Ethiopia reports first two deaths from coronavirus

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AFP) – Ethiopia on Sunday announced the first two deaths of patients suffering from COVID-19, as officials ramped up testing to get a clearer picture of the outbreak there.

The first victim was a 60-year-old Ethiopian woman who had spent six days in intensive care, a health ministry statement said, with the second a 56-year-old Ethiopian man diagnosed with COVID-19 last Thursday.

“It is my deepest regret to announce the first death of a patient from #COVID19 in Ethiopia,” Health Minister Lia Tadesse said in announcing the country’s first fatality on Twitter.

Four hours later, Lia published a second post expressing “great sadness” as another death emerged.

Ethiopia, a country of more than 100 million people, confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on March 13 and has recorded just 43 in total — mostly people with a history of recent foreign travel.

But testing has been extremely limited.

As of Friday, the country had conducted just 1,222 tests, according to the Ethiopian Public Health Institute.

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  1. By looking at the history of this virus since it started infecting people, we can easily see the stages it went through. First come the infections then followed by deaths. That country is heading into the colder and rainy season in a month. I have no confidence in the country’s capability to conduct the test for the virus in citizens who are infected but with no symptoms. These are the best super spreaders for the virus and they don’t even realize it. The is a reason why WHO’s mantra has become ‘test, test, test’. The current testing device is in very short supply globally and even it is available in abundance I don’t think that nation has the financial resources to buy all it needs. It is time for us to lend hands to those proud and glorious people. Let’s show our generosity to a very generous people. This shall pass!!

  2. Dear Countrymen/women!!!

    I just read an article on Politico that tells the mass slaughter awaiting that gem of humanity by current scourge, COVID-19 virus. This media outlet had access to a document prepared by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health in which it is projected that at least 28 million citizens will be infected by the virus. That could be conservative or on the up side. In any case there will hundreds of thousands will succumb to the disease. That would be a runaway massacre. What else can we call that? It is time now for all us who happened to be fortunate to have access to all kinds of mitigating means here in the Diaspora to reach out to those glorious and equally generous people. Let’s do in every way we can to help them in their effort to avert the slaughter or at least minimize it. What I would like to see is with our convenient store owners providing their expertise and access to various distributors and procure sanitary items like hand soaps and ship them in container loads addressed to the Ministry of Health. What I am hearing from the old country is even if residents live close to water resources like rivers soaps can be hard to come by and because frequent hand washing is the best way to prevent infection, each family needs more than one at all times. Our medical experts can add to the procurement list and we should start sending them all. Time is of the essence. The siren is on and blaring. If we look at the data made available by the most advanced country the death rate is between 1-3%. Even it wound up to remain at 1% with projected infection of 28 million citizens there will be more than 280,000 of them dying from it. I don’t want to think about the 2 or 3%. As of today the death rate in the USA(12,857 deaths in 400,540 total cases) is around 3.2% of the total cases. Spain has 10%. Italy has close to 13%. France is hovering around 10%. These are the most technologically advanced countries. That country still has many rural locations that are not easily accessible with many of them densely populated. This is going to be carnage. The devil is on the loose on humanity. He would like to have that blessed country that produced Negash, Bilal, Mary Magdalene and Mikaeel the Deacon as his prized trophy. Let’s stand up to the devil and help those upright and generous people. Let’s do this!!!!


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