Aung San Suu Kyi and Abiy Ahmed are Tested !!!!!

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Aung San Suu Kyi and Abiy Ahmed

By Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopians are calling for a protest rally at Oslo, Norway to hold accountable Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led government for the last month ethnically and religiously motivated killing of 86 innocent lives instigated by Jawar Mohammed that is living in 150K Bir rented apt under government protection.
Some suggest it is unpatriotic to stage protest while Abiy Ahmed is coming to receive his Nobel Peace for 2019 because the price is for ” Ethiopia” historical First and even insulting the protesters as “Jealous”.
Nobel Peace winning is not shielding anyone from accountability. In fact, the bar for character and integrity will even be higher.
Former Nobel winner Aung San Suu Kyi is going to Hague, Netherland to defend her government at International Court Of Justice Dec.10, the same day Abiy Ahmed is to make a speech on his tainted Nobel some call it  “Bloody Nobel”.
Suu Kyi and Abiy Ahmed both are Nobel Peace winners, the former will be in court to defend her government charges against the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims and Abiy will face protesters calling for him and his regime accountability.
The supporters of Suu Kyi are rallying in defense of her while Abiy Ahmed supporters in the Diaspora are accusing those who organized the protest as unpatriotic. Both supporters lost the meaning of Nobel Peace !!!! Standing For Life Is Standing For Peace and Justice !!!!!


  1. Dear brother Tedla Asfaw,

    Sure, standing for life is standing for peace and justice. Living as authentic human is life caring also for the life of the fellow humanity around us. A human should not move away from or give a deaf ear to injustice happening to a fellow human. That is also what I learned from the society/family I have come from. Injustice against someone is injustice against everyone!

    Sure, not only the 86 dead’s and many other perished Ethiopians are justice denied but all we Ethiopians are justice denied. We all are dying/lamenting every time an Ethiopian/a humanity is extrajudicially killed.
    It is also much more unjust when we see the criminals leading normal life after committing such inhuman crimes. It is not only satanic Jawar but there are also many man-butchers such as Getachew Asefa, Sebhat Nega, etc who continue enjoying normal life after committing multitude crimes against very many Ethiopians.

    I also agree that not only the criminals but also the government bodies who failed us in all these should face justice.
    Yes, the government of Prime Minister Abey ought to make sure security of all Ethiopians. They failed us in these. They have also failed us in not bringing the criminals to justice.

    BUT BUT BUT why? WHAT WHAT WHAT could dr. Abey do given scenario wherein he is operating namely evils/annihilation agents all over Ethiopia. What would have happened if he had taken violent rather military action against every criminal every time? To me that can only hasten our death, suffrage and downfall. Such progression would hasten our collapse as a nation. The leader is looking forward sobbing/agonizing, same as you and me, due to what is happening every day to our people and us.

    Besides, as it has been revealed even Lema has deserted Abey’s team and vision. Tell me what would have happened to Ethiopia if dr. Abey would have done the same or would be purish in any way?

    Thus, I totally denounce this protest against dr. Abey! You had to organize rather a protest in his support and against Lema, Jawar, the TPLF gangs and other assassinates.

    I forbid your protest to take place and, if at all you do it to,to end in your shame, with no effect what so ever on dr. Abey and his team which endeavoring to save Ethiopia being in the midst of all kinds of evils/enemies of Ethiopia and hearing only discouraging voices like yours from distance.

    Finally I would like to say these three:
    – Please don’t hasten the downfall of Ethiopia, knowingly or otherwise.
    – Know/realize the perils and risks Ethiopia and Ethiopians at home are put in.
    – Please shut your mouth up if you don’t have any other alternative to save Ethiopia/Ethiopians!

  2. Too premature to go against him now citizens. What really needed is constructive criticism, civilty and positive engagement, not confrontational mode,endless protests quick condemnations every time we disagree and felt mad.

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