Ethiopia: Covid-19 cases increase to 2,670

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 Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health reported on Thursday an uptick of Covid-19 cases to 2,670.

Health authorities registered another 164 Covid-19 patients, 47 women and 117 men, from the 6,630 studied samples analyzed during the last 24 hours, assured the official report.

Of that total, the Ministry adds, 163 are Ethiopians and one is a foreign citizen, and their ages range from one to 92 years old.

The afflicted were from several regions, 104 from this capital; meanwhile, other were from the regional states of Ogaden (26), Amhara (22), Tigray (four), Oromia (two), Harar (one), Benishangul-Gumuz (one) and the Region of the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of the South (four).

Likewise, the Ministry notified that in that same period of time there were 33 recoveries and another five deaths.

Ethiopia registered the first Covid-19 case on March 13 and so far accumulates 165,151 tests. Of the 2,670 patients diagnosed, 2,194 are active cases, 434 recoveries from the disease, 40 deaths and two returned to their country, Japan.

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  1. Addis Ababa bus depot picture above is another proof how inefficient the city of Addis Ababa administration is to tackle the spread of covid-19. PM Abiy Ahmed is spending considerably large
    amount of resources to build bullet proof , grenade resistant terrace at Mesqel Adebabay in Addis Ababa just to save his and his family members lives from possible attacks when he goes there to
    do his usual ranting at OROMIA and Addis Ababa residents how a great leader he is,

    Addis Ababa’s cross country bus station is subjected to such a high risk transportation arrangements and what worries the federal and the Addis Ababa government is how to extra protect the elites officials lives from Egypt’s attack in Addis Ababa.

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