Ethiopian Party Seeks New Alliances After Rejecting Prime Minister’s Unity Party

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A leading member of Ethiopia’s former ruling coalition is seeking fresh alliances after it rejected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s new unity party ahead of elections this year.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF, said the Prosperity Party, which set out to merge members of the now defunct Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, poses a “clear difference of purpose.” The new formation has eight parties including three members of the EPRDF, formerly a TPLF-controlled rebel group that governed Ethiopia since Mengistu Haile Mariam’s Marxist regime was overthrown in 1991.

The unity party as part of Abiy-led reforms in Ethiopia envisions fair representation of the Horn of Africa country’s ethnic groups.

The TPLF leadership is considering strategic relationships with other “federalist forces as a forum, coalition or a front,” it said in a statement on its Facebook page after a meeting on Sunday.

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  1. I don’t see any problem with this decision by the deacons of Mao. They have the rights to choose between joining and not joining the new party. There will be several others that may not join the new PP forever and that should be respected. But what they should not and cannot do is to use their new position to seed violence in the country. It is sad though to see such noble people of Tigray are caught up in this. Some of their children who grew up astray raising the name of The Lord in vain since the 1970’s have wrestled away the ruling mantle to do whatever they wish in their glorious name. This should be taken as an enduring lesson to others in the country in that once smart alecks are on top it will not be that easy to dismount them. Just look around in the entire hood!!!

    BTW, when did the commies replace their much loved scarf in red color by the pink ones we see them all in this picture? When did that happen? Is pink now the new red? They did not tell us and someone among is gonna make a stink on this one!!! Was Kim un-Jong consulted about this change in attire? What is new, right? Commies are famous in making changes whenever they feel like it and don’t give a flying diddly about anyone about it!!! Them slackers!!!!

    I remember what one countryman told me during the later part of the 1960’s about one of the early commie converts who happened to be one of the leaders at the university there. He told me how that commie was so fearless and dedicated to the struggle that he wore a red tie to prove it. It was during my vacation time and one day we two were walking on the main street in the piassa area when my friend exclaimed in excitement. He went ‘there he is, there he is!! Look at his red tie!!!’ I still remember how that young man was posing by standing right outside a small pastry shop. He was wearing casual with a glaring red tie on a shirt that did not even match. I had found that hilarious but I did not make any comment fearing that might offend my gullible friend. It shows you what international commie conspirators found in the old country, a vast inventory of clean slate and gullible minds in our youth. Those commie connivers had managed to secure respectable jobs at the university and other outfits. They managed to inject their Marxist/Leninist poison on the eager-to-learn minds of our young people and then it all began to unravel. Those conniving commies left the country after making sure the fire was lit!!! They have been deafening us with their tall tales over the years since then. They had played the class card and then the ethnic card. They love the ethnic one most. They claim to know more than anyone of us about our own ethnicity.

    Wait a minute! Did I see a red square in Chairman Mao’s, excuse me, Chairman Debre’s chest pocket a red square? A memento from the Long March days? I tell you, old habit die hard!!!

    Remember, pink is the new commie red!!!!!

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