Attempting to Oromize Ethiopia Who is going to tell the Truth?

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By Belay Zeleke

The killing of Hachalu Hundessa was tragic and may God rest his soul. There is no doubt that he was a voice for Oromo people, however some of his lyrics were not about a united Ethiopia. It was not to build an Ethiopia united rather his lyrics included Xenophobic anti Amhara anti non-Oromo pieces which I believe is one of the driving forces behind the ethnic cleansing that is happening right now. In his last interview he said that “Neftegnas are and have always been our enemy”. He also claimed “ Abiy is a pure Oromo…”  For the latter I ask what is a pure anything, I take that to mean there are un-pure or tainted Oromo? How about non-Oromos?? For the former: Neftegena is a code word for Amharas and can then be transferred to other non Oromo people (Gurage, Gamo, Tigre, Dawro, Walayita …) either by association or blind xenophobic rage. So before we lionize someone as representing Ethiopia we need to speak the truth. Otherwise we will go down the same road we are today. It is tragic that he was assassinated, allegedly by extremist Oromo groups such as: (OLF, Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Elements in the OFC and others).

This is a tragic struggle for Power between Abiy and other Oromo exteremists. This has nothing to do with Eskinder, Balderas, Asrat media, ANM and other Ethiopiawi forces. Ethiopiawi forces are ideologically different from Abiy/PP and extremist Oromos. On the other hand Abiy/PP and extremist Oromos don’t necessarily have an ideological difference amongst themselves. Rather they likely have a tactical difference on how to Oromize Ethiopia.

Let me remind the readers: Where was Abiy when Jawar’s group and OLF were inciting ethnic cleansing for the past 2 years

1) Primarily broadcasted on OMN 5 Oromo parties later including Abiy’s OPDO claiming Addis Abeba belongs to them. In other words non-Oromos may live there as second class people long as Oromos allow it. Is AA a grazing ground?

2) Jawar and OFC telling Oromos to go take Debre Libanos because it belongs to them

3) OLF and OPDO elements displacing millions of Gedeo and killing hundreds.

4) Jawar inciting Qero to go on a rampage due to which over 86 innoncent people mostly Orthodox Christians and mostly non-Oromo speakers were savagely killed. Some almost decapitated. Where was Abiy’s and Shimeles’s tears.

5) Oromo extremists displacing and kicking people out from Legetafo as well as other cities in the so-called Oromia for the past 2 years.

6) The Burayo ethnic cleansing by extremist Oromos and allegedly incited by Jawar and OLF. Where was Abiy’s and Shimeles’s tears.

So my suggestion is that we need to speak the truth and ignore opportunist Professors, Drs. and PhDs who write long-winded articles. I am a mere ተራperson no PhD, or Dr or political party. I am not a fan of any leader because we are not talking about a football game. I like most Ethiopians am fan of principle, in other words do you do as you say or not. Abiy talks a good game, puts on uniforms and appears to have a great talent at presentation. I support his action against OLF Jawar and the Oromo extremists. I do not support trying to falsely equate that by arresting Eskinder and the other Ethiopiawi forces. Unfortunately Abiy has surrounded himself either knowingly or unknowingly (I think knowingly) mostly with (YES MEN, YES BOSS) those that boost him and his ego. This is no different than most leaders but those leaders are destined to fall under their own weight. I do not wish that on our Ethiopia I hope and pray that this doesn’t happen as there is still a chance.

Abiy is a PM he is a leader and needs to put on big boy pants. I recently read something from a professor writing about the current situation and says አይዞህAbiy (it will be OK). አይዞህis what we use when we talk to our kids and want to reassure them or to a family member when they are not well, not when discussing a matter of a countries unity to a leader of a country for goodness sake. This is the low that some of our so-called Ethiopian intellectuals have come to when we become candle holders for our leaders.

My suggestion from a nobody.

1)  Abiy should immediately remove elements within his cabinet and advisory group that are clearly ethnically motivated (e.g. Lencho Batti)
2)  Add to his advisory group and the Attorney General’s office Ethiopiawi forces like Shaleka Dawit, General Chemeda and many others. They are right there in the country he knows who they are
3)  Free the innocent political prisoners like Eskinder, Eng. Yilekal and others
4)  Forcefully prosecute OLF, Jawar, OMN, TPLF and the other extremeist groups. Do this honestly not by trying to include ANM or Asrat media.
5)  Include the former armed forces personnel in the current Army as trainers and advisors with clear power and responsibility and authority
6)  Remove Article 39 from the constitution under the reason that it is a danger and a national security threat to the unity of Ethiopia


This all my simple mind can think of right now. To those that are blindly supporting Abiy no matter what he does your political party may be next (Ezema). There is a choice and the choice is to tell him the truth and provide alternative approaches.

Our way out is ETHIOPIAWINET not backdoor Oromization

መዝ. ዳ. ፷፯.፴፩”ኢትዮጵያታበጽሕእደዊሃኀበእግዚአብሔር”
Psalm 68:31   “ Ethiopias hand shall stretch forth and be presented unto God ”



  1. Oh boy! I thought Mimi Sibhatu’s ( ያቺ ሸራፋ ጋን) charcterisation was out of hatred. I was wrong. Her outright calling of Amharas as “retarded” was after all not without a reason. A person who writes and thinks like the author above can not be characterized otherwise! He is writing that no one is an Ethiopian other than Amhara.
    የራስን ድድብና አደባባይ ከማውጣት ዝም ብሎ የዩትዩብ ወሬ ቢለቃቅሙ አይሻልም ነበር??? ዘሃበሻስ ከእርሱ የተሻሉ ኤዲተሮች የሉትም??

  2. First and foremost Hachalu Hundessa was a talented Ethiopian musician in the same league as Teddy Afro and the rest. Hachalu as organic an Ethiopian as they come. There is nothing wrong of being a proud oromo and a proud Ethiopian. They are one and the same. So it’s not fair to refer to him only as Oromo singer. He is much much more than that. Is Teddy Afro an /oromo/Amhara singer or an Ethiopian singer? What’s Oromize Ethiopia mean any way? as if Ormos are new to Ethiopian society? How about Aboune Petros our martyr bishop, executed on 29 July 1936 by the Italian occupation forces in Ethiopia for publicly condemning colonialism, invasion and massacre. Was Aboune Petros may have been oromo but died for all us for Ethiopia. So would you say Aboune Petros was an oromo papas? How about Abba Jifar of Jimma, ሻምበል አበበ ቢቂላ Abebe Bikila Demissie an Ethiopian hero marathon runner who was a back-to-back Olympic marathon champion and the first African Olympic gold medallist? And Abiy Ahmed Ali prime Prime Minister of Ethiopia and Nobel Peace Prize winner? Ali Birra – Artist, Tilahun Gessesse, Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin – Waqo Gutu, Yadesa Bojia – Graphic Designer and Artist, Liben Eabisa founder of Tadias Magazine, Almaz Ayana – Derartu Tulu, Fatuma Roba – Feyisa Lilesa – Girma Wolde-Giorgis – Governor, Gobana Dacche – HabteGiyorgis Dinagde Botera – Governor, Haile Fida– Hero, Kenenisa Bekele, Lemma Megersa , Tadesse Birru – Hero Tirunesh Dibaba many, many more.

    Hachalu was only five years old when the TPLF took power and he was barely a teenager when the TPLF locked him up in prison for five years. Unlike you he refused to go to exile used his musical talent instead to motivate people to keep hope alive for freedom. So do you blame him for reflecting in his songs his upbringing the only world he knows, which was oppression. Hachalu is an Ethiopian hero people of all ethnic groups love his songs and dance to them all the time like they do to Teddy Afro’s music.

    There is nothing wrong of being a proud oromo and a proud Ethiopian if that’s what Oromize mean. They are one and the same.

    STOP the hate.

  3. Belay Zeleke,

    Hachalu was a member of favorite “Down Down Woyane” generation. used to love them then and still love them now, except that now they have been completely hijacked by demented street gangs, losers and hooligans like Jawar. Hachalu is a whole different breed. I don’t speak a word of Ormoigna, although I grew up in Addis Ababa and have oromo in laws and relatives, but I have been mesmerized by Hachalu’s music for several years. He was a woke, socially conscious and endowed with a very beautiful voice and looks to match and quite a man of romance and seductive expresser of fondness and love in passionate and affectionate vocabulary that’s hard to refuse. It’s heart breaking that he died this way. Did you know that Hachalu learned how to compose songs when he was in prison and that he wrote nine songs while behind bars. He always said he was just an artist. “Singing about what my people are going through doesn’t make me a politician.” Will always love him miss him! Great man! Wonderful human being. A fantastic father and the best husband . May he rest in peace.

  4. Abiy Ahmed had no other choice but to become a Prime Minister to survive, some of the many reasons why he became a PM , I list below.

    1. His wife was living in exile with his children, he knew he can gather his wife and children to live with him by becoming a Prime Minister. He just builds peacocks , he plants flowers , he go around clowning across the globe so he impresses his wife and kids, his failure as a Prime Minister is ridiculous but he thinks he succeeded because he got his wife and children living with him.

    2. He was in neck deep committing crimes with EPRDF, as an INSA spy snitching at first to Lemma Megerssa against Oromos Amara’s next he even passed Lemma and started snitching directly to Gerachew Assefa while working for TPLF as a spy, Abiy even was the only spy who caused a little friction between Meles and Getachew because of the clumsy spy work Abiy performed , even Meles and Getachew were for the first time arguing because of Abiy , that’s when Abiy for the first time felt threatened because until then he thought he was Getachew’s and Meles’s right handman. After that clumsy work Abiy did get scared sent his wife to exile right away and Abiy became a psychopath a man of no substance just to survive , his wife was active in the propoganda media agaunst TPLF almost as big as Jawar was with the anti TPLF pripoganda at the time. She even became involved with ESAT

    3. Then when TPLF decided to go to Tigrai because they didn’t want to look like Derg who killed fifty thousand during the red terror when they killed five thousand querro fano… When TPLF admitted for their record that was too much numbers bad enough for TPLF because they found themselves same as DERG with the rates they were killing each day ,then Abiy was afraid without TPLF in power he would get killed or imprisoned so he resorted to become a Prime Minister by cutting a deal with TPLF just for his safety and for TPLF’s safety. (ABIY DOES NOT MIND IF SAFETY OF ETHIOPIANS IS JEOPARDIZED HERE AND THERE AS LONG AS HE DOESNOT LOOK AS BAD AS TPLF OR AS BAD AS DERG) . He doesn’t order his security apparatus to shoot Ethiopians if he sees Ethiopians getting mutilated, He wants to not be held responsible by amnesty , human rights watch… because he wants to keep his record better than the red terror or the TPLF’s. Balderas and Amara National Movement are threat s for him by reporting what is going to the international powers so he wants to silence them .

    Abiy Ahmed would give up his job as a Prime Minister to whoever if only he doesn’t get prosecuted for his crimes working for TPLF. He doesn’t care how good of a job or how bad of a job he is doing as a Prime Meinister because his reason for being a Prime Minister is not about that . To make matters worse he presented himself as the main target , close to three hundred people lost their lives and he wants to say to the world is he was the main victim and fouled civil war by just three hundred casuallities. There was no civil war attempt or coup attempt , all there was is a Prime Minister holding the government apparently apparatus hostage to save his own skin, repeatedly failing to keep peace and order at the expense of poor vulnerable unsuspecting innocent Ethiopians lives.

  5. In the last week since Hichalu was murdered more than 200 innocent lives were also lost as a result of violence caused by extremist fascist oromo groups. There is a bloody power struggle between these groups which are splintered into several factions,.
    Abiy Ahmad has been laying red carpet and using Aba gedda mediators protect ‘ oromo unity’to bring them into his fold, when they repeatedly defied the law by killing innocent citizen s, looting , displacing and murdering people. Now they have turned against him., he seemed to have realised the danger to his own life.
    When you do not maintain Justice and peace, you yourself become the target of extremists and fascists who do not have any regard for peace or justice. This is what Abiy Ahmad should learn.

  6. Mentesinot,

    ቲሽ ነህ አንተ፤ የምትንኳኳ ባዶ ኦና። አንተን መልስ ለመስጠት የተዘጋጀ የሚመስል የግጥም poetry ቪዺዬ

  7. This article show the mentality of some narrow minded people who still live illusion and think that the melilik and Hallie Selassie era still isn’t over and will return.. Ethiopia can not exist with out article 39 , abolishing that article is the destruction of entire Ethiopian nation….

  8. This article show the mentality of some narrow minded people who still live illusion. Ethiopia can not exist with out article 39 , abolishing that article is the destruction of the entire Ethiopian nation..

  9. Oh boy oh boy. this author calls others as” extremists” while himself sounds or suggests exactly of what’s haccusing others. . One should better look himself into the before doing or saying anything.. you can’t have both ways.

  10. Indeed a product of simple mind (you said it to yourself). Our present interest is to dismantle the fascist empire, not to Oromize it.

  11. This article show the mentality of some narrow minded people who still live illusion. Ethiopia can not exist with out article 39 , abolishing that article is the destruction of the entire Ethiopian nation..

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