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ዋ! አንቺ የሳውዲ ምድር !.ዋ! አንቺ የሳውዲ ምድር

በ የንጎቻው 

ዋ! አንቺ የሳውዲ ምድር !

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2 Comments for “ዋ! አንቺ የሳውዲ ምድር !.ዋ! አንቺ የሳውዲ ምድር”

  1. I request the Ethiopian governemnt to return the citizen from the war zone in Saudi Arabia. This is a well designed plan by Egypt to create havoc in our country. We must unite, raise money now and bring our people home. Also, the entire nation must go out from thier home and demonstrate against the genocidal Arabs. Revenge is not necessary at this stage. If revenge is needed, it must be systematically , not outright direct revenge.


    1. Bring back our citizens urgently

    2. mobilize Ethiopians outside and inside , unite the people so that we show them we will not fall into their trap.

    3. This is a design by Arab Islam to destabilize Ethiopian by killing our people.

    4. Raise money for the victims.

    I opposed the shipping of Ethiopians to those barbaric Arabs from the beginning. Prevention is better than cure. Becaus you are poor you do not jump into fire. That is what Ethiopians have been doing so far. Man cannot leave by bread alone. the world is not a random object.

    The government must mobilize our people regardless politics, religion ,race or ethnic or colour and become one against the evils and infidels. This is the right time to unite and become stronger. The government must set up an account to raise money for the returnee. Or Ethiopians must organize wherever they are and raise money for the victims. Protest will not help for the returnees.

    We must raise the money and the governemnt must return our citizens immediately. The government must allow every Ethiopians to go back including opposition. This is a time to forgive each other when an enemy try to destroy us. Ethiopians do not fall into this trap of Arab or Egypt. They planned this to stop the development in Ethiopia. Why they did this? they did this so that citizens can become angry and Ethiopians can start killing each other becasue of what they are doing.

  2. collect money from ethiopians all over the world
    and make them back…solution

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