Ethiopia to fill Nile dam in July even if ‘no agreement reached’

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We stand in solidarity with government, people of Sudan at time of transition, beyond, says premier Abiy Ahmed

Addis Getachew

Ethiopia on Friday voiced solidarity with Sudan in its ongoing period of political transition.

“We stand in solidarity with the government and people of Sudan at this time of transition and beyond,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said during the Sudan Partnership Virtual Conference.

The conference, according to local broadcaster Fana, was organized to mobilize international support for Sudan.

Abiy also commended his Sudanese counterpart Abdalla Hamdok and the co-conveners of the conference for hosting the gathering to mobilize political and financial support for Sudan.

“I would also like to recognize the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for this expressed commitment and encourage him to be a catalyst for UN member states’ support to Sudan,” he was quoted as saying.

Ethiopia was on the forefront during deliberations in Africa to press the US to lift sanctions imposed against Sudan.

In March, the US’ Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) lifted sanctions against 157 Sudanese institutions.

Sudan was placed on the US’ list of countries sponsoring terrorism in 1993 over accusations of supporting terrorist groups.

In 1997, Washington imposed economic sanctions on Khartoum and tightened them a year later after attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.


  1. Yes sir!!!! Tell him boss!!! It’s been futile trying to make sense with the megalomaniac in Al-Qahirah. Reasoning is all lost in him. The wannabe bully in Cairo reminds me of an employee who used to work for the former railroad company Chemin de Fer. It was in one of those small railway stations from my childhood years. His job title was known as ‘bombiye’. I think it originated from a French term for someone who pumps water. May be it should have been said as ‘pompiye’. I’m not that well versed in French but that was what employees like him used to be called wherever there was a water tower. One of the fringe benefits of the old railway is there were water pump stations at many of those stop-overs. The water was pumped out of the deep wells nearby. It was clean and safe as tab water. The bombiye gets up very early to fire up the motor and the pumpIng was done until the water tower is full around 11AM. There was a fountain which was always locked. The only person who had the key was the bombiye. Everyone used to line up and waiting for that water lord to come by and open up the spigot. One particular bombiye was a cry baby and a sadist one. He used to take his Sweet time by dragging his feet while everyone is standing there in a scorching sun. He held the key to the fountain and there was no other choice but to wait. Others before him were very nice people but this one hated everyone that turned himself into a sadist. But one day the anger boiled over and the residents had to call in the police officer and he gave him a stern warning. The officer then reported him to his employee and which transferred the bombiye to other jobs far away from our village. That is what el-Sisi wants to be now. He knows very well that the dam is ready for filling. He knows that. He is not that stupid. He wants to be handed over the main key to the dam. If he fails to get that, which will never happen, be ready for other stupid demands from him or his successors. You will hear how much of it’s GDP Egypt has lost because of the dam. That will be told in billions. In US dollars that is. Military option will be a disaster for Egypt and Sudan. They will end up losing the Blue Nile and all of its tributaries. Forever that is. Ok Mr. bombiye wannabe!!! Keep dancing!!!

  2. Go! Abiy, go! There is no looking back. The Arabs dream is to destroy Ethiopia, not to make a fair deal. That is as clear as daylight. All their sabotages and propaganda against Ethiopia have been going on since time immemorial because of Blue Nile water. They do not even want to admit it originates from Ethiopia. That is how stupid they are.
    There were two big rivers near where I was born. They dried up about 50 years later from the time I knew them. The same thing could happen to Blue ( Abay ) River if we and the downstream riparian countries do not take care of it jointly. All the fight will be for naught.
    We will be better off to work together for our survival instead of shenanigans on the part of Egypt.

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