Ethiopia appoints Ethio Telecom privatization adviser, seeks another for licensing

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  1. France’s public own 90% of the Telecom in France and two Ethiopian business people own 10% of the Telecom in France. Same could be done in Ethiopia, 10% privately owned the rest owned by the public.

  2. Since the inception of the GERD dam, it was the idea of TPLF Banda to sell the country to Egypt.It is known the detonator will be worth a fortune when TPLF puts it on the market.Simegnew Bekele knew that there were explosives secretly burried in the foundation.

    1.TPLF for decades wad headquartered in Egypt during the derg’s time.TPLF was always influenced by Egypt to complete it’s dedebit mission.

    2. TPLF sold everything it could to foreigners, even slave maids.

    3. The TPLF Banda trained bandas that are ready to sell Ethio Telecom, Ethiopian Airlines and many more for sure will sell this dam too. when/If this dam is completed they will talk about selling the dam too. They were building the gerd dam to sell electricity to Egypt but Egypt announced it is building environmentaly friendly coal dam of its own, unlike this environmentally toxic gerd dam the world is sensitive about environment in this millennium, so TPLF now might sell the detonator to Egypt .

  3. Tigre wants floods to wipeout those people around the dam mostly the Amara as Tigres want to ethnic cleanse Amaras.In addition to ethnic cleansing, the Tigres also want Amara and Benishangul region’s fertile soil being wiped into Tigre land changing the dry desert like Tigre land into fertile arable land , all these are done by starting a major flood from when the GERD dam collapses.

  4. Ethiopia need to sell Ethiopian airlines , Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian Shipping lines and as you said above most probably even the hydroelectric dam too will be sold, so the most vulnerable citizens who are often the first to suffer do not suffer if these sell does not happen. “For instance, people who show up to their local [public] health clinic that is already only open once a week may now find that it also doesn’t have medicines, Or that school that was going to open this year to meet the needs of a particular neighborhood, it gets postponed.
    The entire economy can be thrown into paralysis. When a government can’t meet its existing debt obligations that makes it very hard to access new money. Lenders that provide this type of financing aren’t going to want to throw good money after bad. And to keep up daily operations, governments need continual access to credit. Ahmed adds that these operations often include not just the provision of services to citizens but business activities that generate much of a government’s income — extracting and exporting natural resources like copper or oil, for instance. These kinds of operations can become impossible without day-to-day credit. Just like for a small business, you need to be able to borrow on a day-to-day basis for your cash flow.
    So this is very much an on-the-ground crisis. It’s easy for us to think of these as abstract financial numbers. But it’s very important to recognize that behind these numbers are the lives of people who are already living in very difficult circumstances with no bailout only choice left is to sell any organization.

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