Ethiopia has become a NO AMHARA’S LAND

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By Abebech  Shiferaw

Extreme inhumane treatments and discriminations against Amharas in Ethiopia has started long ago. And it seems that such evil practices have been a follow up of false narratives deliberately circulated on Amharas. Evidences showed that ethnic cleansing and genocide against Amharas seems to take an increasing pattern from time to time. The following paragraph clearly demonstrates this long ignored sufferings of Amharas in Ethiopia. It reads:

The country [Ethiopia] witnessed an ethnic cleansing and genocide committed by the government and its allies mainly against the Amaras. For more than 26 years, the TPLF rebels targeted the Amaras as their main enemies, they spread animosity and hate against this ethnic group, wrongly accusing them of being rulers, oppressors and exploiters. Not long ago, the world witnessed the horror of genocide in Rwanda and we were hopeful that it would never be repeated in the world let alone Africa. Yet once again, in Ethiopia under the current government, a hidden genocide was committed against innocent civilians because they were Amaras (Moresh Wegene Amhara Organization Research and Study Department, 2016).

Amharas have been residing all over Ethiopia in a harmonious manner. But,following dissemination of false narratives against the Amharas by the government and its political allies, the golden social fabricshave started to tore and negatively affect attitudes and day to day interactions of people. Most notable in this regard is the preaching of founders of the nation and native Amharas are foreigners and invaders. Consequently, all the negative propaganda have given birth to endless sufferings of theAmhara people.Everywhere in Ethiopia is a death land for Amhara. Sadly,Amharas are not free from all the injustices even in Amhara region.

The Amhara regional state government is the responsible body for protecting the rights of Amharas in and out the region. Nonetheless, the regional government is like A DEAD-LION for it is in a deep-sleep and unable to negotiate with other sister parties in rescuing the lives of its people. Worse yet, it is a major organ practicing all forms of injustices against people and their significant others who hold dissenting political views (including arbitrary detentions and killings)within the region.

Past to present Amharas are going through miserable atrocities. The intention of this article is to show inhumane treatments leading to ethnic cleansing and genocide by presenting some recent phenomena in the country.

Demolishing of religious institutionswhich they think are part of the identity and culture of Amharasall over the country including the capital city, Addis Ababa. Orthodox Christians denied from celebrating UNESCO recognized public religious holidays(finding of the true cross, epiphany) and use of national flag in decorating festivities in different parties of the country. Followers of Orthodox Christianity were killed and many are leading life in a stressful situation.

There is an unfortunate and ill-informed tendency to consider Amharas as foreigners and invaders which caused massive displacement from different corners. Displacement of 50,000 Amhara University students, Legetafoarea huge displacement, wollega, Harrar,diredawa, BenishangulGumuz Region and so on are some painful instances of displacement.

The country is now more characterized by mass killings and denial of basic human rights.Burayu just a gate to the capital, Addis Ababa where very inhumane killings occure on Amharas and others. In Oromia region, 86 Amhara people are slaughtered recently, stoned to death, dragged on streets, and burnt under their house with families. Victims involve old and young, men and women, and what matters most for killers is the identity of victims- being an Amharas! The government has kept silent for this horrible incidence which tookplace just at the next door and media seem ordered not to do reports on case.

Historical fertile Amhara provinces such as wolqayit, Raya, Metekel and Dera are demarcated to other regions without the will and consultation of concerned people by force. Original residents are systematically killed and displaced and replaced by people from other regions. Those who oppose this political decision have been subjects of death and other violations.

Sponsored proxy wars by anti-amhara armed groups in Amhara Region (For example: North Shewa, North Gondar areas) with aim of destabilizing the region and long targeted Amhara people.

Restriction on political participation and loss of freedom to run peaceful demonstrations and in house meetings in Addis Abeba. For example, the illegal acts against Eskinder Nega, (leader of Balderas)and imprisonment of leaders of National Amhara Movement party and associated ill dramas in the court clearly show deep desire of the government to suppress the rights of people of Addis Ababa and Amhara region, respectively.

So, pressing question is where is the land and government of ethnic Amharas? The answer is clear. Everywhere in Ethiopia is a death land for Amharas. Government and extreme political elites seem to intensify the ethnic cleansing and genocide on Amharas. In short, Ethiopia has clearly become a NO AMHARA’S LAND! Thus, we need to urge theinternational community, NGOs, human rights advocates and governments to say NO to ethnic cleansing and genocide in Ethiopia. All Amharas have to be organized urgently and take practical measuresto ensure their survival and lead peaceful life in their own country.

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8 Responses to Ethiopia has become a NO AMHARA’S LAND

  1. “Moresh Wegene Amhara Organization Research and Study Department, 2016” This is the most hilarious statement I ever read on this site. Moresh and research are very far to each other, and citing Moresh as a source simply tells how shallow and ignorant the author of the article is

    abate Belew
    February 12, 2020 at 5:16 am

  2. I like your article BECAUSE it exposes the sour truth that AMhara people are facing an EXISTENTIAL threate in Ethiopia due to the government of Abiye Ahmed. .

    February 12, 2020 at 9:26 am

  3. I APPRICIAte what you tray to aware the whole world what is going on the horor thing in our country. Definately the government is the supporter of this kidnaping. But safe yourself always.

    February 12, 2020 at 11:47 am

  4. We all know what the government do. You are RIGHT. The government is so shamful and careless about the society specially for amharas people. That is Why there is no any decision from it. Thiopian becomeacountry without agovrnment.and acountry that kidnap its citezn by its own citzen. So painful. I support YOUr idea and keep what you are doing now.

    February 12, 2020 at 11:55 am

  5. Fact : during tamrat layne’s time , meles’s time and hailemariam’s time Amhara has sold themselves to tigray woyane more than anyother ethnicity in ethiopia.

    now amhara is having the biggest identity crisis , the older generatiopn of amhara has lost their identity and has forced their children and grand children to loose their identity .

    anbessa siyarej yezinib mechawecha yihonal
    yezendrowochu amharawoch siyareju melaw amhara zinib endichawetibet asderegu

    zinib = yetemari movement generation

    February 12, 2020 at 1:01 pm

  6. for the last 45 years Amhara has been targeted for ethnic cleansing and genocide, but the majority of amhara himself is not aware of that.

    February 13, 2020 at 6:55 am

  7. The much more worst thing than having an Oromo FANATIC such as Merira leading the country is, having an Oromo FANATIC such as Abiy Ahmed who is half Amhara / half Oromo by birth leading the country.

    To prove for his Oromo “base” that he sides with Oromo and denounces his Amhara side , PM Abiy goes to all lengths violating EVERY Amharas human rights , Abiy likes it when Oromos (Jawar’s QUERRO) do whatever kinds of crimes against humanity they want targeting Amharas while Abiy is the PM so he proves that HE is not Amara but nephtegna sebari Oromo he LETs them get away with it as if they didn’t commit any crime, that way he feels he proven to his “Oromo” base that he is not an Amhara but 100% Oromo.

    Jawar and Abiy are a team who commited many crimes that should prevent both of them from running for a political leading office, imagine Jawar is being asked to prove his citizenship now as if that is the only thing that stands between him and him running for political office, since PM Abiy is letting Jawar get away with the many crimes Jawar commits regularly againSt Amhara civilians , because Abiy wants to prove to Oromia that his Amhara side is completely turned off and he is full blown Oromo . For that reason Amhara University students are suffering so Abiy shows that he does not care about Amharas to his Oromo base. Also Abiy is hunting Oromos in wollega now because they are not his base THey are not willing to see him commit crimes against Amharas and make Oromos look bad as if all Oromos are siding with the Abiy and Jawar’s team, we Oromos donot stand with criminals regardless what ethnicity the criminals are so now they are killing us in Western Wollega because we denounced the crimes against humanity Abiy and Jawar are commiting targeting Amharas. .

    Oromo Community of Ottawa, Canada: Protest Against Mass Killing of Oromo in Ethiopia.
    Date : Tuesday February the 18th @12PM Noon in Ottawa, Canada


    February 14, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    • amhara in oromo blanket. You habesha dotcome or , daniel almeayhehu and others are ashebariwoch donot cry you were devouring during 27 years while other ethincs were incapacitated. no more barking heree

      breaking news: Kimant and south wollo are manifesting gainst fano killings and are forced to call them selves Amhara while they denounce it vehemently. We will turn the table on you.And for sure you will cry for eternity.

      February 15, 2020 at 11:15 am

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