Colloquium on Post-Conflict Election and Transition in Ethiopia – Online conference

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Change of Format and Venue

Thank you for your interest in our Ninth Conference which was originally planned to be held at the
Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C. We are all now witnessing that the virus is spreading. The
authorities are advising precautionary measures that includes avoiding large crowds and human contacts.
Conferences are being cancelled/postponed. Universities in many States are resorting to online lectures
and alerting their faculty and students about the problem. Hence, in the light of all these developments
we found it imprudent to hold the forthcoming colloquium in the traditional way.

We have decided to reach the speakers and the audience via video links. The Ethiopian Satellite Television
and Radio Station (ESAT, Washington) will administer the link, and transmit the presentations live.
Speakers and Sessions Chairs in the Washington D.C. area may elect to go to ESAT’s office or get
connected by video link. We shall make every effort to follow the schedule. Please be patient for any
hiccups that might occur. Below please find the penultimate program.——-Read more—–


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