Ethiopia: I Remember the Slaughter of November 2005 in 2019!

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By Prof, Alemayehu G. Mariam

Justice for the Victims of the Meles Massacres

Special Author’s Note: For years, I have memorialized the month of November by remembering the hundreds of innocent Ethiopians who lost their lives or were maimed and disfigured in the Meles Massacres of 2005.

Indeed, I joined the Ethiopian human rights movement in 2005 ONLY because of the Meles Massacres. [1]  Prior to that time, my interest in Ethiopia was purely academic.

It is said that in the course of human events, most people face their own “defining moments”. Often that “moment” is a point in time when we gain a certain clarity about things that may have eluded us in the past or cloud our judgment.

The Meles Massacres were the defining moments in my life. [2]

As I remember the victims of the Meles Massacres in November 2019, I am both deeply saddened and supremely elated.

I am deeply saddened because 1) it seems I am the only one in the world who cares enough to remember the victims of the Meles Massacres, and 2) the criminals who committed the crimes against humanity have yet to be brought to justice.

I must say, however, I have received a measure of satisfaction in seeing at least one of the central criminal figures in the massacres, Meles Zenawi’s right hand man, today is standing before the bar of justice although on different charges.

I am glad to say I have “indicted” that criminal against humanity for prosecution in the court of world opinion, if not in a court of law.

I am supremely elated because my prophesy about the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front has come to pass.

Indeed, I can say my prophesy was fully realized this past weekend when the various political parties in Ethiopia came together to create “Prosperity Party”.

For years, I had counselled the TPLF to redeem themselves from their evil ways or they will surely be consigned to the dustbin of history and inherit the wind.

In my June 2010 commentary, I told the TPLF leaders to mend their ways or prepare for their “rendezvous with the dustbin of history.”

In November 2019, the TPLF had its final rendezvous with the dustbin of history.

In my February 2013 commentary, I told the TPLF in the end they will inherit the wind because of all the evil they have done:

Scripture teaches that “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.”  Meles and his worshippers have profoundly troubled the Ethiopian house and they shall inherit the wind!

For 27 years, the TPLF troubled the Ethiopia House. Today, the TPLF has inherited the wind.

In January 2016, the TPLF mocked and laughed at me:

Al Mariam still believes that EPRDF’s days are numbered. The only change, if you can call it that, is a patent slippage from certainty to ambiguity in the time-line of his latest forecast of Woyane’s predetermined doom – a move which might possibly have taken the clever among his readers by unexpected surprise.

How could they whilst they are too busy praying for at least one of Al Mariam’s seemingly endless prophecies to come true?

Slaughter is no laughing matter!

I don’t think the TPLf is laughing at my “seemingly mindless prophesies” now.

Well, suffice it to say, “He who laughs last laughs best.”

Today, the washed up. low down and down and out leaders of the TPLF are drowning their sorrows in vodka and whiskey holed up in bar rooms and pubs.

They are hanging out in Ethiopia’s skid rows chomping on khat and getting high smoking shisha, pot and whatever else they can get their hands on.

I don’t want to gloat, but I just gotta say it: “I DONE TOLD YOU SO TPLF!”


They say, “Let lying dogs lie.”

I say, “Let those lying liars of the TPLF (LF stands for Lie Factory) in the dustbin of history lie to themselves that they will one day come back to power.” (That is when hell freezes over and the devil goes ice skating. )

But not all is lost.

There is still redemption for the TPLF. I truly believe that!

I say to the TPLF leaders, “Be wise. Be reasonable. Be contrite. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be haughty. Don’t be stubborn and stupid. Join your brothers and sisters in peace, forgiveness and love.”

We have tried hatred. We have tried revenge. We have tried domination one group over another. We have FAILED MISERABLY!

TPLF, you have failed with your gospel of hate, division and antagonism.

Heed wise counsel in the prophesy,  “The wrath of God pales beside that of man.”

If you continue your arrogant and evil ways, only two words will describe your legacy and destiny:

RIP, (Rust in Pain) TPLF!, 

The best Days of Ethiopia are yet to come…

I always knew Ethiopia’s best days were to come. It was always crystal clear to me that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are unique people.

I called that “Ethiopian exceptionalism” and offered my evidence to support my contention.

In May 2013, I wrote a poem foretelling my vision of Ethiopia rising from the graveyard of ethnic apartheid tyranny.

I knew without a doubt in 2013 the TPLF’s ethnic apartheid would be buried in the very grave dug up for Ethiopia through the struggle of Ethiopia’s young people when I wrote my poem:

Ethiopia up-Rising! Africa Rising!

Ethiopia Africa’s bright gem
Shall rise up from the ashes of tyranny
Like the spring sun rising at dawn over the African horizon
Like the full moon rising over the darkness of the African night
Ethiopia shall rise and shine!

Ethiopia shall rise from the heights of Ras Dejen
To the peaks of Kilimanjaro
From the pits of the politics of identity
To the summit of national unity and diversity
Ethiopia shall rise and shine!

Ethiopia of the wise
Shall rise above the streetwise
Its people to galvanize, mobilize and organize
To humanize, harmonize and compromise
Ethiopia shall rise and shine!

Ethiopia Africa’s hope and destiny
Shall rise and its tyrants shall fall
Their lies, cruelty and corruption
Buried with them in the steel coffin of history
For “justice will rise in Ethiopia like the sun, with abundance of peace forever.” 

Ethiopia shall rise by the sinews of her youth
Up-rise on the wings of her persevering children
Ethiopia shall rise and rise
Her youth will up-rise
Rise Ethiopia, up-rise.

In a risen Ethiopia, there shall be no place for a philosophy that holds one ethnic, religious, linguistic or gender group superior to another.

There shall no longer be first class and second-class citizens in a risen Ethiopia.

In a risen Ethiopia, ethnicity, religion, language, region or gender shall have no more significance than the color of  one’s eyes.

In a risen Ethiopia, human rights shall be guaranteed to all.

In a risen Ethiopia, there shall be peace and justice!

The thousands of victims of the Meles Massacres will not rise.

But because of their supreme sacrifices, their country shall rise like the rising sun.

That is why I remember the thousands of victims of TPLF massacres over 27 years while they were in power and countless others they victimized in the bush.


I will always remember in November, and in December and in January and in February and in April…

Rebuma E. Ergata, 34, mason; Melesachew D. Alemnew, 16, student; Hadra S. Osman, 22, occup. unknown; Jafar S.  Ibrahim, 28,  sm. business; Mekonnen, 17, occup. unknown; Woldesemayat, 27, unemployed; Beharu M. Demlew, occup. unknown; Fekade Negash, 25, mechanic; Abraham Yilma, 17, taxi; Yared B. Eshete, 23, sm. business; Kebede W. G. Hiwot, 17, student; Matios G. Filfilu, 14, student;Getnet A. Wedajo, 48, Sm. business; Endalkachew M. Hunde, 18, occup. unknown; Kasim A. Rashid, 21, mechanic; Imam A. Shewmoli, 22,  sm. business; Alye Y. Issa, 20, laborer; Samson N. Yakob, 23, pub. trspt.; Alebalew A. Abebe, 18, student; Beleyu B. Za, 18, trspt. asst.; Yusuf A. Jamal, 23, occup. student; Abraham S. W.  Agenehu, 23, trspt. asst.; Mohammed H. Beka, 45, farmer; Redela K. Awel, 19, taxi Assit., Habtamu A. Urgaa, 30, sm. Business.  Dawit F. Tsegaye, 19, mechanic; Gezahegne M. Geremew, 15, student; Yonas A. Abera, 24, occup. unknown; Girma A. Wolde, 38, driver; W/o Desta U. Birru, 37, sm. business; Legese T. Feyisa, 60, mason; Tesfaye D. Bushra, 19, shoe repairman; Binyam D. Degefa, 18, unemployed.

Million K. Robi, 32, trspt. asst.; Derege D. Dene, 24,  student; Nebiyu A. Haile, 16, student; Mitiku U. Mwalenda, 24, domestic worker; Anwar K. Surur, 22, sm. business; Niguse Wabegn, 36, domestic worker; Zulfa S. Hasen, 50, housewife; Washun Kebede, 16, student; Ermia F. Ketema, 20, student; 00428, 25, occup. unknown; 00429, 26, occup. unknown; 00430, 30, occup. unknown; Adissu Belachew, 25, occup. unknown; Demeke K. Abebe,uk, occup. unknown; 00432, 22, occup. unknown; 00450, 20, occup. unknown; 13903, 25, occup. unknown; 00435, 30, occup. unknown. 13906, 25, occup. unknown; Temam Muktar, 25, occup. unknown; Beyne N. Beza, 25, occup. unknown; Wesen Asefa, 25, occup. unknown; Abebe Anteneh, 30, occup. unknow; Fekadu Haile, 25, occup. unknow; Elias Golte, uk, occup. unknown; Berhanu A. Werqa, uk, occup. unknown.

Asehber A. Mekuria, uk, occup. unknown; Dawit F. Sema, uk, occup. unknown, Merhatsedk Sirak, 22, occup. unknown; Belete Gashawtena, uk, occup. unknown;  Behailu Tesfaye, 20, occup. unknown; 21760, 18, occup. unknown; 21523, 25, occup. unknown; 11657, 24, occup. unknown; 21520, 25, occup. unknown; 21781, 60, occup. unknown; Getachew Azeze, 45, occup. unknown; 21762, 75, occup. unknown; 11662,45, occup. unknown; 21763, 25, occup. unknown; 13087, 30, occup. unknown; 21571, 25, occup. unknown; 21761, 21, occup. unknown; 21569, 25, occup. unknown; 13088, 30,  occup. unknown; Endalkachew W. Gabriel, 27, occup. unknown.

Hailemariam Ambaye, 20, occup. unknown; Mebratu W. Zaudu,27, occup. unknown; Sintayehu E. Beyene, 14, occup. unknown; Tamiru Hailemichael, uk, occup. unknown; Admasu T. Abebe, 45, occup. unknown; Etenesh Yimam, 50, occup. unknown; Werqe Abebe, 19, occup. unknown; Fekadu Degefe, 27, occup. unknown Shemsu Kalid, 25, occup. unknown; Abduwahib Ahmedin, 30, occup. unknown; Takele Debele, 20, occup. unknown, Tadesse Feyisa,38,  occup. unknown; Solomon Tesfaye, 25, occup. unknown; Kitaw Werqu, 25, occup. nknown; Endalkachew Worqu, 25, occup. unknow; Desta A. Negash, 30, occup. unknown; Yilef Nega, 15, occup. unknown; Yohannes Haile, 20, occup. unknown; Behailu T. Berhanu, 30, occup. unknown; Mulu K. Soresa, 50, housewife, Teodros Gidey Hailu, 23, shoe salesman; Dejene Yilma Gebre, 18, store worker; Ougahun Woldegebriel, 18, student; Dereje Mamo Hasen, 27, carpenter.

Regassa G. Feyisa, 55, laundry worker; Teodros Gebrewold, 28, private business; Mekonne D. G.Egziaber, 20, mechanic; Elias G. Giorgis, 23, student; Abram A. Mekonnen, 21, laborer; Tiruwerq G.Tsadik, 41, housewife; Henok H. Mekonnen; 28, occup. unknown; Getu S. Mereta, 24, occup. unknown;W/o Kibnesh Meke Tadesse, 52, occup. unknown; Messay A. Sitotaw, 29, private business; Mulualem N. Weyisa, 15, Ayalsew Mamo, 23, occup. unknown; Sintayehu Melese, 24, laborer;  W/o Tsedale A. Birra, 50, housewife; Abayneh Sara Sede, 35, tailor; Fikremariam K. Telila, 18, chauffer; Alemayehu Gerba, 26, occup. unknown; George G. Abebe,36, private trspt.; Habtamu Zegeye Tola, 16, student; Mitiku Z. G. Selassie, 24, student; Tezazu W. Mekruia, 24, private business; Fikadu A. Dalige, 36,  tailor; Shewaga B. W.Giorgis, 38, laborer; Alemayehu E. Zewde, 32, textile worker; Zelalem K. G.Tsadik, 31, taxi driver; Mekoya M. Tadesse, 19, student; Hayleye G. Hussien, 19, student; W/o Fiseha T. G.Tsadik, 23, police employee; Wegayehu Z. Argaw, 26, unemployed.

Melaku M. Kebede, 19, occup. unknown; Abayneh D. Orra, 25, tailor; W/o Abebch B. Holetu, 50, housewife;  Demeke A. Jenbere, 30, farmer; Kinde M. Weresu, 22, unemployed; Endale A. G.Medhin, 23, private business; Alemayehu T. Wolde,24, teacher; Bisrat T. Demisse, 24, car importer; Mesfin H. Giorgis, 23, private business, Welio H. Dari, 18, private business, Behailu G. G.Medhin, 20, private business; Siraj Nuri Sayed, 18, student; Iyob G.Medhin, 25, student; Daniel W. Mulugeta,25, laborer; Teodros K. Degefa,25, shoe factory worker; Gashaw T. Mulugeta, 24, student; Kebede B. Orke, 22, student; Lechisa K. Fatasa, 21, student; Jagama B. Besha,20, student; Debela O. Guta, 15, student; Melaku T. Feyisa, 16, student; W/o Elfnesh Tekle, 45, occup. unknown; Hassen Dula, 64, occup. unknown; Hussien Hassen Dula, 25, occup. unknown; Dejene Demisse,15, occup. unknown; Name unknown; Name unknown;  Name unknown; Zemedkun Agdew, 18, occup. unknown;  Getachew A. Terefe, 16, occup. unknown; Delelegn K. Alemu, 20, occup. unknown; Yusef M. Oumer,20, occup. unknown.

Mekruria T. Tebedge, 22, occup. unknown; Bademe M. Teshamahu, 20, occup. unknown; Ambaw Getahun,38, occup. unknown; Teshome A. Kidane, 65, health worker; Yosef M. Regassa, uk, occup. unknown; Abiyu Negussie, uk, occup. uk; Tadele S. Behaga,uk, occup. unknown; Efrem T. Shafi,uk, occup. unknown; Abebe H. Hama, uk, occup. unknown; Gebre Molla, uk, occup. unknown; Seydeen Nurudeen, uk, occup. unknown; Eneyew G. Tsegaye, 32, trspt. asst; Abdurahman H. Ferej, 32, wood worker; Ambaw L. Bitul, 60, leather factory worker; Abdulmenan Hussien, 28, private business; Jigsa T. Setegn, 18, student; Asefa A. Negassa, 33, carpenter; Ketema K. Unko, 23, tailor; Kibret E. Elfneh, 48, private guard; Iyob G. Zemedkun, 24, private business; Tesfaye B. Megesha,15, private business; Capt. Debesa S. Tolosa, 58, private business;Tinsae M. Zegeye,14,  tailor;Kidana G. Shukrow,25, laborer;Andualem Shibelew, 16, student; Adissu D. Tesfahun, 19, private business; Kassa Beyene Yror,28, clothes sales; Yitagesu Sisay,22, occup. unknown; Unknown, 22, occup. unknown.

Police and security officers killed by friendly fire (security officers  killed in each other’s crossfire):  Nega Gebre, Jebena Desalegn,  Mulita Irko, Yohannes Solomon, Ashenafi Desalegn, Feyia Gebremenfes.

I remember the hundreds of victims maimed, injured, battered and mutilated.

List of prisoners massacred while trapped in their cells at Kaliti Prison on November 2, 2005:

Teyib Shemsu Mohammed, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. Sali Kebede, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Sefiw Endrias Tafesse Woreda, age unknown, male, charged with rape. Zegeye Tenkolu Belay, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. Biyadgligne Tamene, age unknown, male, charges unknown. Gebre Mesfin Dagne, age unknown, male, charges unknown. Bekele Abraham Taye, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. Abesha Guta Mola, age unknown, male, charges unknown. Kurfa Melka Telila, convicted of making threats. Begashaw Terefe Gudeta, age unknown, male, charged with brawling [breach of peace]. Abdulwehab Ahmedin, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. Tesfaye Abiy Mulugeta, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. Adane Bireda, age unknown, male, charged with murder. Yirdaw Kersema, age unknown, male, no charges indicated.

Balcha Alemu Regassa, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. Abush Belew Wodajo, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Waleligne Tamire Belay, age unknown, male, charged with rape. Cherinet Haile Tolla, age unknown, male, convicted of robbery. Temam Shemsu Gole, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Gebeyehu Bekele Alene, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Daniel Taye Leku, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Mohammed Tuji Kene, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Abdu Nejib Nur, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Yemataw Serbelo, charged with rape. Fikru Natna’el Sewneh, age unknown, male, charged with making threats. Munir Kelil Adem, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. Haimanot Bedlu Teshome, age unknown, male, convicted of infringement. esfaye Kibrom Tekne, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. Workneh Teferra Hunde, age unknown, male, no charges indicated.

Sisay Mitiku Hunegne, charged with fraud. Muluneh Aynalem Mamo, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Taddese Rufe Yeneneh, charged with making threats. Anteneh Beyecha Qebeta, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. Zerihun Meresa, age unknown, male, convicted of damage to property. Wogayehu Zerihun Argaw, charged with robbery. Bekelkay Tamiru,  age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Yeraswork Anteneh, age unknown, male, charged with fraud. Bazezew Berhanu, age unknown, male, charged with engaging in homosexual act. Solomon Iyob Guta, age unknown, male, charged with rape. Asayu Mitiku Arage, age unknown, male, charged with making threats. Game Hailu Zeye, age unknown, male, charged with brawling [public disorder] Maru Enawgaw Dinbere, age unknown, male, charged with rape. Ejigu Minale, age unknown, male, charged with attempted murder. Hailu Bosne Habib, age unknown, male, convicted of providing sanctuary. Tilahun Meseret, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Negusse Belayneh, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. Ashenafi Abebaw, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Feleke Dinke, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Jenbere Dinkineh Bilew, age unknown, male, charged with brawling [public disorder].

Tolesa Worku Debebe, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. Mekasha Belayneh Tamiru, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. Yifru Aderaw, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Fantahun Dagne, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Tibebe Wakene Tufa, age unknown, male, charged with instigating armed insurrection. Solomon Gebre Amlak, age unknown, male, charged with hooliganism. Banjaw Chuchu Kassahun, age unknown, male, charged with robbery. Demeke Abeje, age unknown, male, charged with attempted murder. 58. Endale Ewnetu Mengiste, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. Alemayehu Garba, age unknown, male, detained in connection with Addis Ababa University student  demonstration in 2004.  Morkota Edosa, age unknown, male, no charges indicated. 

JUSTICE FOR Yenesew Gebre 

On 11/11/11, Yenesew Gebre, a 29 year-old Ethiopian school teacher and human rights activist set himself ablaze outside a public meeting hall in the town of Tarcha located in Dawro Zone in Southern Ethiopia. He died three days later from his injuries.  Before torching himself, Yenesew told a gathered  crowd outside of a meeting hall, “In a country where there is no justice and no fair administration, where human rights are not respected, I will sacrifice myself so that these young people will be set free.”

Immortalizing the Victims of the Meles Massacres 

The Ethiopian massacre victims now belong to the whole of humanity.

They must be remembered by all freedom-loving peoples throughout the world, not just Ethiopians.  By remembering the atrocities and spreading word about gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia, we not only keep alive the memory of the innocent victims of 2005 but also hasten the day when the criminals will be brought to justice.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.” Affirmatively stated, I believe all that is necessary to triumph over evil is for all good men, women and young people to do something.

The slaughter of 2005 must be made a warning to each new generation of Ethiopians of what happens when human rights are abused, the rule of law trashed, democracy trampled and freedom crushed.

To paraphrase Elie Weisel, we must seek justice for the victims of yesterday not only because it is the right thing to do, but also to protect the youth of today, and the children who will be born tomorrow from similar injustice and wrong. We do not want the past to become the future of our children and grandchildren.

That is why all of the criminals responsible for the 2005 massacre must be held accountable. Delaying justice to the Ethiopian massacre victims is to invite the harsh verdict of history upon ourselves and future generations: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”



[1] For the first time in my life, I understood the true meaning of the expression, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.” More specifically, for young men and women to do nothing.

[2] For nearly fourteen years, I have stood against the evils perpetrated by the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its leaders. following the Ethiopian parliamentary elections in May 2005, security and police forces under the direct command and control of Meles Zenawi, the late leader of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), massacred and seriously injured hundreds of unarmed protesters in the streets and scores of defenseless inmates at Akaki prison.

An official Inquiry Commission established by Meles Zenawi documented 193 unarmed men, women and children demonstrating in the streets and scores of other detainees held in a high security prison were intentionally and deliberately shot and killed by police and security officials. An additional 763 suffered life-threatening gunshot injuries.

The killings occurred on June 8, 2005 in Addis Ababa and elsewhere throughout the country during November 1-10, 2005 and November 14-16, 2005.

Based on my personal discussion of the Inquiry Commission chair, there were likely to be many hundreds of additional victims who were excluded on other dates but were outside the scope of the Commission’s investigative charge.

For additional data, graphic photographs of the victims of the Meles Massacres, see Testimony of Yared Hailemariam, Ethiopian Human Rights Defender, “CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IN ETHIOPIA: THE ADDIS ABABA MASSACRES OF JUNE AND NOVEMBER 2005” before the EXTRAORDINARY JOINT COMMITTEE MEETING THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT COMMITTEES ON DEVELOPMENT AND FOREIGN AFFAIRS, AND SUB-COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS May 15, 2006.

The Inquiry Commission completely exonerated the victims of the massacre and pinned the entire blame on the police and paramilitary forces.  The Commission concluded, “There was no property destroyed [by protesters]. There was not a single protester who was armed with a gun or a hand grenade as reported by the government-controlled media that some of the protesters were armed with guns and bombs. [The shots fired by government forces] were not intended to disperse the crowd but to kill by targeting the head and chest of the protesters.”

A 2007 official Inquiry Commission report on post-election “disturbances” examined 16,990 documents, and received testimony form 1,300 witnesses. Commission members visited prisons and hospitals, and interviewed members of the regime’s officialdom over several months. In the end, the Commission determined that the police shot and killed 193 persons and wounded 763. Further, the Commission documented on November 3, 2005, during an alleged disturbance in Kality prison that lasted 15 minutes, prison guards fired more than 1500 bullets into inmate housing units leaving 17 dead, and 53 severely wounded.

Commission Chairman Judge Frehiwot commented: “Many people were killed arbitrarily. Old men were killed while in their homes, and children were also victims of the attack while playing in the garden.” Over 30,000 civilians were arrested without warrant and held in detention.

The Commission made specific factual conclusions about the “disturbances”: 1) The persons killed or wounded during the violence were unarmed protesters. “There was not a single protester who was armed with a gun or a hand grenade (as reported by the government-controlled media that some of the protesters were armed with guns and bombs)”. 2) The shots fired by government forces into crowds of protesters were not intended to disperse but to kill by targeting the head and chest of the protesters. 3) There was no evidence that any security officers involved in the shootings were attacked or killed by the demonstrators: “Security forces which are alleged to be killed by demonstrators were not taken to autopsy, even there is no evidence of either photograph or death certificate showing the reason of death and couldn’t be produced for police as opposed to that of civilians.”

Understanding the Historic Significance of the Meles Massacres  

On March 21, 1960, South African police without provocation slaughtered 69 unarmed black protesters in the township of Sharpeville and wounded 180, exposing the savagery of the apartheid system for the world to see.

In 2005, security forces loyal to Meles Zenawi slaughtered 193 unarmed protesters and wounded 763 others. As the Ethiopian protesters were “targeted in the head and chest” and shot, as documented by the Inquiry Commission, nearly all of the black South Africans in Sharpeville were shot in the back as they tried to flee the scene.

Sharpeville and the massacres in Ethiopia were not random events.

Both the apartheid and Zenawi’s regimes used cold blooded massacres as a deliberate tactic to ruthlessly crush and wipe out all political opposition. It was their way of saying that they will do anything to stay in power.

The Sharpeville massacre was intended to “teach the kaffirs a lesson” they will not forget.

Zenawi intended to teach his opposition a lesson they will not forget by indiscriminately massacring men, women and children in the streets or in their homes, as the Inquiry Commission has documented. It was a deliberate and calculated act designed to break the backbone of the opposition and make sure that no opposition will ever rise again.

Sharpeville caused the apartheid regime to intensify its repression by tightening the pass laws (pass books required for black South Africans to travel within their country) and rigidly enforcing regulations to keep black South Africans in the Bantustans (black African “homelands” or “reservations”). Sharpeville also stoked the imagination of black South African youth and energized and inspired all freedom-loving South Africans to fight against apartheid with determination.

The Meles Massacres caused the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front and its boss Meles Zenawi to become extremely repressive. In 2010, Meles Zenawi declared he had won the election by 99.6 percent. His underlings claimed to have won 100 percent of the seats in parliament in the 2015 election



  1. I join the dear Professor AL in mourning the death of those young men and women of the old country on that fateful and shameful day, the day that laid bare the fact that the deacons of Marx and Mao were not any different from their psychopath predecessors who gabbled up millions of their own citizens in The Soviet Union and China. They lived up to their committed tenets by which they raised the Name of The Lord Our Creator in vain. It was all told that the then leader had admonished his security chief for not using every means at his disposal to clear the mad as hell protesters off the streets. Off the streets he did!!! Mao style!!! Off the street he did!!! Stalin style!!! Off the streets he did by the book!!! That was the regime that claimed to have won elections by a land slide not once but twice since then. The loved ones of those murdered on that day still cry for a day in a court of law. Some of those mourners may not be with us anymore passed on with eyes still socked with tears for their sons and daughters!!!! The saddest part of their ordeal is when they were told by then leader of the free world that the regime was a democratically elected government. Ok, May be he might have had too much of that locally brewed khamr at the palace that day. It was obvious that members of his entourage were by the way they were jumping thru the palace roof at the tunes of laloye!!!

    Now, these ‘deresas’ of Marx and Mao are not done yet. They are telling everyone that if they cannot be in the sole leadership role of the old country, the hell with it!!! They have officially seceded from the family of the noble people of Oromos, Amharas, Afars, Somalis and more than 80 ethnic groups by calling their police state region a ‘defacto state’. I am warning you dear professor and all your readers to prepare yourself not only for one Singapore but two of them very soon!!! You should also prime yourself to see the flocking of every bigot including the punk rocking ones and make the joint of the ‘defacto state’ their conniving site!!!

  2. Election every 50 years in Ethiopia is a periodic secret ritual sacrifice to satan and his legions.A ritual sacrifice to the demonic 5 point star pentagram symbol on the flag. They will again make the sacrifice this year by the phony election satanic charade.

  3. አለማየሁ አድር ባይ ነህ። አብይ አህመድ ከጃዋር ጋር እየፈፀመ ያለውን ወንጀል ለምን አትቃወምም?

  4. Dear Prof,
    Thank you for remembering those who were murdered by the late Meles Zenawi and his henchmen.We should never and ever forget those victims of TPLF and its lieutenants. In deed, we should continue to seek justice for the killing of those innocent individuals by bringing the killers to book.
    Sadly,today,too, similar atrocities are being committed with impunity under the watchful eye of Abiy Ahmed by Oromo ethno terrorist groups spearheaded by Jawar Mohammed. Their recent gruesome and grizly crime of murdering innocent people whom they identified as Amhara christians must be punished.
    Please therefore play your part in recording,legally fighting and bringing the perpetrators of these sordid crimes to justice.
    If that is not done in good time, the same or even worse crimes are bound to take place with the much more darker prospect of taking our country the way of Rwandan genocide!! The unmistakable early symptoms are all here. The prognosis is not good.The diagnosis must therefore not be deferred to a later date.
    If we do that, we do it at our own peril.

  5. First and foremost I would like to thank Professor Alemayehu G/Mariam for the inclusions of names and pictures of those young people who became the sacrificial lambs of the notorious, corrupt, and diabolical in nature Meles Zenawi and his associates. It is heartbreaking to look at the pictures and read the names of those young people who took to the streets to protest against vote rigging by the Meles regime to win the election. Those young people were exercising their constitutional rights as mandated by the Ethiopia constitution, to show their dissatisfaction with the result of countrywide election. As a leader instead of listening to their grievances and answering their complaints, he ordered the notorious Agazee snipers from the rooftop to aim at their foreheads and mow down several young people in cold blood. It was a sad day in Ethiopia, relatives were wailing through out Ethiopia and abroad who lost their loved ones at this tender age. He was a cold blood murderer that ought to rot in hell. What is so annoying was, on the day he ordered the massacre of young Ethiopians in cold blood, he was having a high school graduation party to one of his daughters at the Sheraton hotel. What kind of animal is that who enjoys seeing the tears and blood of those young people flowing down the streets of Addis Ababa while he was wining and dining? Meles did not deny the massacre of those young boys and girls. He admitted to have killed about 200 plus protestors, and blamed it on the Kinijit, the opposing party who had scored a landslide victory over the Meles” party. But Meles stayed in power with a barrel of gun. The numbers of people murdered by the Agazee soldiers were close to 1000 according to records registered in several hospitals located in Addis Ababa. The fact-finding commission he established also concluded that the number of people killed by the Agazee soldiers were higher than the number the government claimed.
    The perpetrators responsible in the maiming and murdering of those young people are still alive, and walking freely in the streets of Addis Ababa, Mekelé, and other towns. Those individuals must be brought to justice if coexistence among Ethiopians is required.

    I would like to give credence to the former commander of the Ethiopian Air Force General Abebe T/Haimanot. In the interview he gave, he succinctly stated that Getachew Assefa who harbored in Mekelé and former Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn must be brought to justice for the crimes they have committed while they were in office.

    We are not out of the woods yet. There is a looming danger approaching ahead of us. It already happened few weeks ago when 86 innocent people’s lives were lost due to outside interference. It is the responsibility of the Ethiopian government to protect its citizens from any harm. Yet the Ethiopian government seems not to care about what happened few weeks ago. They stated the parliament passed the law to penalize those who deliver hateful speeches to incite violence between tribes. But those individuals are still preaching hateful speeches and the law the parliament passed does not have the teeth to bite. Those individuals who carry a foreign passport aren’t Ethiopian citizens, and they don’t have diplomatic immunity and must be jailed, expelled, and their visas revoked for having caused the death of several Ethiopian lives.
    Why doesn’t Prime Minister Abiy defend and protect Ethiopians from outside aggressors? Why does he allow soldiers carrying AK-47 to protect those hatemongers who caused the death of 86 individuals?
    It is so ironic he allows gun-carrying soldiers to protect criminals, yet he doesn’t even allow peaceful protesters like Eskinder Nega who carries a pencil and paper to hold a meeting with out being harassed and intimidated. Eskinder Nega did not kill anybody like the other guy you are protecting. Where is Justice Dr. Abiy?

  6. YES PROF, It was a sad moment and off course still is. As for me, I am going to join for the first time the new upcoming party that is led by Eskinder Nega. In case you haven’t followed the news today, i invite you to watch and admire the true fervent Ethiopian meetings led by Balderas here in D.C. The reason I am joining is because of what happen in November this year, 2019 not in1905, so many innocent people because of their race and religion got killed in inhuman ways. It is ironic for me why you keep silence now. at least that time they didn’t check their races to kill, or they got shot by bullets, not by stone and didn’t cut them in pieces. I am not justifying that I was opposing the woyane govt back then and still am. Because of that i was reading all your writings up to last year. Your outdated writing now is telling me one thing. Are you trying to scare the true Ethiopian opposition party? If they don’t keep silent, are you telling us it is going to happen for the upcoming election? I see the same players in the Ethiopian government. All their ways didn’t change. One thing though change, YOU!

  7. Gedeon and frofessor Almayehu

    you are very smart. You are devising tactics after tactics to defame TPLF. YOu are eaten up by jealousy. I am very sad for you. It can eventually kill you. Moron. Idiot. Calm down.

    I will boycott all people like you and organize others to do so. I will not buy anything from you and pêople like yoU.

    Satanic and your church is full of evilmen disguising themselves mahibrekidusan , pristes and debtras . all are superstitious and adherents of satan reciting book of satan and money making incantaction.

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