Ethiopian politicians should agree a transition period, and use it wisely

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  1. The article is a well written one with good substance. My worries is that not every registered party will be able to carry out an unhindered campaign from Dewele to Asosa and from Moyale to the Northern most location of the country. We already hear reports of disruptions and physical assault. No region has been innocent from the foul behavior of vagabonds running unchecked everywhere. In my book, even if a legal party founded by the former native soldiers of Mussolini wants to run a campaign in any one of the regions, they will have the right to do so. Their fate should be decided at the ballot box but not by neighborhood bullies. If the black mane lions want to run for leadership under the campaign motto ‘we want to be fed more zebras’ they can do that as long as they are in a legally registered party. It will be up to the zebras to come up with their own party to counter that. If someone is out there to cause harm to legally registered groups he/she don’t like, the government has the obligation to safeguard the security of all competing/functioning parties. Showing off red berets is not enough. They have to earn their wage paid by every productive and tax paying citizen of the country. No the cardinal question is: Is the current regime well enough and unified to provide such security to every candidate everywhere? I don’t about that. I may be wrong but I am not sure about that. Can an Afar candidate running as a member of a multi-ethnic party go on a campaign trail anywhere in the Somali regions? Can a Somali do the same in the Afar region any time between now and the Election Day in 2020? The same goes to others. Thanks to the hate mongers who have been honing their poisonous tongues here, Asmara, Al-Qahirah, Europe and some missionary canteens at some joints, the soil there is heavily contaminated with their toxic diatribes. The old country, that gem of the colored is crying for a miracle. Let’s go down on our knees and pray for the level heads’ victory over these evils.

  2. BTW, what a choice of a photo by the very capable author of this article!!!! Who is that person sitting at the center? Can you name those in the photo for me from left to right? Did somebody get caught red handed? Ok, Ummmm! You know what? No wonder why… No, I am not gonna say that!!! No, no, no! Not now! I’ll save that for a later date.

  3. I understand the good intention of the writer. However, the tragic situation which the country finds itself in is created by the ruling clique in the first place. The clique now on power, the OPDO/ODP and the BeADEN/ADP, especially in Oromia, foresaw loss of power to the opposition and went on to massively hinder the movement of the opposition and even put some parts of the country under state of emergeny unconstitutionally. OPDO hindered the disarmament and integration of OLF combatants through pure Machiavelian mischief. It sent sharp shooters in secret to liquidate prominent members of OLA during the disarmament undertaking supervised by Abba Gadaas, upon which the fighters refused to disarm.

    Worse still, the narcissist PM is drumming up to put the roadmap of the Unitarists, namely the dissolution of the existing federal structure and forming a unitary state, a no go for the ethno-nationalists.

    Under such circumstance, surely the people in general and the opposition in particular have no trust in this ruling clique, which has only maintaining political power in mind. Saving the country from collapse is not on the radar of the clique who wants to cling to power into the abyss.

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