Ethiopian intelligence says it arrests dozens of suspected al-Shabaab, ISIS members “planing to carry out attacks”

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Addis Abeba, September 23/2019 – The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) said on Saturday September 21 that it has captured various groups of suspected al-shabaab and ISIS members on a mission to carry out terrorist attacks on various targeted areas in Ethiopia, including the capital Addis Abeba. NISS’ statement attributed the coordinated effort by domestic and foreign security and intelligence apparatus.

Pictures published on local radio station, EthioFM, along with the news of the arrest of suspected Al-Shabaab and ISIS members

The foreign security and intelligence apparatus attributed as having supported the arrest includes the US, Italy, France, Spain, Djibouti, Somaliland, and Puntland.


According to NISS, the first group dispatched by al-shabaab was led by an individual called Muhamed Abdulahi Dulet, known by his alias, Yahya Ali Hassen. The group entered Addis Abeba via Djibouti and was studying, photographing and documenting targeted areas in the capital including places where people frequent, religious celebrations and hotels. The group was arrested in Bole area in the capital.

Other people linked to the one led by Muhamed Abdulahi Dulet but were based in Djibouti were also arrested in Djibouti in a joint operation. They include Abduk Mohammed Hussien and Redwan Mohammed along with a third individual and a member of Al-Shabbab who is known by his alias Simter Mohammed Iman Yusuf, NISS said.

The other group dispatched by Al-Shabaab include a group that originated from southern Somalia and entered Hargeisa, in the Republic of Somaliland and were attempting to coordinate with yet another terrorist group readying to enter Ethiopia. This group include Yishak Ali Aden and Aden Muhammed Mohammed the later known by his alias name as Aden Boray, all key members of the group and were trained as suicide bombers. NISS said they were apprehend in joint operation with Somaliland intelligence.

Among this group detained in Somaliland Yishak Ali Aden was detained carrying an ID card under a different name, Ibrahim Ali Aden, which was issued by Boh Wereda, whereas Aden Muhammed Mohammed (Aden Boray) was caught with two separate bank accounts holding more than 2.5 million birr at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, which was intended to finance the terrorist operation.

In addition to that among groups which already entered Ethiopia with similar mission included Eid Mohammed Ali, who was apprehended in Somali regional state, Chercher zone, Ararso Wereda; Bashir Osman Abdi, who was apprehended in Somali regional state, Fik area; as well as Osman Ali Hussien, who was apprehended in Moyale city, Oromia regional state.


In a related development, NISS said that a group consisting of suspected ISIS members was arrested in Addis Abeba Bole area after a coordinated effort by the local intelligence and security apparatus. According to the statement, Fai’d Abshir Yesuf, a member of ISIS who entered Ethiopia via Hargeisa, Somaliland, was arrested in Bole area in Addis Abeba. Other members of this group were also detained in West Emi woreda of Afder zone in Somali regional state. Among them is Muhmud Guhad Budil. Another suspected member of ISIS, Seid Omer Shibeshi was also detained by security forces in Awash area. Several materials including communication equipment were also apprehended, NISS said.

The operation, which NISS said was a vast operation, to apprehend the suspected terrorist cells included members of the national defense force, federal police, regional security as well as foreign intelligence apparatus. It also acknowledged community cooperation in forwarding information.

NISS also said that it has shared several vital intelligence in connection with the arrests with 16 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. AS


  1. Kimant and Agew people are now tortured , killed and abused by Amahra elites , Fano militia and ABN etc burned alive

    is amhara authorised to commit genocide on Kimant and Agew ?

    victimes over 550,000 by fano and ABN

  2. The rounding up of terrorists in the capital and other places of the region is an uplifting news for me. It has always been my fear that in such environment of some much nonsense bickering and fracas, such evil elements may find an opening and capability to carry out their destructive bloody act over there. But that gem of the colored, the mosaic of humanity continues to be just that very tough cookie for the darasaas of the Wahhabis. That shows the people of the old country(except the bigots) are still in their union to thwart such a sophisticated plot. Without that Somali who mans the check points in his region, without that Amhara who watches everything that passes through his border towns like a hawk, without that Oromo who looks at you as if you owe him some money when you come through his barricades in Moyale, without that fire spitting Afar who makes you melt when passing through his domicile, without that ready to go off Tigre whose eye can pierce through your attire whenever you come close to his borders, this feat could not have happened. Thanks to such ever alert and ingenious guards, the citizens of the capital and other major cities/towns are sleeping safe and sound. All glory to all them!!

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