Ethiopians in D.C launch a multilingual public opinion platform in Ethiopia

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The launch of a public opinion research platform dedicated to social, business and political topics in Ethiopia, The objective is to help fill the public opinion data gap that is observed in Ethiopia, both in the private and public sectors. Our surveys will focus on current social, business, and political issues in the country. A crucial feature of our platform is, it allows respondents to take our surveys in English and local languages. Currently, people can take our surveys either in Amharic, Affan Oromo, or English.
Presently, we are running the following three surveys: the upcoming Ethiopian election, on what the government’s priorities need to be, and on the state of the Ethiopian economy. Please share within your circle and help us grow the service. Please feel free to reach out with further questions.
Thank you in advance
Tsegaye Yilma Dessalegn (PhD)
CEO and Founder

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