Ethiopia Cabinet Approves New Law to Fight False Information

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Ethiopia’s cabinet approved a law to combat hate speech and the dissemination of false information.

The new proclamation is aimed at addressing the erosion of the nation’s “social cohesion, political stability and national unity,” the Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement.

Violence broke out last month in parts of Oromia which resulted in the deaths of 86 people. It was sparked when state security was withdrawn from influential activist Jawar Mohammed, who owns the Oromia Media Network.

Since coming to power last year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has implemented a reform agenda to open up Africa’s second-most populous nation. He has scrapped bans on opposition and rebel groups, purged allegedly corrupt officials and ended two decades of acrimony with neighboring Eritrea — an initiative that won him the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. The country is due to hold national elections in 2020.



  1. It does seem to be that the current rulers are finally waking up to it, hate mongering that is ravaging to country. It is getting out of hand. It has forced to make citizens feel aliens, not belonging in their own country. Connivers strive on hate mongering. They have attained undeserved rapport with a vast section of the gullible youth. They are sending the unsophisticated youth into a raging anger on made up or hyped up century old incidences. They are urging openly or in a thinly veiled manner to go into the streets and citizens homes and settle ‘scores’. Some of these connivers are not even like the youth they are driving into madness. It seems they know that very well and that is why we see them saying things that make every level head individual cringe. They are inflicted with a sickness that ravages those minorities who are trying to look legitimate conservatives here in the west. They will do and say anything to ‘prove’ to their ideology colleagues that they even more conservative than them. It is that Cruz-Carson syndrome. In our case they want to prove that they are more Oromo or Amhara, Tigre or any other than any other citizen when nobody asks them to do so. In the process they benefit from it and benefit a lot just because they catch the attention of those external forces who have been dreaming to wipe that gem of the colored off the map and memory. They have been receiving millions in generous handouts for decades now making these grease balls filthy rich. Such easily sought wealth has driven these merchants of hatred to even dream for a much more lucrative payday. They are convinced that if they have become filthy rich from outside looking in, the sky will be the limit for their riches if they yank away a diamond-in-the-rough region called Oromia. They drool on that. It is driving them insane. Just look at them!!! It won’t take too long for them to lose it!!!

    Now, you may be tempted to ask the cardinal question: Why certain hostile forces are attracted to these demonic hate mongers? It is for the simple fact that it will be and has been very difficult or close to impossible to go in and rob every natural resources in sight when there are 9 niggaaz are in the room and in charge. It will be a breeze to deal with one. My hommies have proven that in the battle fields of Gura, Gundat and Adwa(Ask the former Confederate general William Loring). But when they were not airtight united they have shown to be very vulnerable as proven in 1936. For them today there are too many niggaaz in the room to deal with. The Wahhabis were never so motivated. They are looking at someone who they take as one of their own. They think they can lure and drive him crazy(already insane as it is) with a sight of billions in hard, cold US dollars dangling in his/her face. For the Wahhabis it is now or bust!!!

  2. The best way to fight false information is by bringing out the truth. For so long Ethiopia had been fed lies after lies. It is time right now to bring out the truth about the cause of death of the late PM Meles Zenawi, his cause of death need to be brought out since it makes a huge difference for the talks Ethiopia , Sudan and Egypt are having.

  3. I suppose Melese Z. was killed cuz he was working to erect the Greatest dam that could take the country to the development path. We can clearly see that Engineer was also killed for the same evil objecttive of deteriorating our job.
    Donot threaten us , we need the truth and fact why those heros were killed in Bahir Dar and Addis .

    You can fine those media which spread hate and promote genocide

  4. The problem is not lack of laws dealing with hate speech and false information. We had the laws but enforcing them were always problem. Almost all ethnic organizations are engaged in some kind of hate speech supported by false information without which they cannot survive and thrive.

    In a country where the police (regioal and federal) and security agents standby and silently look while unarmed innocent people are slaughtered and property distroyed, who will investigate the criminals? Normally, it is the work of the police but the police are paralized by ethnic partsanship, fear of reprisals and inaction on the part of their superiors. Numerous mass murders after which suspected were reportedly rounded up and arresed are later on released and sent home free men and women. How can you get laws (including the new one) respected if you cannot enforce it. All indicators show that there is a brakedown of law and order. Issuing a new law in such situation is a cheap public relations exercise.

    What’s sad is the police are bystanders when certain ethnic groups kill and loot but react to minor infractions when other ethnic groups are implicated. This unfair and discriminatory police practie is taking down the country.

    Add the practices of prosecutors and judges which are no different from the police just to realize that law means nothing in the absence of a functioning legal and judicial institution.

  5. It is good news to know that the parliament passed a law that bans the dissemination of misinformation that incites violence and could have the potential of pitting one tribe against the another, consuming the lives of 86 innocent Ethiopian nationals as reported in the news media few weeks ago.The Ethiopian government knows the source of such diabolical and sinister hateful speech is coming from. The Ethiopian government also knows who is behind in delivering such a corrosive hateful speech that ended the lives of many Ethiopian lives. The news media that became the culprit of committing such a heinous crimes is identified as Oromia Media Network (OMN). Who owns this news media? It is owned by none other than Jawar Mohammed. Jawar Mohammed is not an Ethiopian citizen.

    He is an American citizen who carries American passport. Does carrying an American passport give him a carte blanche to say what ever he wants to say in an other country that would end up causing the lives of Ethiopian citizens? No, he does not have that right, to preach and incite violence against any one. The Ethiopian government could have put him behind bars, because Jawar is 100% responsible for LOADING THE GUN, that killed several Ethiopians. The Ethiopian government although it knows the source of the media and the owner of the media did not take appropriate measures to keep the safety of its population from incidents like this from taking place in the future. Instead of kicking him out of the country, or putting him behind bars, they are allowing him to walk freely on the streets of Ethiopia by protecting him with armed men carrying AK 47 rifles. WHAT A JOKE?

    This is a clear indication that shows the Ethiopian government is surreptitiously working with this guy, and passing a law to curb his influence does not matter that much. whether the parliament passes one law or thousand laws it does not make that much of a difference as long as such laws lack the teeth to bite. Jawar Mohammed and his accomplices are criminals who ought to be brought to justice for the crimes committed against the poor and the innocent Ethiopians. But to let him commit such heinous crimes without any consequence is a clear indication that the Ethiopian government and other warring factions are playing an important role for such atrocities to continue an abated as long as none of their relatives lives are in jeopardy from such a cowardly act.
    The Ethiopian government should bring such a low down scum of the earth to justice, deny him an entry visa. If the Ethiopian government cares for its citizens rights and well being then it has to sue and ban his OMN communication media for the loss of human lives and property damages.

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