Cities 0ut of the ashes: buildings, cars destroyed by Quero – Pictures

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Cities out of the ashes: buildings, cars destroyed by Quero- Pictures


  1. Thank you for these photos documenting the finger prints of Jawar and his mindless street gangs glorified version of the same old useless የሠፈር ዱርዬ criminals who belong in jail including those morons in Minnesota, London and Paris. We all saw that crazy lady and guy on you tube acting rabid dogs claiming that Ethiopia has become a ‘dangerous for Ormos? Are you fucking kidding me? The prime minister of Ethiopia is an oromo. Good then it’s hard to be criminal Jawar cult loyalist. That has nothing to do with Oromos. These people don’t represent any ethnic group but their own criminal enterprise disguised as ethnic self help. Bullshit. Sorry for my language. I’m just pissed like millions of Oromos. What has happened is disgusting. It has nothing to do with Oromo. This is about the egomaniac Jawar and his brainless rats and negative attention seeker psychos. Ethiopia media please starve them of attention because that actually empowers them. Don’t show their crazed photos but keep documenting their destruction. Dont say their ethnic nationalist because they are not. Jawar does not care about anyone but himself. In reality the vast majority of their victims are also oromos in addition to innocent Christians, Amharas and other ethnic groups. in the end the victims are all human-beings, not dogs as they were treated to be. As an oromo and a proud ETHIOPIAN this is beyond heart breaking. It’s depressing. Comon on people, let’s save Ethiopia. Let’s do it the smart way. Let’s not play into their hands. It’s tempting to repeat the maxim that there comes a time when you have to use the jet to burn down the tank. In the same token it is also true that obscenity and barbarity are the last hiding place of the pathetic looser. Any buffoon can create chaos, disorder and confusion. However, It takes brave and smart people to counter with reverse antithesis that’s contrary to the other extreme and skillfully display the other side of the coin. In other words flip the table on their behind.

  2. Do you call this protest? No!!! This was and still is an act of terrorism. Nothing else!!!
    Thank you for documenting and posting the devastation so the rest of the world can see.

  3. Building is Replaceable . What about the people in jail what about the people who are already killed .so those are not human .people are dying every mins and every day .i can’t believe people worried about burning building.this is sick

  4. Bogale Gudeta Maru

    why dont u think release Jahwar and let him give them order to stop the riot.. instead of arresting their leader and encouraging them to burn the city down without guiding light …

    sorry Bogale Gudeta Maru, u seems like u love the riot to get to Jahwar. why not make him instrument to stop the riot… now u kill him u are asking for more riot… the riot the burning was their even before Jahwar come … it is not about liking or disliking Jahwar he is the only one who can stop the riot…

  5. Anyone who lives outside Ethiopia that assists these sadistic morons should be sent back to their dream land “Oromia” so they can join their comrades on the ground to loot and kill. It is high time for Western countries to identify these war mongers who are instigating hate and crime and send them back to where they came from. The irony is,they have already ruined their country where they came from and they are working to destabilize the host country that gave them shelter. It is too late for the Oromo looters to go around and to tell a fabricated lie to the white community and beg for support in the name of the Oromo people.
    Documentation of eye witnesses, supported by still pictures as well as date stamped video of the looting and killing must be compiled with no delay. I even call to for a database to be created and document past and present killings of innocent people by these twisted souls. All the people that are killed and mutilated by these gangs must be fully accounted and documented. Being a human is not enough for these Ethnically drunk crazy crowds, they burn and kill anyone they have listed as a target way before the killing of Artist Hachalu. People must organize and fight off these people with all means. The Police and the security apparatus at least some of them are part of the conspiracy and the killings. They will not enforce the law at all. Shame on diaspora Oromos who cry foul without any supporting fact uttering “Down Down Ethiopia”. How did you get here? In What name did you apply to get an asylum? Did you fill out the form saying Oromia? Laughable! Who is behind the break in of the Oromo Network in Minnesota? Why is that Oromo is attacking another Oromo? Does that not tell you your view about Oromo politics is bankrupt? For a person with a reasonable mind, it sure does. But for those who are bloodthirsty and killers nothing makes sense. Let us fight them with all means necessary to stop their madness as one people with no ethnic, language and religion division.

  6. Bogale Gudeta Maru Thank you I agree these people are talking and acting on behalf of Oromos but they don’t really represent the Oromos all Ethiopians know, lived with intermingled with fought alongside with in the cause of our national defense. These are as you said brainwashed hooligans with a herd mentality that are being exploited and used by the few like you said by the egomaniac Jawar and his associates within and outside the country so it’s high time that we go after all of them within and outside the country and hold all of them accountable for the lives lost for the physical and mental injuries caused and for the properties damaged and have them answer and bear the full extent of the law wherever they may live thank you.

  7. Just imagine what could have happened if those who snatched away the body of that young artist’s body were successful in holding a funeral service and burial in the capital. They were asking millions to swarm into the capital for the service. Just imagine the bloodletting and wanton pillage!!! Just photocopy Mogadishu in 1991 on steroid. But also you extrapolate other possibilities from then onward. There would have been a complete breakdown of law and order that would render the government out of action. Then and then these punk rockers and Martin Luther Jr. wannabe’s would proclaim a formation of a government or call it a republic amid floods of human blood and wasteland. That is what ivy schools teach you these days, I guess. That is why I have been telling you all over the years that these are not ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘human right advocates’ but dreamers of creating personal fiefdoms. I did not see them as such without compelling evidence. I’ve had close and personal encounters with others who were just like them. You cannot start to imagine the depth of hatred they harbor against others. Their solution is the final one ala The Third Reich. Do not be deceived by their meek demeanor. You have to look and be like one of them and then just tickle them. That is how you can find out their true colors. All I can say is those innocent citizens are extremely fortunate that these bigots did not get their wishes. That gem of the colored has been spared from the wrath of demons one more time. We mourn now the death of about 230 very dear countrymen/women. But we could have been mourning the death of tens, hundreds of thousands and may be millions by now. That is not a walk in the park. And it is not funny, ok!!!!!

  8. this is like the pictutres of Allepo, Damasscus, Syria .In syria , at least the government is more or less non existent. In Ethiopia all this was going on with the local government’s direct and indirect participation. We know this because,
    there are 100s of thousands of militia trained by OPDO/ODP , there are the local police forces, army and all the government apparatus fully functional in the region. It can be stated with 100% certainty that the officials in the oromo regional administration know all about the planned genocide and destruction we see in these pictures. they just let it happen. Many people who have managed to survive the genocide have reported that the police and the officials were unresponsive , not willing to help , saying they did not have any orders from their bosses to intervene.
    These are people trained to protect the public and yet they refused to help or stop the violence, the killing and arson , while watching with their own eyes what was going on . the town is on fire, people are being slaughtered by mobs and the police / mayor says they have not received orders to save lives.
    This crime must be told in detail, in graphic detail for the world to know. Evidence must be compiled. It cannpt be ignored. JUSTICE HAS TO BE SERVED. ALL THOSE INVOLVED HAVE TO BE BROUGHT TO ANSWER FOR THEIR CRIMES.
    National day of mourning for the victims is overdue

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