Ethiopian-owned shops looted in South Africa Greater Edendale areas

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RESIDENTS in the Greater Edendale areas, including Umbali­ Unit 14, Ashdown and Dambuza, looted and vandalised foreign­-owned shops on Wednesday.

This took place after xenophobic attacks extended to Pietermaritzburg on Wednesday.

Salons and many foreign-owned shops were closed after foreigners were tipped off that the attacks would move to the city.

Police issued a statement saying that no one was injured in the attacks. Echo spoke to an Ethiopian national who had his shop looted on Wednesday night.

Manistu Almarl said they broke into his shop and stole everything. He believes this activity was prompted by the xenophobic attacks that took place in town. Almarl said he is scared to live in South Africa after what he has seen on television.

“I immigrated to South Africa because of the war between Ethiopia and Somalia. I was hoping for a better life, but what I am seeing is the total opposite of what I had wished for.

“People are different – some of them take us as their brothers, but others treat us like animals. They argue that we sell goods at cheaper prices­ compared to South African prices in their spaza shops. The difference is not that much when comparing­ their prices to ours.”

Another Ethiopian national, Abraham Kabedu said he was chased away by wars in Ethiopia. He rents a flat in town with his four brothers, but admitted there are many Ethiopians who have flocked to South Africa for safety reasons and a better life.

“What we are witnessing is scary and it leaves us with many questions. South Africa is becoming like Ethiopia – why are they attacking people of their own skin colour. We are not here with bad intentions, we are here to better our lives.”

In France, phase two location, some foreign-owned shops were looted and most were closed, as was in Dambuza location.

Aaron Tuckshop, owned by a foreign national was looted and the shop vandalised on Wednesday night.

Dambuza location ward councillor Mtuza Mkhize, at a meeting in the Dambuza community hall on Thursday, condemned the looting saying they were barbaric.

The KwaZulu-Natal Media Centre spokesperson Colonel Thulani Zwane said police are monitoring areas­ that have been reported as hot spots of xenophobic attacks since Wednesday

Source: News24

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