Ethiopian gov’t to increase women participation in UNISFA

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Ethiopian peacekeepers in Abyei on 14 August 2016 (UNISFA photo

December 14, 2019 (ABYEI) – The Ethiopian government has pledged its commitment to increase women participation in United Nations peacekeeping in line with the Secretary General initiatives on Action For peace (A4P) on Women, Peace and Security, saying the role of Women in UN peacekeeping operations is also the priority in the Ethiopian peacekeeping efforts as the leading country in women contribution for the UN peacekeeping missions.

The Ethiopian ambassador to Sudan, Shferaw Jarso announced this while addressing the While addressing the Ethiopian 21 Battalion at Athony Battalion Headquarters, located 10km south of Abyei town.

“I would like to reiterate my country’s unwavering commitment to the UN peacekeeping efforts and determined to provide well-trained and equipped uniformed personnel, with increased participation of women and support the UN peacekeeping efforts in partnership with other Troop and Police Contributing Countries,” he said.

UNISFA’s acting Head of Mission and Force Commander, Major General Mehari Zewde Gebremariam said the troops to remain focused and dedicated while implementing their mandated task and to ensure that they follow the principals of integrity and impartiality.

He said tasks undertaken by the battalion, which include patrols, escorts, safeguarding of UN property and protection of civilians, road and camp construction and maintenance were performed with the highest dedication, despite the harsh weather conditions.

Gebremariam also pointed out that currently, Ethiopia is the leading troop contributing country with more than 7,000 troops, with varying levels of involvement in different peacekeeping missions with a special focus on the IGAD region.

Ethiopia is sole troop contributor of UNISFA of which 55% of Ethiopia’s global UN peace keeping operation deployed in this (UNISFA) mission.

About 1,650 peacekeepers, amongst them Four Generals and 32 officers were decorated with UN medals in recognition of their disciplined and meritorious service.


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One Response to Ethiopian gov’t to increase women participation in UNISFA

  1. I am 100 percent sure that our women will do a commendable job in their mission even better than their male counterpart!!! Such news bear more than just news of what happened but it also carries news of attestation of indisputable qualification by our women. They have been qualified to carry out any assignment including leadership both in politics and economy since the beginning of time in our history but they were brutally denied of such opportunity by us irreparably oppressing men!!! Look at some of them excelling in now!!! But they achievements are not being told as they should in our media.

    Dear editors of this esteemed website!!! You know me by now that I have nothing but love and respect for you. Please let me have the privilege of picking a bone or two with you(in a friendly way). I politely ask you to search for our accomplished women who are making news in their profession here in the west and also in the old country and post them here. You have the qualifications and the connection to sniff out such news more than we do. I just read one such news about our dear countrywoman Rediet Abebe and extraordinary accomplishment on another website. Get this!! She is the first black woman to earn a PHD in computer science from Cornell University. That is not alone. She has a long ‘rap sheet’ of other achievements under her belt!!! But be prepared and stay alert talking to her!! Codeshare? She had that for her breakfast a long time ago!!! AI(That is Artificial Intelligence)? She may tell you what you will be thinking 20 years from now!!! And there is another such countrywoman just as sharp as a tack!!! I read about her story on another website sometime ago and her name is Timnit. AI is all her language, baby!!! I am sure there are plenty of our women whose far reaching accomplishments in various fields are not told and tucked under the rug. You should dig out such stories and tell us about them!!! Meanwhile, please allow me to say a word or two to Rediet bint Abebe and through her to all our countrywomen!!!

    What uplifting news! What did I tell you about the capabilities of our women? All they need is opportunity and they are like ‘they can’t stop us now!’ I wish this very accomplished scientist cross path with that bigot Satoshi Kanazawa so she can give him the stare down he deserves. You know, that unique stare our women are known for when they are justifiably upset: That stare of death!!!

    I am madly proud of you dear Rediet bint Abebe!!! Go get’em tigress!!!

    Ittu Aba Farda
    December 15, 2019 at 4:52 pm

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