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Friday, 22 November 2013

ETHIOPIAN-PMTHE Ethiopian Government has urged Saudi authorities to investigate circumstances surrounding the killing of three of its nationals allegedly by Saudi security personnel.

Spokesman for Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ambassador Dina Mufti,  told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Addis Ababa on Friday that the matter required swift investigation by the Saudis.

He said Ethiopia had begun the repatriation of its nationals in Saudi Arabia, adding that 14,957 citizens had so far been brought back.

“The Government of Ethiopia has no other priority at present than repatriating its citizens from Saudi Arabia.

“So far, we have brought back 14,957, including women and children as at Friday, November 22“, the envoy said
NAN reports that the Ethiopian government had set up a national taskforce to speed up the process of repatriating its nationals in Saudi, projected to be more than 40,000 persons.

To fund the operation, the government released 50 million Birr (about $300,000) and the money is also expected to be used in the rehabilitation of the returnees.

Mufti said the Foreign Ministry had dedicated six flights daily to evacuate the remaining Ethiopian nationals in Saudi shores, adding that He  the flights would be increased to 12 at the weekend to hasten the repatriation.

He noted that Ethiopian consulates in Abu Dhabi and Qatar were supporting their counterpart in Riyadh to expedite the exercise.


  1. Your exellency Ambassador Mufti,

    The money belongs to the Ethiopian community once you looted by ordinance letter of the dead Crime Minister Melese. We have evidence of what happened to this money. To give you some advice, you have to tell the story you told to the Nigerian TV to the Saudi Arabia and other Arabian countries TV in their language. May I ask you one question…..have you been in the Saudi Arabian hospital or any place n the Saudi that to count the # of dead bodies? When you start to speak , please have some thing in your hand first. I say this because some estimates the dead”s reaching to 100s and what about the # of Ethiopians injured and raped. You do not care about them. Stupid spokes person of the 21st century who speaks immorally. CHOMA ena AKAFA RAS, Mufti!!!!!!!


    “Ethiopia repatrates 14975 over killing of national in S’Arabia” should read

    “Ethiopia repatraits 14975 nationlas after Saudi round up illegals”

    Stop massaging the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks God for the return of those ones and I pray evry days for the rest of the

    Thanks God for the returned one. I pray for the ones still in Saudi may god keeps them safe and brings them home.

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