China-backed green development project launched in Addis Ababa

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A partial view of the future Orma Garage-Afenchober public recreational park to be constructed by the Addis Ababa Rivers. (Image courtesy: Riversides Development Project Office)

Ethiopia on Tuesday launched a China-backed riverside green development project that aims to create a beautiful and healthy environment in the capital city, Addis Ababa.

The Addis Ababa riverside development project in its entirety will include the development of 48 hectares of the central square, 51.3-km riverside which runs along the two biggest rivers of Addis Ababa.

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) has contracted to build the first part of the project, which is expected to be completed in mid-2020, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed affirmed his confidence in CCCC’s ability to deliver what is billed to be Ethiopia’s landmark project.

“This is my immense pleasure to be here, I’m so happy for the support. I’m sure CCCC will deliver in eight months and we will come and see it after eight months, but I personally will follow the project every single day with you guys to deliver as promised.” said Ahmed.

Speaking at the project groundbreaking ceremony, Tan Jian, Chinese ambassador to Ethiopia, said the riverside green development project showcases the multifaceted Ethiopia-China ties.

“This riverside green development project showcases your visions, ambitions and great ideas. You emphasize green development in Ethiopia, taking many initiatives including the planting of trees.”

“You work hard and fast to beautify Addis Ababa making this project a priority. You aim to boost tourism, so that both domestic and international tourists, including Chinese, will come, drink coffee, eat Injera (Ethiopia’s staple food), and taste Ethiopia culture.” said Tan.

Tan was also keen to emphasize his government’s commitment to help Ethiopia develop, without pushing the east African country to acquire more debt.

“I wish to highlight the financing from China for this project is grant, it’s not a commercial loan and will not increase your debt burden.” said Tan.

Liu Dongyuan, Deputy General Manager of CCCC First Highway Engineering Group, said once completed the Addis Ababa riverside green development project will give lots of benefits including environmental benefits.

“The Addis Ababa riverside green project aided by the Chinese government is a new type of environmentally friendly grand project, which is also a people beneficial project.”

“It will improve the image of Addis Ababa, and will have close attention of the Ethiopian and Chinese government. We will work hard on this project with careful organization, 100 percent dedication and guarantee timely completion with high quality.” said Liu.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency



  1. Public projects like this are a must. You don’t bring foreign investors to a wrecked house. Open air toilets and sewers must go. You hear news of cholera cases in the capital. In the capital!!! That is because residents lack public toilets to relieve themselves when nature calls. I remember what one of my countrymen told me. His wife is not an Ethiopian but one of those former refugees from Eastern Europe. One day they decided to go a late afternoon in the capital not far from where they were staying. While they were crossing over a bridge they decided to look down just to see what is down there. She spotted a man down there dropping his pants and relieving himself. She almost fainted at the sight. What could he do? Nature was calling and he had nowhere to go to relieve himself in a dignified way. They decided to move away fast and went back to where they were staying wondering how that man was able to go way down there. BTW, India has the same problem with the world renowned stench too much to bear. The knowledge and the technology have been already there. Septic systems need to be made available and affordable until cities and towns are equipped with efficient sewer networks.

  2. China is under way to colonize africa with various guises and projects, teaching thier language road and bridge construction, taking control of the secondhand commodities etc . YOu could find them everywhere every town and every country be it africa, eritrea, US, Canada , Antartica etc

    Their population is exeeding the limit that the land can afford to accomodate.THis is the only reason they are coming to us and going here and there devising enormous plans and projects to set thier foot in thier desired land.

  3. The Ethiopian Prime Minister, H.E. Dr. Abiy, deserves the highest compliments for this exemplary initiative that would contribute to the transformation of Addis Ababa to a city of flowers as its name clearly indicates. The Chinese Government also deserves appreciation for its magnificent support.

    I feel especially delighted by the project as I had written a letter of appreciation and appeal to H.E. the Prime Minister recommending such an action, among other positive measures required for our beloved Ethiopia.

    Kidane Alemayehu

  4. The so called project is a usual form of anesthesia given to the people to cover their eyes not to think about what the terrorist Oromo fanatic and Oromo radical Islamist mafia group of Abeye Ahmed is doing in all over parts of Ethiopia. People, when do you gone weak up and fight for your GOD GIVEN FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM? Why you all are acting that nothing is happening in Ethiopia? Is it really time to think about this kind of project or to stand up for you BIRTHRIGHT and eradicate the EVIL ACT of fanatic Oromo and radical Islamism group of Abeye Ahmed from the face of the earth and work for the security of the Citizen of Ethiopia and the Country Ethiopia?
    Do you really understand that when you give one more day for these evil fanatic Oromo and radical Islamist Oromo group Abeye Ahmed mafia group, you all digging deep down your own grave?

    It seems like you all are in a deep sleep and I don’t know when you gone wake up. You all the Ethiopians except a few courageous people who are not afraid to fight these evils are the number one reason for the evil fanatic Oromo and radical Islamist Abeye Ahmed mafia groups to dance and take away you rights slowly one at a time, and they are now started to threaten your Ortodox Tewahedo Churches and telling you what to carry to your Christian celebration for Example refer to what has happened on ‘MEKELE DAMARA DAY’, they have already told you to divide the Ortodox Religion in BEHERE BEHERESEBE EVIL IDEOLOGY and gave press conference inside of OPDO and still beaching about it in their hatred media.
    So when are you going to come out as a human being to fight back against to these evil Abeye Ahmed Mafia group. Are you still deciding to enjoy listening to their using strategically Ethiopianism bullshit theory until they fully control their goal of destroying Ethiopia and changing it in their own way?

    When do you feel the pain of who were displaced and slaughtered? Are you waiting until they displace and slaughter you? Believe me the more you give one more day for these Abeye Ahmed evil mafia group that day will come soon and you will be the victim of displacement and slaughtering.
    It is in your own hands to own your GOD GIVEN FREEDOM and stand up to destroy these evils ones and for all otherwise the more you are fooling yourself with their idea of showing you something that looks like a good thing and very charming speeches will take you to your grave. Every agenda they are giving you every time is not because they are concerned about you, but to buy time for the sake of their own success of destroying Ethiopia and create their own way.

    Stop gathering in a place to listen for those evil messengers who are doing a speech that you like to hear and stealing you attention on focusing you own freedom. Be you own person first and don’t depend on any other human because GOD gave freedom of birthright for everyone equally. You have to decide to stand up for your self and come together with those who are determined to stand for their birthright and fight back the evils. Wasting or sleeping one more day without thinking to fight for your own freedom will cost you and your children’s future life miserable.

    God bless Ethiopian people and Ethiopia!!!

  5. አዲስ አበቤዎች በአሁኑ በክቡር አቶ አብይ አህመድ አመራር ሰላም በሆነበት ዘመን ህዝብ እና ህዝብን ለማጣላት የምታወሩትን ሰምቶ ሌላ ሰው አይሳሳትላችሁም::የሃገሩ ህዝብ በሙሉ አብይን እንደግፈዋለን አዲስ አበባ ህዝብም ሊደግፈው ይገባል:: በአብይ ዘመን የሃገሩ ህዝብ በሙሉ ሰላም መሆኑን ስለተገነዘብን ለምን እኔ ወይም ሌላ የአዲስ አበባ ሰው የሃገር ሰው መሪ አልሆነም ብላችሁ ህዝብ እና ህዝብን ለማጣላት የምታወሩት ተደርሶባችሁዋል::

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  6. Ok, this is an order to all of in the Diaspora!!!! This septuagenarian is giving you all an order to watch the next athletics competition in Doha. This coming Friday Oct. 04 it will be the men’s 3,000 steeplechase final. There are 3 countrymen in the final. The next day Oct 5 it is the women’s 5,000 final. There are 3 our own angry cheetahs in it. Watch that Hawi bint Feysa!!! Men’s marathon is scheduled the same day and I am not sure how our men will hold up to that suffocating heat and humidity. Finally on the closing day it will be the men’s 10,000 meters final I am sure our men are always tough cookies to beat. Let’s all root for them and this is an order!!!


  8. Do you have a brain? I do not think so. If you had one, you would not write such a garbage. Do you know what came to my mind. The saying which goes like “…..eyeader yigemal”

  9. Ittu Aba Farda
    Diaspora D stand for devil or demon , Dooms day, many words starting with D have mostly negative connotation. Many of disporas I met are evil than amhara I know back home.
    life under western world being illtreated and abused make them demons and jealous than that lived back home in thier tiny village .

    Many are spying on thier fellow brother and sis to spoil his or her future. Some ordder the killing of innocent people living in US and Europe. Ethiopians are cursed and evilmen. I donot belive at in teh socalled ethiipianism. It is a border and indentity created by those who have a thirst for power .

    God donot create a country . It is we who divide among ourselves. We set rules to criminalize and abuse and make money. THe law inforcement is just protecting those who have power and demogogues we have seen it back home and outside.
    chauvinist oromo are you decising our fate hiding yourself being in the US appartments given to you due to your asylum claim. What a contemptible person you are ? You are a worthless and contemptible person. YOu got a borrowed nationality from western world and manage to decide the fate of future generation to come.

    I also remember you saying “I will call to FBI” are you the one who spying on people living peacefully ??

    WE donot need to islamitize ethiopia which plainly appears to be your project.

    You are all here bigots who are resposible for the massacre of innocent people by spreading hate and revengeful message .

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