Ethiopia: the hallucination of TPLF operatives from the diaspora is beyond redemption

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Only crime and criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core” ~ Hannah Arendt

Teshome Debalke

October 3, 2019

The recent Media campaign led by infamous Alula Solomon that claim to represent the Union of Tigrian in North American against modest reform of PM Abiy Ahmed illustrates how clandestine operatives of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) make jackasses out of themselves over-and-over again to fool Ethiopians all over again especially in the self-declared Tigray Region under North Korean style lockdown.

What is even more disheartening is the operatives intoxicated by power and corruption to slept on ethnic-apartheid-train-to-hell with their cheerleaders abroad not able to make decisions to stop or redirect nor jump out the train.  As the saying goes, ‘indecision is a decision’.

But again, you can’t blame them. The mother lode of all bad decisions to implement a colonial ideology of Apartheid on the people of Ethiopia by nonother than the Adowa Gang turn the ruling EPDRD member party brought what is often referred to as ‘unintended consequence’ of no-way-out as it was intended.

The American writer and management consultant on organizational behavior Margaret Wheatley wrote, “probably the most visible example of unintended consequence, is what happens every time humans try to change the natural ecology of a place”

After all, TPLF operatives have been playing deadly games for too long ‘to change the natural ecology of a place’ on behalf of their enablers. From helping makeup fairytale history of Ethiopia to instituting ethnic apartheid rule and the jungle justice, the war economy, the surveillance state backed by elaborate ethnic propaganda that came with it, they have no choice but to put ‘lipstick on a pig’ of their treacherous decisions.

Naturally, they didn’t, nor they were capable of to do it alone. From the old colonial powers, smalltime lawless Arab monarchs and military juntas to the new global do-gooders turn venture investors contributed greatly in their misadventure of 27-years.

More daunting is TPLF operatives in the free world that pride themselves in their own free will to endorse the atrocities, rights violation, corruption and racketeering committed by TPLF warlords as Revolutionary Democracy.

Activists wannabes are reduced to ethnic apartheid peddling clowns hiding behind make-believe institutions. Intellectual wannabes are turned in to mindless cadres manufacturing fairytales. Journalists wannabes are condensed to village comics making up stuff out of the blue sky. Investor wannabes are compressed to Mafia henchmen … As they say, never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig loves it.

Nothing seems to deter TPLF operatives in-and-out of the country to keep ethnic apartheid rule and the war economy going at the behest of their enablers.  Whether protesting warlords charged for atrocities, corruption and racketeering or instigating upheaval on the political, social, economic and security of the people and the nation, it seems nothing will change their willful delinquencies to sustain the status quo by any means at their disposal.

Voltaire once wrote, “it is forbidden to kill; therefore, all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to sound of trumpets.” It appears TPLF operatives are banking on the warlords killing in large numbers at the expense of Ethiopians they held hostage particularly in Tigray Region as a bargaining position to remain relevant.

The self-proclaimed spokespersons of the Union of Tigrayans in North America Alula Solomon recent rant on behalf of handful of TPLF warlords charged with crimes by associating them with the people Tigray they held hostage sounded as if he recently stumbled out of a jungle into civilization to insult the intelligence of the people of Ethiopia. But, the irony is, he lives in the free world enjoying freedom, rights, access to resources and modern technology he deprives his compatriots at home to stand behind the ‘Butchers of Ethiopia’ as opposing their victims — validating what Voltaire alluded and, the reality; uncivilized elites continued to drag the badly needed democratic reform to fool Ethiopians they have something worthy to offer.

What may drives them should remind Ethiopians what Amelia Broodryk and Hussein Solomon in a 2010 article titled ‘From War economics to Peace Economics in Africa published in the South Africa Journal of Military Studies. They wrote;

“One reason for persistence and protracted nature of conflict on the African continent is the phenomena of war economics. These have transformed the nature of war itself where the object is not at neutralizing an enemy but to institutionalize it at a profitable level of intensity.”

In a similar breath, the author of Warlord Democrats in Africa: ex-military leaders and electoral politics (2017) Anders Themner wrote;

“Postwar democratization has been identified as a crucial mechanism to build peace in war-ridden societies, supposedly allowing belligerents to compete through ballots rather bullets.”

… he went on,

“can warlord democrats make a positive contribution by shepherding their wartime constituencies to support the building of peace and democracy, or are they likely to use their electoral platform to sponsor political violence keep war-affected communities mobilized through aggressive discourse?”

Smalltime operatives Alula Solomon aside, no TPLF operative exhibited the highest moral cowardness and intellectual corruption in the war economy of Ethiopia than the infamous Dr. Mehari Muru.

In an August 2015 article titled “The Failure of TPLF to expand terrorism referred as ‘secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism’ in response to his Al Jazeera Op-ed piece we highlighted his vast often contradicting  role and credentials and, how low he was willing to go to push TPLF’s ‘war economies’ of terrorism cherry-picking facts and fictions.  Since the article, Maru showed up as an expert on many things and, most recently on Al Jazeera as a peace and security expert at European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

When war economics on terrorism is no longer feasible and profitable, it appears manufacturing ethnic extremism is the new war economics to keep the money flowing.

Take the recent Policy Paper from the European Institute of Peace (EIP) tittle “Preventing Violence in the Horn: The case of ethnic extremism in Ethiopia authored by Dr. Yonas Adaye Adeto that appeared conveniently.  According to EIP, the author is “Assistant Professor of Global Security and Peacebuilding in the Institute for Peace and Security Studies in Addis Ababa University and the Founding Director of IPSS (March 2007 – April 2009) and is currently Associate Academic Director in the same Institute since 2014.”

Unfortunately, the IPSS Dr. Yonas Adaye Adeto was a Founding Director in March 2007 is the same IPSS (Institute for Peace and Security Studies) Co-Founded by the same infamous Dr Mehari Maru of the then Director of A.A. University Reform that instituted Global Security and Peacebuilding Institute to end up as expert consultant in terrorism and peacekeeping at African Union and  peace and security fellow at NATO War College and a peace research fellow at European University Institute.

It seems there are too many peace and security institutes and expert in war economics of Ethiopia led by the usual suspects but, too little peace and security. If one cares to count the numbers of researchers and experts in peace and security financed by donors, you would think peace and security would be around the corner but, the reality shows otherwise. In fact, throw little dollars at contemporary dysfunctional intellectual elites, they do not ask why but how high to jump to keep the war economics going.

As expected, when the war economics on terrorism and peacekeeping run out of the dollar, manufactured “ethnic extremism” conveniently appeared from nowhere by the usual suspect.

The Nigerian social critic, freelancer and author Tony Osborg put it squarely; “if you are a Nigerian professor and your professorship can’t be felt particularly in Nigerian society, then to hell with your professorship”. It goes without saying in Ethiopian society too.

In the meantime, “warlord democrats” war economics “institutionalized at ‘a profitable level of intensity” so the developmental economics of corruption.

Take for instance Tigray Development Association (TDA) of Mekele, Ethiopia that claims 1 million members in Tigray and around the world without providing the year it was established nor disclosing how and where it gets funding.

According to CORHA Ethiopia, (“a Consortium of Reproductive Health Association”) in Addis Ababa, TDA was established in 1989 as a Non-governmental organization in Mekele with a vision and mission “to make Tigray prosperous, free from poverty and backwardness”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t square with how TDA can be established in the warzone of Mekele of 1989 Ethiopia to say more about the hide-and-seek dysfunctional elites that run CORHA Ethiopia with their own transgressions than TDA.

At the meantime, TDA North America (TDA-NA) official filing submitted to the IRS according to ProPublica reviles, TDA-NA is registered at 1150 Connecticut Ave NW STE 900, Washington, DC 20036-4129  as Tax-Exempt entity since July of 1990 with classification type: Promotion of international understanding in foreign affairs and national security showing  tax filing for only for five years  (2011-2016) out of its 29 years of its existence with a Total revenue of $927.049 for 2011 year from contribution and investment with a total asset of $190.066 to 2016 with a total revenue of $ 1, 713, 451K all from contribution with a total asset  of $418, 576.

Charitopedia put the same TDA-NA in Care of Name: Tedros T. Gebru. Address: 100 M St SE Ste 600 Washington, DC. Subsection: Charitable Organization. Classification/Affiliation:  Independent. Ruling Date 07/1990. Deductibility: Contribution is deductible. Foundation: Part of its support from a government unit or general public. Activity: Study and Research (non-scientific). Tax Period: 12/2018. Asset: $100,000 to $499,999. Income: $25000 to $99000. Asset Amount: $168,837. Income Amount: $87,507. National Taxonomy of Exempt Entity (NTEE): International, Foreign Affairs and National Security Promotion of International Understanding”.

It is not clear what TDA-NA has to do in “promotion of international understanding in foreign affairs and national security” and, whose foreign affairs and national security it is promoting in 1990 and not to mention contradicting CORHA Ethiopia’s claims it was established in 1989 in Mekele before TPLF came to the national seen in 1991 “to make Tigray prosperous, free from poverty and backwardness”.

Charitopedia also reports TDA-NA Financial Snapshot from 2005 with Revenue of $ 0 and Asset of 69, 798 through 2018 with Revenue of $87, 507 and Asset of $ 168, 837 with the highest Revenue of 2, 996,782,   Asset of $ 1,285, 010 and expense of $ 1,963, 282 for 2015 period followed by Revenue of $ 1, 713, 451 with Asset of $481, 576 and expense of 2, 516, 885 for 2016 period. It is not clear whether the 2015-16 revenues and expenses spike are related with the political turmoil that consumed TPLF led regime operatives in and out of the country.

At the meantime, TDA-UK (United Kingdom) that claim to be “established in 1989 by Tigrians living in UK with the aim of contributing to the rehabilitation of Tigray Region and raising awareness among the British public concerning issues of the region’s development endeavors” according to its official website – yet again in contradiction to its North American and Mekele TDA counterpart.

Yet again, according to ‘The History and Impact of Tigrai Development Association’ authored by a mysterious operatives by the name Hiruy Amanuel run blog (  TDA was “established in late 1991 in Washington, DC and worked to free Ethiopia’s Tigrai region from poverty and set it to the road to prosperity and in a few years its HQ was moved to Mekele” once again  in complete contradiction with all TDA outlets in-and-out of the country.

But, further search of Hiruy Amanuel background reviles, he is a high profile operative that claims to be a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist with investment interest in Ethiopia as a Co-Founder of Gebeya Inc. and Gebeya Media among other ventures as described in his new and improved blog ( since 2016.


The public record also shows, Hiruy pleaded guilty on one count of drug-related charges and was sentenced in the Federal Court of Oakland, California in 2010.  The Almanac Online Aug 2013 also Reports — “Hiruy Amanuel currently faces criminal charges in San Mateo County Superior Court in connection with a misdemeanor driving under the influence causing injury and a hit-and-run. In 2010, he pleaded guilty in federal court to a felony count of using a telephone to facilitate drug trafficking. Two related charges, of conspiracy to distribute and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, were dismissed as part of a plea agreement” – confirming his public record.”

In another separate criminal indictment of a hacker by a name Ross Colby, Palo Alto Online reported: “the hackers claim he committed the crime at the request of a convicted felon and former Melon Park resident, Hiruy Amanuel” allegedly to delete local Media that reported his criminal activities.   

Since Hiruy left the US to Ethiopia after his ordeal, News Blaze reported; “Dr. Baker Travels to Ethiopia to preform Root Canals on Hiruy Amanuel’s Dogs” responding to Hiruy’s Ad.

As bizarre as the report may be, it is not clear what Hiruy does for a living in Ethiopia that requires a US dentist to travel across the world to perform dental work on his dogs.  But, his several startup ventures in Ethiopia may explain the income he generates and, speaks volumes how a California based ‘venture capitalist’ from the diaspora operate to generate income in one of the poorest nations of Africa under political and economic turmoil and foreign aid to feed the people.  

Therefore, unlike hallucinating TPLF operatives in the diaspora like Alula Solomon of the Union of Tigrian in North America that was established over 44 years ago or all operatives instigated associations and business ventures that came later, the ‘war economics’ is real and visible for a necked eyes unlike make-believe Media want us to believe.

When the Ethiopian grassroot revolution brought Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed within the ruling ethnic apartheid party and blanketly acknowledged the atrocities, rights violations, corruptions and racketeering of his member parties’ operatives and vowed to bring about rule of law and dignify justice against the 27-year old rule of the jungle and injustice it did not seat well with mindless and lawless warlords and emissaries in-and-out the country that proclaimed to represent the people of Ethiopia in their respective self-designated ethnic Regions TPLF instigated particularly, the Tigray Region under North Korean style siege. As they say, the rest is history.

Therefore, the challenge upon the people of Ethiopia to end TPLF’s ‘war economics’ rests were the reform problem began going as Alula Solomon confess hiding behind Ethiopians in Tigray Region held hostage as oppose surrendering for the rule of law of the nation he hated to love.  After all, how else a TPLF operative accuse PM Abiy Ahmed who took full responsibility for the crimes of TPLF warlords against the people of Ethiopia?

That said, we got to give poor Alula credit for his bravery to come out in public and make a jackass out of himself on behalf of TPLF warlords to fool the people of Ethiopia once again. After all, no one knows why he lamps TPLF warlords’ crimes with the people of Tigray nor reviles members of the Unions of Tigrayans in North America he claims to represent if they ever exist in the first place.

The sooner the Free Press find out, the sooner the reform achieves its goals and the better the people of Ethiopia would be.

The Arabian proverb says; lying and stealing are next-door neighbors. Whether on social Media and Make-believe Media or conferences gathering of one kind or another at home or in the diaspora, the reform must make lying and stealing next-door neighbors and the make-believe Medias that cover for them illegal. Otherwise, they will make the situation worse.

As Mark Twain said, “it is easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled.” It is a matter of time the fooled people to find out and all operatives to run for the hill and claim; Jesus will forgive them for their atrocities and corruption as well as for the coverups they continued to perpetuate.

As they say, ‘It ain’t over ‘till it is over…

This article is dedicated to Ethiopians that expose operatives that continue to fool the people of Ethiopia and the world to sustain their onslaught.  



  1. Dear Teshome,

    This person’s life is a house of cards. They don’t want to believe that TPLF is gone forever and the people of Tigray are too smart to be associated and die with TPLF. Alula and others are the poster children of TPLF corruption and soon they are learning that the bank account is drying up. The corrupt TPLF government institutions including the Ethiopian embassies abroad that gave them cover for their corrupt activities abroad are not serving them now. Recently they have started milking the Tigray diaspora under the pretext of a narrow nationalist song. But for how long? The Federal government should tighten the rope and find out about all loopholes the corrupt TPLF messengers are benefiting from, including EFFORT that is financing their wicked activities. If necessary it should bring them to the court of law.

  2. Teshome Debalke
    are you intendng to persuade readers of your hallucinated ideology and hate propaganda by prolonging your article self-contraditory points and gibberish talk.

    nonsense pedantc writer . You are just gathering articles from here and there that doesn’t add up at all. Go to school.

    IN the first place, you said Alula is clandestine. Who are you . Do you get papers presenting your false claim that TPLF has raped you in prison or you cliam you that your sexual orientation is not living you to stay safely in ethiopia; I do know many neftegn a who succeed with thier claim of being homsexual and lesbien falsely.

  3. amhara

    you seem to be created to invent lies and hate speech. donot you think that you could come up with ideas that can change your hungerstricken amhara living in gonder and gojam constantly asking for help ???

    koshahsha aneshoch kitregna worada telkasha leba yareb telalaki

    Including your priests and bishops , you are worshipping demons and devil himslef; Many of your debteras and bishops recite greeting of devil and demons to stay in power and destroy others.

    There is no longer memories of God in your blank church.

  4. amhara

    you seem to be created to invent lies and hate speech. donot you think that you could come up with ideas that can change your hungerstricken amhara living in gonder and gojam constantly asking for help ???

    koshahsha aneshoch kitregna worada telkasha leba yareb telalaki

    Including your priests and bishops , you are worshipping demons and devil himslef; Many of your debteras and bishops recite greeting of devil and demons to stay in power and destroy others.

    There is no longer memories of God in your blank church.

    when you gusy target someone to defame him it is a complete indication that you are traumatized and terrorized by his grace , peaceful and productivitve activities.

  5. Dear Professors Alemayehu G. Mariam

    zerebis zeregnaw amhara niftemu

    your evidences are written and organized by neftegna amhara professors lived in US. You will see if you are fortunate to stay for ages to come . Amharan or oromo leaders wil destroy ethiopia; There will not be agood time for years to come and you will constantly say it was laid and perpetrated by TPLF as there is no one to blame except TPLF before your damn eyes.

    Thank you zeregnaw

  6. Dedeb and savage woyane,

    Deciding ones sexual orientation is a basic human right and should be left to the individual.It has nothing to do with ethnicity as I know several Tigre lesbians and homosexuals which I do not have a problem with. It appears that you are proud of the rampant raping of fellow Ethiopians in the woyane prison.How savage are you? You may be physically here in the civilized Western world, but your mentality is the same as your dumb and savage woyane comrades.

  7. meseret are scam and manlike cannibals born to amhara murderers

    you call your masters civilized, since you are living as a slave in a civilzed world who kill men for body organ and expermentation. It is a good job to give testimony for your masters as you are banda selay agershach ye minilike , homosexual, lijjj.

    you are lesbian i know but you have a right to do as you lke

    You defame tigray bishops and monks as homosexuls just for political gain .

    However, as far as I knew it cosel , many amhara bishops and priests are worshippers of devil to get money and hold power. Do some resaerch you will find the truth.

    You defamed TPLF as member of 666, but you have many amhara who work for 666 illuminat section in US and southafrica.

    Many amhara magicians advise thier clients to kill children and stranger , bury them at home or backyard.

    Funny gruseome story of amhara region.

  8. no matter how you bent your neck and stick your eyes on your textbooks and be able to study at harvard or howard University, YOu will never ever be like Alula and retain his unique talents.

    Talents are not taught in School no matter how you pay excessive and brutal school fee to fake universities selling papers

    Amahra is amhara , donkey instinctively know braying and farting , bloodshedding , murdering and defaming innocent people.

    change your outdated barin . perhaos the civilized world torturing you in thier own opencell they will help you changing your rotten mind.

    workhard in providing classified info to westerners since you are locked in a mixed interracial marriage.

    We no longer call you habesha but dikalalaaaaaa

  9. ye ethiopia orthodox church is full of memete ; ganen sabi and killers

    wushetam fake yehaste nebyoch and bahitawyan targeting racial based hate speech like behitawi emahooy wezete tenkuwayoch

    zar wulaj hula

    all amhaara priests are tenkoyoch

    ti is better to have inspector as father confessor than amhara bishop and priests

    we have sen many gay priests from amhara ask and do research with addis abab poolis

  10. Wow the signs of northerns coming unhinged is evident in the comments above.
    I have read both articles by The Professor and Debalke.
    When I follow the contacts and links all based on facts.
    To bad some northerns are having to swallow the Realty Pill.
    What will they do when also the Economy is cleansed from their Mafia network in the coming Year.
    Let’s hope they will finally see the light and seamier down and start speaking Amharic with perfect accent to blend in.

  11. “…TDA was established in 1989 as a Non-governmental organization in Mekele with a vision and mission “to make Tigray prosperous, free from poverty and backwardness”.
    From TDA they created EFFORT and they controlled Ethiopian economy sectors to their own family elite (Seye then Sibhat then Azeb) and cadre followers… still the proud people of Tigray is still on Safety Net foreign grain subsidize— after 17 plus 28 years monopoly corrupt administration of TPLF.

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