Drivers of ethnic conflict in contemporary Ethiopia

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Executive summary

Over the past two years, Ethiopia has experienced both rapid political liberalisation and a surge in violent conflicts. The surge in violence is largely due to a rise in militant, competing ethnic nationalisms in the context of perceived fragility of state and party institutions. The two forces have been closely and cyclically influencing each other for decades.

Exclusivist and authoritarian political institutions since the imperial (1930–1974) and military (1974–1991) eras have played a role in the emergence and ripening of contending nationalisms in the country. Centralised but federated political institutions during the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) era have further complicated the nationalist scene by creating multiple lines of ethno-nationalist struggles in Ethiopia.——Read more – PDF


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2 Responses to Drivers of ethnic conflict in contemporary Ethiopia

  1. In Ethiopia the counter force to Ethnic conflict is Dr. Abiye Ahmed whose core value and DNA is that of UNITY in DIVERSITY.

    Whereas rest of the ledears like Jawar Mohamed and TPLF are no where near inclusiveness of whole society fabruc in Ethiopia.

    In Ethiopia, political arrangements have contributed to the emergence and
    intensification of nationalist mobilisation. During the imperial and Dergue periods,
    a classical form of nation building promoted by an authoritarian unitary state
    engendered, along with other factors, a host of ethnic nationalist movements
    against the regimes or the state itself.
    In 1991 the new ruling party, the EPRDF, remapped the Ethiopian state along ethnic
    lines, without shedding the centralist and authoritarian tendencies of the past.
    The outcome was the further proliferation and intensification of not only ethnic
    mobilisation but contending nationalisms within a tightly controlled state through a
    hierarchically organised party structure. The long-simmering ethnic dissatisfactions
    and mobilisations increasingly shook the foundations of the regime and proved
    unstoppable. They finally triggered a major shift in the institutional arrangements
    of the federal state and party system of the EPRDF (which had unknowingly long
    maintained a brittle party organisation).
    Ethnic mobilisation has reached unprecedented levels, with all sides mutually
    antagonistic and on a more or less open playing field. This is bound to lead to major
    violent conflicts. That is what is happening in Ethiopia. At a micro level, concerns
    for group worth beget intense devotion to one’s group, and that translates into
    concerns for group security, leading to the proliferation of weaponisation and
    A major entry point restoring

    Unity in Diversity is the SINCERITY of Dr. Abiye Ahmed. One man perfection ie Dr. Abiye Ahmed can transform and transcend Ethiopia as a luminating and loving country of the world. So all should join hands in support of Dr. Abiye Ahmed and pray for Divine Grace to fulfill the goal of uplifting Ethiopia.

    Nitin N Varia
    December 12, 2019 at 10:16 pm

  2. I read plausible observance by the writer and there is substance in the article. I don’t see all doomsday in the old country. Praise The Lord the pillaging is not in every locality by still has character of being happening in isolation. No matter how they tried bigots did not get what they wanted. They were on their media full throttle to start civil war between the two noble people of Oromia and Amhara but that did not materialize and it ain’t gonna happen. These hate mongers are still at it with their incendiary name calling on their Facebook podiums and other social media outlets. You see them here posting provocative comments. I just read news about the very recent meeting between foreign minister Gedu of the old country and his US counterpart Secretary of State Pompeo. I hope the foreign minister has brought up about these ghoulish bigots who are using their misplaced freedom to spread poison and hatred between these two noble people. This is not such thing as someone exercising his/her freedom of expression. It is an outright violation of The Neutrality Act.

    Ittu Aba Farda
    December 13, 2019 at 2:03 am

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