Ethiopia: Popular Oromo musician Hachalu Hundessa shot dead

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By Anne-Marie Bissada
The Africa Report

Hachalu Hundessa, a popular and beloved Ethiopian musician and activist, was shot dead in the capital Monday night.

While no one has claimed responsibility for the shooting, the 34-year old had been receiving death threats. 

News of his death saw thousands of his fans make their way to his hospital in Addis Ababa. In an effort to control the crowds, police used tear gas to disperse his fans.

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BREAKING: Mass protest taken place in capital after popular Oromo artist & singer Hachalu Hundessa was shot dead last night. Gunfire can be heard throughout the capital, security forces shut-down internet, arrest journalists, Situation tense.

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The internet has also been shut down following reported riots in the capital following news of his death.

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BREAKING Ethiopia shuts down Internet after riots linked to killing of popular musician engulfed parts of capital Addis.

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his condolences, adding they are awaiting the results of a police investigation. He has also called on mourners to be vigilant to prevent any further violence.

Oromo ethnic group

Hundessa belongs to the Oromo ethnic group; one of the largest minorities in the country, with some estimating them to comprise between 25 to 40 percent of the population.



  1. What I have been told by merchant relatives is that violent non-political violence has been on the rise too. Armed robbery is happening on a scale never seen before. Gangs connected to bigots roam the small towns and the countryside too. This should be expected due to the sudden opening up of the society after April 2018. Now with COVID-19 clobbering the world economy and billions out of work and in many areas with no sudden recovery in sight that itself will weigh heavy on the mood of the working age generation. In Ethiopia’s case, the jobless youth has been waiting to get a job for a long time and now the pandemic has completely deemed his already dwindling hope. That country is ripe for a gang life to mushroom everywhere. Gangs have been with the industrialized and democratic nations for more than a century now. Jails have been filling up but it has been beyond the capability of any administration to stamp it out. There was Al Capone in the 1920’s and 30’s and today we have the Crips, Bloods and others with names hard to pronounce wreaking havoc in major cities. Envy, despair and disillusions seem always to follow prosperity. What I am trying to say is be ready for more such senseless crime news to come out of the old country. Like any other society the old country also has its share certain people with sick minds and violent instincts walking around. Just prepare yourself!!!

    My family’s heart-felt condolences go out to his family and loved ones. May He Rest In Eternal Peace!!!!

  2. But still yet I really doubt if this senseless crime does not Have all the indications of an act familiar with bigoted groups and individuals that want uncontrollable chaos erupt in the country especially in Oromia. They will do anything to get the chance to carve out a territory to call it their own even it means hacking their own parents including using this young man as a sacrificial lamb. These bigots have their operatives everywhere including the government apparatus. To these bigots if they don’t get what they have dreamed about for decades then the heck with the country. They don’t give a damn about it. I have said this before that sending soldiers during the dead of the night to a person’s residence could have been the act of these hirelings to trigger riots and they succeeded. I was introduced to the music of this young a few years ago(I am still stuck with Obbo Birra’s classics on a cassette tape) and found the tonality of his songs very palatable to my ears and he stroke the right notes with me. What a loss!!!

    Now, we should all rise up to the occasion and refrain ourselves from spewing around incendiary remarks about this tragic event.

  3. In a related note, these sinister individuals and groups may try to up the ante by murdering other notable private citizens including those in the entertainment profession. Such notable must beef up their security detail even more so now. Like I said before, these demons will not stop at anything to light up a raging fire so they can fish in the troubled waters.

    Meanwhile, this does not mean that the old country should back to its old habits of previous leaders of arbitrary jailing and shooting citizens. It cannot afford to descend into the same low now. Those who have been rounded up should be made public with their names and the alleged crimes they are accused of. That country has had enough of that and enough is enough with that too. There should be transparency about it all.

  4. This is obviously the work of TPLF and Jewar Mohamed and theirs puppets who only knows violence in Ethiopia to get on power.

    All Ethiopians please do not be fulled by this criminals, be united as one people to see new Ethiopia for all. No need to be divided, TPLF could do everything to divide Ethiopians specially Oromo and Amhara to get on power for its criminal activity.

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