Ethiopia: An organic state or a workmanship made out of independent states?

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Ethiopia is a state organically emerged throughout history. It is  one state which has many forms of manifestations. It has many kinds of topography, people, traditions, languages and creeds. These are interwoven that make it so unique in many ways.If we look at the political aspects of the state it is still ruled by blood and iron. There  has never been the participation of the people at large in the decision making  and fate of their country. People are still subjects to their rulers. As the famous Teddy Afro once sang ” New King but same old” the  misery  continues.
During the pre EPRDF era Ethiopia had provinces, not independent states. Those provinces had governors that had a direct influence from the central government in decision making. Do we move any yard from that or are we sliding backwards ?Ethiopia had always had regional governors from time immemorial, nothing new. There was even a letter wrote by Menelik II in 1901 to Abajiffar of Jimma about the rights of citizens including the abolition of slave trade.    ” Leave the poor to live and work wherever he wishes to” was one of his admonitions in the letter.
The present day Ethiopia is presumed to be an aggregate of states similar to the former Yugoslavia. The western diplomats especially that of the USA advocate and endorse the way the constitution of Ethiopia is made and implemented. According to the constitution citizens  are no sovereign instead people are grouped into either this or that ethnic group. It means each ethnic group would have its own territory and a right to self administer to the extent of succeeding from Ethiopia. However still there are only 9 states and other states are coming soon as they are dreaming of  forming ethnically separate states.
Why do western diplomats support this  primordial form of constitution that will affect the lives of millions of poor Ethiopians no matter what ethnicity are attached to them? Maybe they are misled by continuous propaganda by separatist groups ,or they do not like our history of resisting their colonialism or prefer the nation to collapse and end up in small poor nations. The 80+ ethnic identities are not found separated like EU countries with border demarcations. Remember this country is a result of indefinite movement , migration and rising and falling of many kingdoms that has culminated in the rise of modern Ethiopia that has resisted colonial rule. There were many instances that would help the country stand as  one and its citizens united, victory of Adwa being the main one. The last 29 years has produced  fruits visible that  in every corner there is turmoil and the future looks grimmer as we have  still upheld the most explicit constitution regarding secession.
Our ancestors no matter how backward, undemocratic and poor we call them, they left us such an extended territory in the horn of Africa. Many Ethiopian fell to keep this country alive. What has happened in the last half century or so is a paramount significant politically speaking. Ethiopia has lost its stature in world politics and economy as it became the most populous land locked country in the world. Ethno-nationalist and separatist groups get the microphone and are heard louder than the traditional Ethiopianists.The country seems to decrease in size further as such practices are given green light.
My teacher in my high school days used to say ” Do not say it will not come across, think it will come”.It is very true in  nations such as ours where ethno nationalist is in power , no matter how there is silent majority there is nothing that will prevent from executing their motives. It looks now that the separatist and their affiliates are exuberant to make a state in their likeness or tear it apart completely by demolishing the social fibric that holds the country together.
The question of Ethiopian citizenship is in the balance at this very time and the non vocal opposition groups such as Ethiopia Citizens for Social Justice are in deafening silence as they are aligned with Abiy Ahmed`s administration. This party which was formed in the ashes of former opposition parties is led by the Birhanu Nega, the former chair man of Ginbot 7.When Ginbot 7 arrived back from exile in September 2018 there was ecstatic mood when there was the green yellow and red flag was hoisted in almost every village in Addis Ababa.My friend who is an Oromo nationalist could not hide his disdain when he opens his mouth to insult Addis residents. Perhaps, he was expecting an otherwise welcome to Ginbot 7.The subsequent action of Ginbot 7 and the new party which has still a shadow of it  not only left  many “Ethiopianist” to ponder about the fate of the country but also left the capital city in the fringe of  siege by ultra oromo nationalists who have extremely different outlook towards Ethiopia`s existence itself. The much aspired party which was supposed to be a savior of the country`s heavily ethnically divided  parties  bowed down to the ruling party led by Abiy Ahmed .Abiy Ahmed himself is chairman of Oromo Democratic Party.That is the irony behind the marriage of the two. Therefore, one should boldly ask ;Is the new party Ethiopia Citizens for Social Justice  free from ethnic cards? One may request clarification for the remarks made by Ginbot 7 in 2008 following the election of Barack Obama. In that remark the party believes political power should shift from the north to south part of Ethiopia explicitly telling us Amhara and Tigray should leave it to the rest.That might be the precursor for collaboration of the OPDO and citizen based politics.
Now what to do for Abiy Ahmed`s weak government and the so called loyal oppositions:
-Are they going to deconstruct the state purposely from the 3000years or so?
-Are they going to let it evolve organically?( which does not look like to be)
-Are they going to form as many ethnically pure states  by re-engineering the state hence paving the way for the demise of the nation as we know it?
-Are we going to witness an Oromized Ethiopia for the foreseeable future?
Who believes the government in Ethiopia today? The Internet is shut down and many people are dying because of their ethnic identity. Especially Amharas are the target of the QERRO mob.
On the other hand, who believes whether Mr Jawar Mohammed the Qerro mob leader is captured? Can we believe  just because this government said so? We didn’t see any footage related to this matter.
The government in today’s Ethiopia doesn’t care for all citizens’ lives. Otherwise people couldn’t be massacred and the government shuts all means of communication.
My other question is if Oromo nationalists deepest desire is formation of a new African state, why killing innocent lives brutally. There is a political platform to do their business. After they make an independent Oromo nation they could ask the other non Oromos to make their decision peacefully whether to stay or leave.
My assumption is that Oromo nationalists’ strategy to form a homogeneous Oromo nation state is impossible in a peaceful political move. This is simply due to the fact that history in its pure academic venture doesn’t favor them at all. It looks that path is avoided and waves of invasion, strife and waves of invasion is chosen. The latest sabbotage that rendered them to declare genocide on innocent Amharas living in the so called “Oromo regions” is the massacre of Hachalu Hundessa, the young Oromo nationalist singer. The whole story of what is happening in Ethiopia is given little attention as Ethiopia is gradually sinking into lawlessness as the government is much tolerant to militant groups such as TPLF, OLF,and QEERROO mob who are on the same page towards Amhara people. This is exemplified as Jawar Mohammed an American is given a green light to do the dirty job of hate by his TV OMN, on the contrary Eskinder is imprisoned countless times for  his cry of right of citizens based on the principles of democracy and human rights.
Let Ethiopia live forever

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