist OLF he talks about free and independent Oromya and with Muslim Oromos he talks about Islamic Oromia. Jawar and his likes are the dangers our country facing now he wants to work with Egypt to disrupt the fragile peace he is simply a sick and vicious politician

  21. Hi Misraq,
    you are right you know why your mum told you that, because abat yelelacheiw yeshermuta liji hulu ande afachiw ke kefetu zimialet silemayechilu niw enji enga sinawiqi sew yemibela gojamee ena amara enji ye Oromo chiraq qerto budam yele. kakakakakakak

  22. Islamic Front for Oromo Liberation is a dead organisation. some of the leaders of this organisation who operated mainly from somalia were dead when somalia died as a nation. Jawar mohammed is a kid, and believes everything he reads on books like all kids do.

    He seemed to have picked up on Zenawi ‘satanawi”s allegation about Ethiopia’s history being 100 years old, and talks about this everywhere he goes. Abyssinia empire did this to oromos, bla bla bla. Oomo moslems suffred the most because they are oromos etc etc is pure fantasy.
    If one can believe every story told by people like Zenawi’ satanawi’ , or Lencho Letta, like jawar is doing then you have a problem. Unfortunately, that is where Jawar’s views originate from.

    It matters who you listen to or which books you read if you want to learn. The dead fascist zenawi ‘satanawi’ could not be seen as a source of any good news about Ethiopia or anything else for that matter.

  23. የት ይደርሳል የተባለች ምን ምን ሆነች ነች ነበር የሚባለ? ወይ ጀዋር! አንድ ሰው እንኳን ጠባብነት ያላጠቃው ይጥፋ? አቶ ጀዋር አዎ አማሮች ድብን አድርገው ገዝተውናል! ስለዚህ ምን ይጠበስ? ምን ይሁን ነው የምትለው አሁን? ስለገዙን እንግደላቸው? እነሱ ስለገዙን ኢትዮጵያን እንበታትናት? ለመሆኑ ማነው ኢትዮጵያን ያማሮች ብቻ ያረገው? ኢትዮጵያ እኮ የነሱ አይደለችም:: በጣም ጠባብ ነህ! ለብዙ ነገር ነበር የምጠብቅህ ግን እዚችው ቀረህ በጣም ያሳዝናል::

    • Etiyopiyaa endatibetaten yemiyadergewu gulbet sayhon yeteleyayu hizboch ye rasachewun edil berasachewu endiwesinu sidereg new. Ye gulbet negerima le Ertiram alseram.

    • Mebrate ye habesha lij! Benatin atichemaleq! Af inji joro yelachum inde! Lemin hule ye Oromo lij widketin timegnalachiw? Degmos le Jawar min litadergu new? Lezebtegna yehonewun Jawar ke telachiw, indet akrari kehonut ketekerut Oromowoch gar indet litnoru new? Lenegeru tiru new. Widketachun iyafatenachu new. Oromo first ati belun new yemitilun. Habasha first inibel tada.

  24. I couldn’t believe there are still people who are trying to silence non-Amharas from being proud of their heritage. I’m a Gambellan first and an Ethiopian second by choice only if it suits me and respects all my rights. My father used to tell us how in the old days before the fall of the Dergue by TPLF, the Gambella people were humiliated by being called “shanqilla” and bariaw. My father said we will never forget that discrimination. This Oromo guys just said what is right and I don’t understand what all the fuss is. Keep pushing your version of Ethiopia on non-Amharas esp. Oromos who are much larger you are setting off an uncontrollable avalanche that will end what is left of Ethiopia. For us Gambellans we have no problem joining South Sudan or Oromia. Oromos are outr neighbours and we respect them.

    • Ujulu, I do not think you are from Gambella region. Let alone people from Gambella, Christian Oromo now a days are scared of living with Majority of Muslim Oromo if in case oromia is separated from Ethiopia which will never be practical. who wants to be a minority in state where the majority are muslim and the law of the land is sharia.

      • dd, I do not think that you have enough info on the relationship between muslim oromos and christian Oromos. The enemies of Oromos are trying to collide muslim Oromos with Christian Oromos to weaken the Oromo people at large. But Oromo nationalists are aware of this tactic. Your comment is part of the usual habesha propaganda.

      • Wey dd! Sijemir ye Oromo hizb tigil islamawit Oromiyan lemegenbat ayidelem. Siketil manim indezi al alem. Bihonis anten/anchin man legna kiristian Oromowoch tebeka akomesh!

  25. @Misrak, please do not consider her as an Ethiopian. Because an Ethiopian can not speak this type of imature comment. I think she should be Ethiopia hater and want to annoy moderate Oromos and push to the extremist side. Or as other commentator said she must be subhuman creature. So watch out friends when u see online comments.

  26. We want an egalitarian Ethiopia where all people live with equality and prosperity.

    I do believe Oromos are pure Ethiopians; Do not look anything, look their eyes, looks the eyes of an oromo, amhara, tigrie, gurage, Aderie,… they are all the same.

    I used to consider Jawar a matured and educated person. But he disappointed poping at Aljezira now. He is narrow .

    Jawar must understand; he can not change Ethiopian history they way he wants. it is written and the landmarked is marked you can not change. There has never been a country called Oromia in Ethiopia and there will never be one in the future. If Jawar is really a scholar he would have thought better for all people.

    I do personally love the oromo people. They are special people in my life. I became refugee from Tigrai in Addis ababa. I could not find school to attend. My uncle was walking all over addis to find for me school. He went to addis Ketema. There was a man called Asfaw and An Oromo. He took my certificate from my uncle. All school did not accept me. I got 100% grade 8 exam. He immediately accepted me. He became like my father all my life in addis. My chemistry teacher an other Oromo Moslim. I was smart student and he treated me as his son. He took to British council and get for member library membership. He would do anything for me until I finished high school. His name was Rashid. My tear is rolling down my face when

  27. Rashid was for me mother brother, father; It is hard for me to describe him. Asfaw was a director of addis ketema high school and he was a teacher also . He taught me geography. It is hard for me to put Kubur asfaw with Jawar. What director asfaw, and Fashid taught me is for life which I will never forget. One of the reasons I love Ethiopia is because of Asfaw and Rashid. Director Asfaw, Rashid, … I never met a single Ethiopian like them even from my own families. They have done for me everything like my families. I will never forget it. Asfaw taught us how Egypt, Russia, and other foreigners destroy our country. He taught how to develop Ethiopia. Asfaw was not only Ethiopian, but the most Ethiopian ever I have known in my life. His commitment to help other Ethiopians is just beyond measure. He was a teacher; a director, a unit leader and student councillor. I actually ask if anyone knows where director Asfaw is now; I want to get in touch with Asfaw and Rishid if they are still alive. You may not believe me, but tears rolling down my face now. Please ignore people like Jawar. But please respect all our people regardless who they are. Please do not say bad things here.Oromos are my people. I will give my entire life for them. Please ignore Jawar and his likes. you know there are tigreans like Jawar, do you know TPDM? They are working with Shabia? There will be always weird people like OLF, TPDM? The story of my Oromo experience is infinite, where I go and I meet them they just amazing ; may be I am blessed I got the good ones.

    History is a mirror (source http://welkait.com/?p=957 )

    June 5, 2013

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    GETACHEW REDA’s response to Fayyis Oromia’s recent article, Link here,, GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay) http://www.ethiopiansemay.blogspot.com

    Getachew-RedaLet us see if this hopeless coward OLF Mujahaddeen who run away from the battle-field and seek shelter in America eating his hamburger to free Oromia which he claimed Ormo were colonized by Ethiopia. Let us check the record to straightening the lie.

    It is true the then “Galla”, now “Oromo” pastoralists invaded the present vast area where Oromo are currently live in Ethiopia. How do they manage to invade Harar from the Sulatan , Tiger or Amhara localities as history showed us? Here is Dr.Aleme Eshete a historian and political scientist who send me the paper and published it on my book (YeweYane Gebena Mahider)

    እውን ወያኔዎችም ሆኑ የኦነግ መሪዎች የፈለሰፉት “ኦሮሚያ” የሚባል ነባር አገርና መጪው ኦሮሚያ ሪፑብሊክ ጂኦግራፊያዊ ማኅበራዊና ፖለቲካዊ ክስ እውነታ አለው? እውን አማራው/ ነፍጠኛው/ ምኒልክ/ ባጭሩ “ኢትዮጵያ” ኦሮሞ ሪፑብሊክ የሚባል ወይንም የኦሮሞ አገር የሚባል ወረዋል? የታሪክ ሰነዶችን እንመርምር፡-
    1530-1538 Galla cross the Shebelle and conquest starts with Bale whose inhabitants are believed to have been the present Sidama. Gamu Gofa was conquered soon later. While the Borona settled in Bale and adjacent lands (when they are the present day) the other major Gala branch the Baryatuma- Mecha and Tulama- continued north and east.

    1538-46: Dawaro which extended and covered most of present day Harar was attacked by the Galla. Galla started to collect tribute.

    1544-1547- The first expedition of Emperor Gelawdewos accompanied by the Muslim army of the sultanate of Hadya against the Galla invaders on the Awash.

    1555-1562; Galla territorial occupation begins. Gallas were no more conducting simply raiding expeditions. The Galla s conquered and settled permanently to administer the conquered regions and conquered people transformed into Gebaro, or serfs.

    (1551-1567) successor of Ahmed Grang has been fighting the first Galla invasion of Harar city and its surroundings. It was indeed Emir who had built the historic Harar wall that surrounds the city to defend it against Galla invasion.

    In 1559 the army of Emir of Harar was defeated. Although, Harar city was effectively protected, all the surrounding Harar-Chercher mountains where lived the Adere, the Worji, the Maya and a number of other probably speaking ethnic groups boarding on Yefat. Where all conquered by the Galla, depriving Harar not only of its most fertile agricultural lends but also of its freedom of movement and trade with the outside world through the Gulf of Aden coast. The era of glory of Harar was over.

    1572-73 Harar was attacked by a huge mass of Oromo troops and Imam Mohamed Gasa had to evacuate Harar and move his capital to Aussa. The same Imam was killed by the Oromo in November 1583.

    1570’s 1580’s: Galla conquest of Shoa- Shoa largely inhabited by Amharic speaking Christians was the heart of the empire and common residence of the Emperors at Debreberhan, Tegulet, Etc… Shoa was occupied by the Mecha and Tulama Gallas.

    1570’s-1580;s: Oromo conquest Amhara- Angot the home and origin of the ruling dynasty. Amhara which was burnt and destroyed by Gragn a few decades earlier (Because Grang came with a massive of rifle, never seen in Ethiopian history for the first time/if there was rifles, perhaps few arms in the hand of the king/s. That is how he managed in a shortest period controlled the vast territory of the country through the new war machine of the era given to him from the Ethiopian enemy the Turks.) was now completely devastated by the Galla s in spite of the resistance of the imperial army. (በቅንፍ ውስጥ ያለው ከደራሲው የተጨመረ)

    While —- was invaded and settled by Wollo. Angot in the North-east was invaded and settled by the Yejou, Gallas. Amhara thus destroyed and burnt down and its population transformed as Gebaro of Galla, the era therefore marks the end of the Amhara, because now, they have been transformed into serfs of the Oromos. Since then Amhara and Angot as so many peoples of ancient Ethiopia have disappeared from the map of Ethiopia.

    That is also why we have been arguing for some years now that the Amhara people separated by the Beshilo from Begemdire and bordering with the Angot in the north and extending up to MENZ and Waaqa in the south do not exist and have not existed since the Wollol Oromo invasion of the Amharas in the 1570’s and 1580- And hence there is no sense in talking about Amhara oppressor people or “Nation”

    1610: Raya –Azebo (this is in Tigray) occupation of the lowlands at the foot of Enderta from where they will fight in vain for century to advance north and occupy Tigray, south and north of Mereb Melash (Eritrea)

    What is a Gabaro? Mohamed Hassan, a Muslim, Oromo scholar (the Oromo, of Ethiopia: A history 1570-1860, published New York, 1990, p.63, 64) gives us perhaps the most unambiguous definition of the institution of Gebaro introduced by the Oromo conquerors:

    “The term gabaro describes the obligatory relation between the conquerors and the conquered. The vanquished still owners of their plot of land became serfs or clients of the pastoral Oromo, who now demanded service and tribute from them. The Oromo term for the conquered people was “gebaro” (“those who serve”).

    The Oromo adopted the gebbaro en maasse, giving them clan genealogy, (the Metcha used the term ilma gossa (son of the gossa= tribe or clan), marrying their women and…. (there were times) when the rights of the gabaro were trampled upon, their women and children sold into slavery by their Oromo masters (and have there were several cases of Gabbaro rebellion….)” ይላል የኦነጉ የታሪክ ምሁር መሐመድ ሐሰን እንኳ ሳይቀር እውነቱን ሊሸሽገው አልቻለም።

    በመጨረሻ ፕሮፌሰር አለሜ እሸቴ ስለ ኦሮሞዎችም ሆነ ስለ ትግሬ ወይንም አማራ ተብሎ የሚጠራ ሕዝብ ማንነት የሚከተለው እንዲህ ሲሉ በታሪክ ምሁርነታቸው ማወቅ ያለብንን እቅጩን እንዲህ ይነግሩናል።

    Our present knowledge of the history of the peoples of Ethiopia – of the Tigrai, of the Amhara, of the Oromo etc. do not allow single separated linear developments of the peoples of Ethiopia but of the Ethiopian nation made up of cultures, languages and values ever pulling each other. We do not know in history any original Amhara language, religion or culture. The so called Amhara have inherited all from the Axumites – language, script, religion culture etc. and have carried over the Axumite culture as an Ethiopian , language, religion …The Amhara have never existed as a tribe but are the result of the evolution since Geez Axumite times of the linguistic transformation of the Kushitic Agaw into Semitic , as well as the amalgamation of the cultures and languages of other peoples of Ethiopia since Axumite times.

    There is also no such tribe, culture, language or religion called Oromo but an amalgamation of several Ethiopian peoples who have been absorbed during the Galla conquest , from the 16th century to the middle of the 19th century or the rise of Tewodros, during which process the original Galla have been ethiopianised -their culture, language and religion being transformed . Linguistically, the Galla may even have been transformed during the long process and contact with Ethiopian Kushitic peoples, into Kushitic , according to Professor Andrezejewski of the London School of Oriental Studies.(The Position of the Galla in the Cushitic language group” published in Journal of Semitic Studies, Vol.9, 1964. See also my paper, Galla Kushitic?”

    በሰነዱ የተመለከትነው ጉዳይ ኦሮሞዎች ከነበሩበት ከአንድ ከጫፍ ደቡባዊ ኢትዮጵያ ክፍል በመነሣት አሁን ኦሮሞዎች የሰፈሩባቸውን ክፍለሀገሮች በሙሉ (ትግራይን ጨምሮ) እንደ ሰደድ እሳት በፍጥነት በማዳረስ ያዙት። ከነሱ በፊት ሰፍረውበት የነበሩን የተለያዩ ቋንቋ ተናጋሪ ኢትዮጵያውያን ገበሬዎች ከቦታ ወደ ቦታ ለግጦሽ ፍለጋ የሚዘዋወሩ ከብት አርቢ የኦሮሞ ጦረኞች ወረሩት። ቀደምት ኗሪዎችንም ገባር አደረጓቸው። ቋንቋቸውም ከጊዜ በኋላም ተዋልደው ልጅ ልጆቻቸው ኦሮምኛ ተናጋሪዎች ሆኑ። በአንጻሩም ወራሪዎቹ ወደ አማራ አገር እና ትግራይ አካባቢ ሄደው ሲሰፍሩም እንደዚያው የልጅ ልጆቻቸው የአካባቢው (አማርኛ እና ትግሬ) ቋንቋ እንዲናገሩ ተውጠው ቀርተዋል።
    This is what the real story is behind the invasion of the Gala people in Ethiopia. Next, we will see how OLF involved in mass killing and crime which still OLF leaders need to be charged in the international courts for ethnic cleansing crime. Stay tune. Thank you. Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • @Getachew Reda

      As usual you came up with a pile of your lies about history of the Oromo people. The Oromo people belongs to Cushitic family and it is known that the Cushitic people were inhabiting east Africa for thousands of years. If Oromos were in Madagaskar as you claimed how it happened to be part of Cushtic people? Rather Abysinians/Habeshas/ were migrated from Yemen. Even the northeren part of Ethiopia (Tigray, Gonder, Gojjam) was once occupied by Cushitic people such as Kunamas, Agews, Oromos, etc. Habeshas are outsiders to Ethiopia than Oromos.

  29. I am also first Agew, then Ethiopian. Jawar is 100% right. We Ethiopians lie too much. But he spoke the truth.

    • @zagwe Dynasty: Agewechu yete hedewe newe ante degemo agewe negne malete yejemerekewe. kkkkkkkkkikikikikk. be urself !!!!!

  30. Not only that I argued Jawar is anti Ethiopia from his position of an OLF propagandist, but also the pathetic Diaspora known educated writers and their media tried their best to restrict me and slandered me on his behalf. I can name those elements who argued with me on a closed forum on his behalf as he is a good nationalist patriotic young Ethiopian. Unfortunately, the deluded opposition in the Diaspora and their media have no ear to listen or wisdom to understand who is who. Their emotion is unrestricted and very ignorant opposition with no clue how to filter their enemy and adversary. Even after Jawar revealed his ethno centric position as an OLF, the ESAt, Ethiomedia , Quatero or those media in the Diaspora are still going to allow him feed his propaganda and hatred to the Ethiopians and to the world. Our enemy are not our adversaries, our enemies are those defending our enemies by restricting or views from reaching our people who are day in day out showered for the last 21 years from anti Ethiopia elements and mercenaries. Ethiopians is on the rise, our enemies are coming out from their shed by the power of God slowly but surely to their demise.

    Wake up Diaspora opposition media. Will you? Here you have your Jawar jabbering his anti Ethiopia propaganda in front of the world through an Arab media called Aljezeera. That is why I wrote, an article few years back “the tricky smile of Jawar Mohammed” by Getachew Reda. For writing such, I was insulted by the so called Opposition writers. Here is the evidence. Now, I proved all you deluded junkies calling yourself “Jawar’s good friend”- who Jawar is now!

    Thanks God, now I am relived from the Ethiopian opposition insults. I hope they do not come and cover his OLF by giving us reason to rehabilitate again. That is what They are going to do now. Trust me. Diaspora opposition is bankrupted very badly like a spoiled egg. I do not know when they will learn who is who. Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • @Getachew Reda:
      Writing many lines of senseless statements alone cannot justify that you are rigth and genuine. All you have wrote about jawar is false and reflects the hate you have for him and for the oromo people. jawar said “I am an Oromo.”. So what? How does this show Jawar is anti-Ethiopian. Your comment implies that unless some one denies his/her Oromo-ness then he/she cannot be an Ethiopian.kkkkkkkkkkkk. People like you are rather obstacles to unity of Ethiopia. The more you hate Oromo, the more we are determined to fight for our right!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. The last 50 years has shown us quite an extraordinary phenomenon in Ethiopian politics. After Haile Sellassie consolidated the Amhara ruling system by appointing Amharas to every position of the government and arranging the internal map of Ethiopia, people started objecting to the system. Aside from Eritrea and Ogaden, one of the rebelious regions was Bale, and to a smaller scale, Arsi. The Amhara establishment always tried to put down these rebelions with extreme persecution. These actions however did not yield any positive development as resentment kep on building. True to its character the government ignored all advices given to them even by their close allies such as the USA. At the end Eritrea succeeded ceding from the country. Ogaden insurgency still continues. Oromo nationalism has been transformed from small elite politics to a systemic total awakening that even Oromo leaders are now finding hard to control. And yet, the Amharas are hoping to make a come back. What is more surprising is that the poltical elites of Amharas do not seem to learn from their mistakes. The next time you try, Oromos we would like to assure you that there will be no patting each other this time. Take your language and culture with you where you can practice them without fear.

    Jawar is talking the truth that cannot be denied. Jawar still wants to create an Ethiopia where equality of nations is respected in truth rather than on paper. If Amharas wanted to make an Amhara from Jawar, they are mistaken. By the way he is half Amhara and half Oromo.

  32. Here is Jawar Mohammed’s other infantile slogan Ethiopia out of Ormia -listen to his slogan. He will hear him clearly saying Ethiopia has Somalia- Ethiopia has Ormia. Ethiopia out of Ormo! Now you stop insulting me you the deluded opposition on his behalf. Okay. listen this on you Tube.
    Jawar Mohammed said “Ethiopia out of Oromia”
    Thanks again Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Media)

  33. It seems to me Jawar needs a dose of testosterone shot. He literally didn’t sound ‘man enough’ to wage a war inside Al Jazzera studio let alone the vast wilderness of Oromia. The two hosts sounded ‘mannish’ in the way they presented themselves than the juvenile, effeminate Jawar Mohammed. He got his “fifteen minute of fame” amongst Narrow Nationalist Oromos. It is going to be downhill from here on.


  34. There is no wrong to say an oromo first or second or whatever ,but the problem is when completely taken with PAROCHIAL OROMO mentality. Infact parochialism is a breeding ground of FASCISM. Now the so-called Jawar who acclaimed by ESAt and others as young political analyst many a time has publicly shown his narrow ethno -centrist sentiments .But i really could not understand why ESAT allow to dispel his venomous anti-Ethiopian propaganda in media financed by genuine Ethiopians whose goals is/was to advance unity,liberty and justice for all Ethiopians regardless of Ethnicity,religion ,gender and colour. However ,in contrary the pseudo-politician ,jawar has been able to manipulate the peoples media,Esat to the full extent of his capacity. I think he should be challenged aggresssively as butcher of Ethiopian history. whatever jawar is trying to foement discord and division between our people , Rest assured ,with the exception of the hard core and extremist oromos who claim to be GERMANS , the vast majority of the oromos remain solid and strong Ethiopian. No force would abandon their Ethiopianess.

  35. “what they all have in common is the hate of Ethiopianism” kk
    of course one has the right to hate Ethiopianism. PERIOD

  36. የኢትዮጵያዊነት፡ጠበቃማነዉ?የእኔማህበረሰብ፡ተበድላልችግርእየደረሰበትነዉማለትፀረኢትዮጵያአያሰኝም።ባለፈዉየአማራተወላጆችከየክልሉሲፈናቀሉብዙአማራነክድርጅቶችድርጊቱንኮንነዋልይህንማድረጋቸዉብሄርተኛካላሰኘለኦሮሞመናገርምእንዲሁ፡ጃዋርሙስሊምስለሆነኢስላሚክኦሮሚያንለመፍጠርነዉያሰኛል?አዎ፡ካልንዛሬበተቃዋሚነትእየተንቀላቀሱያሉ”አማራናአማራነክ”ፓርቲዎችሀገሪቱንክርስቲያንለማድረግ፡ነዉያሰኛልማለትነዉ።የተንሸዋረረእይታ

  37. ለምንድነዉለኢትዮጵያአንድነትበአንድወገንብቻየሚጮሃዉ?መልሱብዙአያስጨንቅምበሀገሪቱአንድነትስምባህላቸዉን፣ቋንቋቸዉንሀይማኖታቸዉንበሀይል፡በሌሎችላይ፡ጭነዋልመሬቱንጠፍጥፈዉየሰሩትይመስልህዝቡበገዛመሬቱላይ፡ጭሰኛ፡ገባርእያሉደሙንሲጠጡከርመዋል።ስለዚህ፡ከነዚህ፡አረመኔገዥዎችበላይለኢትዮጵያዊነትጠበቃይኖራል?አይኖርም!ቱም”አንድነት”ለነሱየገዥነትሀይልነዉ፣ማንነታቸዉንቋንቋቸዉን፣እምነታቸዉንበሀይልመጫኛጉልበትነዉህልዉናም

  38. እነዚህሰዎች፡ኢትዮ’ያን፡የነሱብቻማንነት፡እምነት፡ባህል_መታወቂያነበረችና።ለእኔግንኢትዮጵያዊነትማንነቴንከነጠቀኝ፡እምነቴንካስለወጠኝ፡ከእኔይልቅወንዙ፡ተራራዉለምመሬቱከበለጠኢትዮ’ያዊነት፡ሞት፡ስደት፣ዉርደት፣የበታችነትከሆነኢትዮጵያዊነትለእኔምንሊሆንይችላል?አዳማቂነት፡አናናሪነት፡የበይተመልካችነት፡ገባሪነት?ከአሁንበሀላ፡ለኢትዮጵያአንድነት፡መሰረቱፍትህ፡እኩልነትክብርለሀገር፡አንድነት።

  39. When facts are twisted and distorted to fit ones political agenda, then truth becomes a casualty. These Oromo activists talk about their history as they are told and miseducated by their misguided mentors, ultra Oromo nationalist and foreigners. The truth is that Oromos conquired and occupied lands they now claim as theirs. Ethiopian history did not start 100 years ago as Oromo ethnonationalists are trying to tell us. What took place in the 15 and 16 century is still fresh in the memory of Ethiopian offsprings of earlier time. If Oromos think they can claim all the lands (since that is they wanted) they are now occupying, then they are likely to loose what they have. The lands taken by Oromos from Gurages, Hadyas, Sidamas, and Amharas are claimed as Oromo land. The question that will come if push comes to shove is the ultra Oromos who are pushing this issue too far have to vacate and go to Borena first. Hate and politics are not synonymous. Hate is cancer of the intellect, while politics the art of compromise. The speeches, lies, fabrication, distortions, and hullcination that I hear have nothing to do with the facts. Oromos were never denied to speak their language. No government sanctions forced any Oromo to change his/her name. If people changed their names it was because they want to be called by different names than what their fathers and mothers gave them. No intellectual or otherwise Oromo activist can provide any fact where Oromos were forced to change their names, be Amharnized or forced to be Ethiopian by renouncing their Oromo identity. Eritreans and Tigrians lied about being oppressed by Ethiopian regimes, yet those Ethiopian regimes were not the exclusive clubs of the “dreadful Amharas”. In fact both during Menilik, Haile Selassie and lately Mengistu’s time there were more Oromo government officials and military personnel than Amharas and Tigres combined. The other issue the Oromo activists have is language. Common language never hurt andy country or used as instument of oppression. Common language brings people together to communicate and understand each other. What Oromo activists want is to impose their will against people who are not Oromos and force them to accept their version of the world. It will not work and the end result will be blood shed and destruction. If that is what they want, they will find themselves in rude awakening. Having said that, I have the great respect for Oromo people in general. I love their culture, generosity, kindnes, and their patrotism in times of war. I dispise the hatemongers like this Wetete (young goat) Jawar. To hell with him and his likes. Ethiopia shall rise and smash its enemies.

    • The Oromo people didnot occupy land belonging to habeshas even in 16th and 17th c. Rather Habeshas were originally in Middle east and they gradually exapnded south wards after conquering northern part of today’s Ethiopia. This place was first occupied by Agews, Kunams, Oromos , Afars and other Cushtic people. Habeshas are outsiders ; oromos are on their land.

  40. I really used to respect Jawer for a long long time..but I just found out he is
    two faces and opportunist. People like him don;t make it all the way.
    Shame Shame on you, I know you have identity problem. Do not create problem
    for Oromo people.because they have plenty on their hand.

  41. All of you preach mendertegnet and gotegnet, while tplf is eating you up. When are you gonna grow up? It is discouraging to see you like this, while our beloved country men suffer with unspeakable agony. What you are doing is following the dead tplf champion’s vision for our country, that vision will bury our country for the next century, and we have to kill each other instead of living together with love, peace, and harmony. Stop this nonsense! we are all God’s children-a human being. What is to be ashamed of calling yourself a proud Ethiopian?

  42. Guys Jawar is not liked by many Oromo because he advocate Ethiopia. We care less about Ethiopia and work towards Oromia. Then he get respect from all Oromos. Forget the habasha as your play ground is dead. You have the name Ethiopia without any port. what do you advertise in Ethiopia is, Hunger, prostitution, Amharic, Orthodox, discrimination, etc. Who want to be Ethiopian except Amhara and Tigre (ofcouse as long as they screw others). Good luck for me Jawar is too Ethiopia even to call him self second Ethiopian.

  43. We are back again. I miss Getachew Reda from time time to time. I love to see getachew Reda’s rant, because it shows that Oromos are doing something good for the Oromo people. There is nothing that infurirates Getachew Reda and the Neftegna Amharas than the success of the Oromo people. I declare here and now that the Oromo people are marching slowly, but assuredly, towards realization of their freedom that has alluded them for quite some time. In the process many lives have been lost and many more will be lost in the quest for the ultimate destiny of a nation, freedom from subjugation, freedom from colonial oppression. The enemies of the Oromo people will never rest until they spill more blood, but the Oromos are slipping away from their grasp. They do not know how to handle the legitimate quest of the Oromo people who account for a single largest ethnic group in the Ethiopian empire. Oromia will be borne out of the ashes of freedom fighters. There is nothing that Getachew Reda and his accolades can do about it. There action have succeeded in distancing even the moderates like Jawar towards the ultimate goal.
    Jawar is learning the hard way that you cannot make a deal with the Abyssinians, because they are not trustworthy. My father used to tell me not to trust the Amharas at any cost. We learned this lesson as were growing up.

  44. There were no anything Oromia in Ethiopia; this is the invention of woyane and olf.

    I have read many history books; never came across a single word about oromo or gala. If these people where in Ethiopia as they claim? where is their history pre 16 century? let us be honest? why they try to erase our history because they do not have long history? It is unfair the insider becomes the outsider and the outsider becomes the insider?

    It is not honestly important in the 21 century to talk about where they came from. They are Ethiopians now; No one can deny them now; but why they wanted to destroy our history because they have none? is it fair? Let us be honest where their history? why they do not show us? why complaing about history. It is not our fault you do not know where have come from. It is not the fault of amhara or Tigreans you came from outside.

    Jawar, please, think of it; assume you are amhara and Tigreans who have longer written history and if someone comes later and join you and he wants to burn it? what do you feel? You people need to stop your stupid politics. If you continue this stupid politics, you may bring problem to the Oromo people. Other Ethiopians may remove them from Ethiopia and become like Palestian.

    Be warned what you do what you get. Do not expect the Amharas and Tigreans and other indigenous Ethiopians to sit down when are trying to rewrite others people history.

    • You have to know that all countries in the world are invention of humans. God has not created the geographic map of the world. National boundaries are created by humans. If Oromia is created by OLF and Woyanes so what? What is wrong? All nations in the world were formed in the same way? Is the map of Ethiopia drawn by an angel? a God?

  45. Well! well! you know what? By attacking Jowar this way for no justifiable reason you have just lost one hell of a brilliant mind that is going to shape the future of Ethiopia. When will people who call themselves defenders of Ethiopia learn the universal principles of free expression and stop lecturing others how to behave. Let’s behave ourselves first. We cannot build Ethiopia in the utterly disgusting way you people are behaving. Leave the gentleman alone. Jawor’s future opinions, views, analysis is going to be even more sought after. Some are telling ESAT to not invite Jowar; shame on you. Isn’t the reason why we condemn Woyane for not allowing opposition voices on the ETV? I don’t think ESAT board will be naive to not seek Jowar’s analysis on the continued crisis in Ethiopia. As a Gambellan I am getting so scared of the vies that try to silence dissenting voices. Let’s dream of Ethiopia that accommodates all kinds differing opinions without preconditions. Let every nationality in Ethiopia feel that Ethiopia belongs to them as well not imposed on them. Please be open minded and less emotional.

    • Jawar is neither “tiliq dabo” nor “tinish dabo”. he is just a proud Oromo and a well talented politician.

  46. This was the kind of Amhara venomous hatred for others that Meles was against. Now the oromos clearly understand who their real enemy is. Whose version of Ethiopia is gonna survive? Does attacking and hating everything Oromo gonna help Ethiopia? I don’t think so. Oromos should never ally themselves with enemies like this. This are the same people who tried to wipe out our people, Hawzen being one example. The oppressed people of Ethiopia under previous Amhara regimes will never allow racist Amharas like we see here to again come back to power. Oromos have only themselves to blame for trying to nice to the Amharas. The Amharas have never shown any compromise when it comes to Oromo interest. Look how they want to remove Oromia region and the Latin alphabet. Will the Oromos allow such a stupid idea of the Amhara to happen? One thing is very clear: the Ethiopian nations and nationalities will neve go back to the old discriminatory days of the Amhara.

  47. My fellow ETHIOPIANS!
    We shouldn’t accept Oromos as Ethiopians and let them disappear. Ethiopia has enough people already. I call on you wherever you are to dissociate yourself from any Oromo you know and regard them as enemies of Ethiopia. We told these ignorant people to accept the fact that they are Ethiopians and they have refused. So we don’t need them. Why should we? For what benefit. When I hear that tens of thousands of them are going to Yemen every month I feel very happy because the reduced number of Oromos means less trouble. Once they go down in their number it will be very for us to revive the Greater Ethiopia we are looking forward to. That ignorant child Jowar I hope I’ll see him one day!

    • @Getachew Reda

      You indirectly accepted the independence of Oromia;that means you are defeated. Thank you so much. You will be an ambasador of Abysinia in Oromia. Even though you hate , we love you!!!!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

      • Thank you Mr.Geta-chew. Your name really implicate the Hippocratic thinking of the neftenyas .Who’s master are you? I am glad that you are not dying hard to cling to Oromia unlike your brothers.You go back to your Gojjam and Gondar and we will enjoy our Democratic Republic Of Ormia,DRO.

  48. jawar said that he is an oromo first, and said that ethiopianism was imposed on him. He did not even say he is an Ethiopian second or third or fifth. That means he is not an Ethiopian at all or does not believe that he is an Ethiopian.
    jawar no body imposed ethiopiawinet on you. To find the truth, we have to look back and see what were your fathers doing in Ethiopia to Ethiopia. Ask your fathers again and listen to them or find stories what they did to became Ethiopian.
    When your fathers raped Ethiopia to the east as far as Harar and beyond, Ethiopia gave birth to you and you became Ethiopian.
    When your fathers raped Ethiopia to the west as far as Sudan, and she gave birth to you, you became Ethiopian.
    When your fathers raped Ethiopia to the north as far as axum and she gave birth to you, you became Ethiopian.
    When you fathers went as far as Gonder and mingled with the Gonder princess and they gave birth to you, you became Ethiopian.
    When your fathers came and slice Ethiopia in to numerous pieces and they live among Ethiopians and intermarried with them and gave birth to you, you became Ethiopian.
    Your fathers raped Ethiopia in such a way that divorce is not only impossible but also unthinkable.

    If your fathers have an idea to become non-Ethiopian, they would establish oromia somewhere, somewhere where they came from, instead of migrating as far as axum. What the hell they went as far as axum if they were non-Ethiopians? In fact your fathers had no clue about a country other than looting cattle and massacring Ethiopian men, taking and marring, as many women as possible to multiply like a rat. Jawar himself said on ESAT that his grand father has too many wives that they gave birth three kids per year. Imagine how they out numbered us. They are like invasive species.

    About name, I have one experience. I believe it was when I was grade 2 and we were registering. We had class meet and her father name was “matotu” and that is Amara name. The teacher asked, “What is it mean?” The girl answered, “I don’t know.” The teacher asked her if she wanted her father name to be changed. The student politely refused and she got registered in her real father name. No student also knows the meaning that name. So it was not targeting other languages but it was the urban population and the teachers who were trying to make the names of students more comfortable for them and think that will be also comfortable for the students too. In America, I have a friend who has a long name and he always use its short form to introduce himself to Americans because if he used his whole first name, hours may pass to teach how it has to be pronounced.

    About language, learn to speak any language is always an asset and never be a liability. We are learning and communicating in English now, not because the Anglo-Saxons came and forced us but because we believe that speaking English is beneficial for ourselves. And Amaras never discriminate based on language. If Amaras were as bad as jawar and others are said, probably there would be only a few languages in Ethiopia by now. Amaras never ban another people’s culture and language or religion. The fact is learning Amharic enables to communicate with different ethnic groups of the country. If we ban Amharic, our representatives in the parliament will need interpreters to communicate each other as if they came from other foreign countries. And that will not be productive for sure. Other concerns will be solved after the power transfer to the Ethiopian people from woyane looters. After that the majorities can decide by respecting the rights of the minorities.

    Ok, for jawar and his friends who deny your ethiopianism, you and us have to find some documents, may be in the church or in mosque where we can find some records about from where you came and we will help you as a brother to establish your non-Ethiopian identity their. I know how you hate the church, but it is where we can find some records about you, not anywhere else. Ethiopian oromos will fight with other Ethiopian brothers to create and live in a free, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia.
    Peace, freedom and democracy for all of us, ETHIOPIANS!!

    • How do you expect Jawar to be an Ethiopian while he is evicted from Ethiopia for being an Oromo. Donot forget that there are millions of similar Oromos!!!!!!!!!1

  49. Message to all Ethiopians:

    You have all fallen into the trap of Arabic Islam and Egypt. I used to admire Jawar very much. I even thought of he can one day become Ethiopian prime minister. But this interview destroyed his image. How can a PHD candidate or holder think this narrow? This is not good for Ethiopians including himself.

    There is no country that did not have problem; Every country has a problem of its own. I have lived in many countries and I have seen much more bad history than the one in Ethiopia. There is nothing different about the oromo people in Ethiopia. All Ethiopians were oppressed regardless ethnic or race or colour or religion. This happens everywhere because we are human like everyone.

    Aljezira is an Islamic media that works under democracy camouflage. They do not care about oromo or anybody. They care about their Arabic version islam which they would like to promote in Ethiopia which fear of its long held Christianity.

    You know what I mean. We have no problem with Ethiopian muslims; but we have problem with Arab muslims because they do not believe in coexistence with other religions. The Jawar is at Aljezira as condom. They want to use him as condom to promote their Arabic Islamic agenda and to protect Egypt from Ethiopia using the Nile. They want to make Ethiopians to kill each other and the Nile can flow as usual and they will enjoy Ethiopians fighting each and killing each other.

    While Aljizera does not gives news how black people are treated in Arab countries? Somalia has been without government now for 23 years? why the Arab muslims do not help them? Are they not muslims? Do not they deserve help? Why are now interested on Oromo? I am laughing Jawar is the first victim of himself.

    What Jawar is doing does not benefit anyone. Whether we like it or not the Oromos will be in Ethiopia forever and the amharas will be there and the rest will be there. No Arab conspiracy will separate our people. We are bound by blood.

    And in the 21 century what Jawar is doing is not relevant; it does not matter about ethnic or religion or where someone came from. It is irrevelant. Jawar is behind time; He is not what I thought before. No one will benefit by war in Ethiopia after now; we have seen war ourselves; we have seen it; May be Jawar never saw it. But never mind about jawar, but please please stop talking about oromo because of one person. Oromos are about 40 million people and it is 100% wrong to put 40 million people in one Jawar black box. It is unfair to the oromo people who love their country. You lumping them with one person. I assure you that you are all wrong.

    Please stop talking about oromo or amhara or tigrie or … it is not important for any of us. We are human being ;we all mortal being. We are the sons and daughters of Noah; It does not matter where came from. Jawar has made a mistake for becoming an Arab victim. Let Aljizera help Somalians muslims and let them give freedom for their women in Suadi Arabia where women are not still allowed to study computer science or engineering or not allowed to drive cars. We do not Arab to teach about Oromo freedom. We all need freedom regardless ethnic or religion or race or colour. Let the Arabs or Egypt free themselves from primitivity before thinking of oromos.

    Please do not fall on the trap of Egypt; We want a strong and prosperous Ethiopia; We do not need anyone to tells about our problem we know.

    About history? the Ethiopian history has been there for 40 000 years written history from time immomerial; Ethiopian history is not written by amhara. No, it is wrong; Ethiopia has nothing to do with amhara ruling. it has been there. The name Ethiopia is mentioned more than 40 times in the bible. There is oromo or amhara or tigrie in the bible. It is Ethiopia. You can not destroy this name because you do not like it. If you problem with the name? do scientific study and do argument. Stop faking up our history just because u do not like it. Respect what is written please. Do not try to rewrite history. Of course you can disprove history if you have hard fact. Otherwise, tereret is not good.

    Besides, this days there is science to solve any problem of dispute. Using DNA dating and Mapping Technology it is now possible who was living in Ethiopia even 1 million years ago. It is possible now to find where Amahra came from. It is now possible to find out where oromos came from. It is possible to know now where tigreans came from. you do not need war anymore to prove claims. you use science to prove things. Your DNA has all the information where you came from and who you are. You can not anymore write history on Wikipedia and claim this is my history. No it is incorruptible and written on your personal DNA. Do not even waste your time from now on disputing anything. You only need one person from oromo or amhara or tigrie to prove who lived longer in Ethiopia. No need war anymore. you DNA has layers of information about where you came from and what your ancestors were eating and what works they were doing. Everything is there and no more faking things. No amhara or tigire or oromo can fake history anymore. Please focus on the Nile Dam now.

    It seems Egypt knew the weak link among Ethiopians. Stop being taken for a ride by Arabs. Be smart men. They have destroyed our country by civil war and they want to continue that. Jawar please becareful and you need to see the future Ethiopia and do not be a condom of Arab. Even if you are muslim, they do not like because of your colour. Do not be victim of your enemies.

  50. Correction:

    There is no amhara or oromo or tigrie in the bible ; The bible mentions Ethiopia more than 40 times and in the bible it includes Nubia as part of Ethiopia including today’s Egypt. Recent dating findings shows Ethiopians where those who lived in today’s Egypt which refers to Oromo. Are there Oromo or Amhara now in Egypt? no, they were killed and evicted by Arab invaders in the 7th century. I am not racist; I love all human but I hate narrow nationalism, narrow religion. The Arabs has no history in Africa than in the Arab desert. They conquered today’s Egypt , Libya, Sudan which was under Ethiopian hegemony. They are the enemies of the Oromos in particular and Ethiopians in general. Do not be fooled;

    • Do you think every nation living in these world today is mentioned in Bible?
      People and nations evolve through time to develop into their present nationhood. For instance the present day Anglo-saxon forming in UK migrated from around the current Germany and Denmark during the 3rd and 4th century. Today they are in completely different history and path with those people left around. Things go further and the present day youngsters in UK feel more England, Wales, Scotland while the elders prefers to be called “from UK”. So nothing is stagnant through time; the global sociopolitical dynamics, the historical path, economic interests keep defining the aspiration of any nation!

  51. ****የአስመሳይ ሌባ አሳለለፍና ተግባር ከእየብሔሩ ለምስክርነት የተወሰደ የወሮበላ አሠላለፍና ተግባር…..!
    ዳዊት ከበደ… ከትግራይ >>>>>አውራአምባ ድረገፅ…ተቃዋሚ መሰል ቀፋይ~
    ቢኒያም ከበደ…. ኦሮሞ>>>>>>ኢትዮጵያ ፈርስት ድረገፅ…የኢህአዴግ ሀብታም ቅጥረኛ~
    ንጉሴ ወለደማርያም…. ከንባታ>>>>ሀገርፍቅር ሬዲዮ የህወአት ድምፅ~
    መልስ ዜማዊ ….ኤርትራዊ>>>>>የብሔር ብሔረሰብ ፅሑፍ ደራሲና ‘የአብዮታዊ ዴሞክራሲ’ ሙዚቃ አቀነባባሪ፡~
    ጃዋር መሃመድ..የኦሮሞ እስላም>>>>ኦሮሞ ፈርስት አስገንጣይ አክቲቪስት~
    በረከት ስምኦን….ኤርትራዊ>>>>የአማራ ወካይና አስፈራሪ~
    አዜብ መስፍን ጎላ …የሱዳን ወልቃይት ጠገዴ>>>>ህወአት የኢፈርት ጠ/አዛዥ በአዲስአባባ ፫ኛ ከንቲባ
    **ይድረስ በወያኔ ተረግዛችሁ! ተወልዳችሁ! ያደጋችሁ! ጤባ፣ ፋራ፣ አድርባይ፣ ሆድአደር፣ ባላችሁበት ይህ ዓይነት የማጭበርበር አሰላለፍ ለራሳችሁም ለቤተሰባችሁም ሀገር ለምትሉት ግን ለበታተናችሁት አይጠቅምም! እላለሁ ይዛችሁት ሳይሆን ጥላችሁት እንኳ ላትሄዱት ይቺን ብርቅና ድንቅ የተባረከች ሀገረ ኢትዮጵያ በቁማችሁ አጨማልቃችሁት ሞታችሁም አፈሩን አትበክሉ ተቃጠሉ! ብነኑ! ጥቁር ውሻ ውለዱ! ዘራችሁ ይመተር አሜን በለው!

  52. ሁላችሁም የወያኔን የመቶ አመት የቤት ስራ በደንብ ጠንቅቃችሁ እየሰራችሁ ነው ወያኔ ከጫካ ይዞት የመጣው አላማ መጀመሪያ አማራን ማዳከም ማጥፋት ነው ለስልጣኑ ኢትዮጽያን የመበታተን አላማውን ለማሳካት የአማራ ብሄር ስጋት ስለሆነ ምክንያቱም አማራ በኢትዮጽያ አንድነት እንደማይደራደር ስለሚያውቅ የፈጣሪው የኢሳያስን ትእዛዝ ለማሳካት አማራ መዳከም አለበት ሌላው ተከባብሮና ተጋብቶ ተዋልዶ ከኖረው የኦሮም ህዝብ ጋር አማራን ማባላት ሁለቱ በህዝብ ብዛትም በተሰሚነትም ላቅ ያሉት ብሄሮች እርስ በእርስ ሲባሉ ወያኔ የራሱን አላማ ያሳካል ይህንን በአጭሩ ለመረዳት ወያኔ የጻፈው የቡርቃ ዝምታ መጽሀፍ ትልቅ ማስረጃ ነው በሌለው በሬወለደ ታሪክ አማራና ኦሮሞን እያጨፋጨፈ ለመኖር የጻፈው ነው እውነት ቢሆን እንኩዋን በግዜው የነበረ ባለስልጣን ይጠየቅበታል እንጂ በቦታው የሌለውን ይህን ምስኪን ትውልድ በተጨማሪ ጥቂት ግለሰብ ለሰራው ድርጊት አንድን ብሄር በጠቅላላ ተጠያቂ ማድረግ አለማወቅ ሳይሆን ሆን ተብሎ የተቀናበረ ሴራ ነው እንደዚ ከሆነ ደሞ ወያኔ በየአጥር ጥጉ ለገደላቸው ላሳፈናቸው ላፈናቀላቸው በአዲስ አበባ በጠራራ ጸሀይ ለገደላቸው ወጣት ህጻናት በሙሉ ንጽህ የሆነው እና የነሱ አፈና ሰለባ የሆነው የትግራይ ወገኔ ነገ ደሞ እንደአማረ ወገኔ ተጠያቂ ሊሆን ሊንገላታ ነው ማለት ነው እባካችሁ ከኛበፊት የነበረው ህዝብ ቢያንስ እንደኛ የመማር እድል እንኩዋን ያላገኘ ህዝብ ነው እኛ ደሞ ተማርን ብለን ሀገራችንን በአንድነት የበሄረሰብ መበት አስከብረን የተሻለች እናድርጋት በአንድ የወያኔ ባንዳ መረብ ውስጥ ወድቀን የነሱ መሳቂያ አንሁን የመቶ አመት የቤት ስራ ለአማራና ለኦሮሞ ሰጠነው ብለው ከዳር ቆመው እየሳቁብን ነው እብካችሁ ከወጥመዱ አፈትልኩ ይችን ሀገር አዱኑዋት ኢትዮጽያ አንኩዋን ለኛ ለማንም ስደተኛ መጠለያ ለሁሉ የምትተርፍ የበረከት ሀገር ናት ልጆችዋ እንታደጋት ኢትዮጽያ ለዘላላም ትኑር

  53. I cursed the day Ethiopian enters my country oromia they know nothing abount human value respect for others down with Ethiopia oromia for ever God willing one day we will get ride of those ignorant ethiopianis

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