An American in Wuhan Dies of the Virus

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The death appeared to be the first of a U.S. citizen from the disease and prompted further questions about Beijing’s handling of the outbreak.


Eighty-six more deaths from the coronavirus were reported in China, pushing the toll past 700.

A United States citizen has died from the new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, in what appeared to be the first death of an American from the outbreak

Another Japanese citizen has also been diagnosed with the coronavirus, the authorities said on Saturday. A man in his 20s, among 198 people who returned from Wuhan by government-sponsored charter plane to Tokyo on Friday, was said to have tested positive for the virus and been hospitalized.

The Health Ministry said that the man had exhibited no symptoms when he boarded the flight in Wuhan, but was running a fever by the time he landed and had developed a mild case of pneumonia.

Few details about the American, who died on Thursday, were immediately available. The person was around 60 years old and died at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, according to the United States Embassy in Beijing. Two people familiar with the matter said the person was a woman and had underlying health conditions.

“We offer our sincerest condolences to the family on their loss,” said a spokesman for the embassy. “Out of respect for the family’s privacy, we have no further comment.”

Japan said on Saturday that one of its citizens had died in a Wuhan hospital, from what was suspected to be a case of the coronavirus. But the Japanese Foreign Ministry said that based on information it had received from the Chinese authorities, it could not confirm whether the man, who was in his 60s, had been infected. The ministry said the cause of death was viral pneumonia.

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A lawyer who had provided a rare glimpse into the dire conditions in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, has gone missing, his friends say, expressing fear for his safety.

The lawyer, Chen Qiushi, who is based in Beijing, had been reporting from Wuhan since the city went into lockdown last month as the authorities scrambled to contain the virus.



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