Ethiopian Defense Minister Opposes Premier’s Party Merger Plan

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is facing opposition from one of his closest allies in his proposal to merge the ruling coalition into a new party.

Lemma Megersa Photographer: Zacharias Abubeker/AFP via Getty Images

Defense Minister Lemma Megersa said he disagrees with the rushed merger of political parties, according to an interview with the Voice of America. Lemma is the deputy chairman of Abiy’s Oromo Democratic Party.

Lemma said he also opposes Abiy’s new philosophy to unite the country, called “Medemer,” directly translated as “to add.”

Lemma’s comments come ahead of general elections expected in 2020, raising more challenges to the success of a new unity party. The merger has the support of all coalition members, even though it faced opposition from Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which was a former leading member.

The ruling coalition has been in power for 30 years in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister has vowed the general election would be democratic.


  1. The Lema Magresa the Defence Minister is the latest stone thrown on the path of Dr. Abiye Ahmed to transcend and transform Ethiopia to UNITY in DIVERSITY beyond Ethnic policies.

    Ethnic politics is for power and self esteem based on religious division and emotional appeals very momentary. Not in totality for whole Ethiopia.

    Not a long lasting structural reform that Dr. Abiye Ahmed has embarked upon.

    So Dr. Abiye will make steps of ladder from the stones being thrown at him first by TPLF then Jawar Mohamed and now Lemea the summit .

    These ethnic actors are perpetrating

    Ethnic federalism is a cancer and must be banned before Ethiopia the country disintegrates beyond recognition.

    If extremists from every group don’t want to live in peace, they are more than welcome to move to another planet where they can live faraway from human civilization.

    Ethiopians are tired of all types of ethnic thugs, including the perpetrators of the Ethiopiawent scam.

    Dr. Abiye Ahmed is the choosen Divine Delegate to endure all threats abuses and stone being thrown at him.

    The final victory of Dr. Abiye Ahmed is decreed and sanctioned by the Divine and so his single point agends is unity in diversity.


  2. This young man, Obbo Lemma, is entitled to his opinion. If democracy is to take roots in the country such reality must be present and practices in functioning parties first. Opposite ideas should be allowed without any retribution. When majority rules by recognizing the rights of a minority of opposition then we can start talking democracy. The minority has the due diligence to carry out the decisions passed with a majority vote. Also, his rights to disassociate himself from the party should be protected. He can join other parties or found a new one, run for a public office as a party member. The rights to run an office should belong to anyone who meets the criteria set by the law of the land. If you are a felon then you should not be allowed to run in the election. Obbo Jawar has the same rights also. He is not a convicted felon in a court of law. In fact, it seems to me that Obbo Jawar has become the golden boy of the West. He might have been picked as a backup just in case. The Wahhabis seem to be very excited about him.

    In lights of the recent overwhelming support for the merger by both ODB & ADP I don’t think Obbo Lemma will make any headway in his effort. I have said this many times before. The national question has been amicably resolved since 1995, bigots and separate republic mongers notwithstanding.

    But this man had the guts and conviction to come out saying it is right to be an Ethiopian when Oromos like me and him were not ‘allowed’ to even think about saying that. Bigots prefer ‘Abyssinian Empire’. Didn’t he say that to be and think as an Ethiopian is an addiction no one can shrug it off? He is a good son of all Ethiopians and his rights to differ must be recognized and respected. That is how we can tell finally democracy has come to the land of Nejashi(Negash), Bilal ibn Rabah and Mary Magdalene.

  3. Notwithstanding the magnitude of his contribution dethroning TPlF , his public
    rejection of Medemer and the formation
    Of Prosperity party, has the potential
    Of triggering multiple center of power
    Which will lead to collapse of the central government, emergence of mini states …
    Blood shade no one will emerge a winner.
    Jawar and his anarchists will celebrate.
    Profoundly disturbing Lemma opted to side with them.If we cant trust Lemma, which promo leader can we trust.

  4. A lesson is that the elites should first agree within themselves before going to public cause. Conspiracy like politics is leaving the country hapless.


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