Amnesty International has lost Credibility: Donors and Concerned Ethiopians Should Demand Amnesty  to Investigate the East African  Reporters for Selective and Biased Reporting!

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By Belayneh Abate

On May 29, 2020, Amnesty International (AI) reported that the security forces of the  Ethiopian  People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF) committed rape, extrajudicial executions, homes set alight in security operations. [1]

It is not surprising to hear these kinds of gruesome reports for everyone who has been following the horrific human rights records of EPRDF for three decades. The surprising and  shocking development is Amnesty International’s selective, partial and biased reporting on human rights abuses in Ethiopia. It is painful to read this selective, and partial human rights report.

As an independent humanitarian organization,  AI was expected to deliver unbiased and objective report on human rights abuse of all Ethiopians. However, AI  reported crimes committed on certain groups of Ethiopians, and turned deaf ears and blind eyes to the despicable crimes committed on others. Just to mention  a few, AI has miserably failed to report on the following crimes that include ethnic cleansing.

Amnesty Internal has ignored:

  1. the abducted university students despite the cries of the Ethiopians,  and the reports of the international media [2-4]
  2.  the 86 peoples killed in the region ruled by the ethnic party of Abiy Ahmed [5, 6]
  3. the three million displaced people (majority Amaras and Gedios) from the regions where AI’s biased report focuses around [7,8]
  4. the inhumane treatment of Amaras, Gurages, Argobas, Somalis and other ethnic groups in Harara,  Diredwa and other cities and localities in the  Eastern, Southern and Central parts of Ethiopia [9]
  5. the plight of the Wolayita, Amaras and other ethnic groups in Sidamo. [10]
  6. the brutal displacement of citizens from the city of Addis Ababa and its outskirts [11]
  7. the eviction of Amara students from the universities and colleges located in the West, South West, South and Eastern parts of the country [12-14]

As a result of its selective and biased investigation and reporting, AI has lost its credibility.  Donors and concerned Ethiopians should demand Amnesty International to investigate the East African  reporters for selective and biased reporting! Thank you.

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  1. AI didn’t know about these events we missed at the time when our report came out, we are working from home due to Covid-19.

    We truly apologize for reporting this incomplete report.

  2. ምን ጊዜም ቢሆን ቅድሚያ ለንግዳቸው. እና ወደላይ አቤት-አቤት ወደ ታች ግን አይንህን ላፈር ናቸው……………!!

  3. Yes, AI also forgot or deliberately excluded the over 200 Gumuz people massacred in Matakal on the border of Beni Shangul and Amhara states.

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