Ethiopia’s 900-year-old Shonke village on a mountain – BBC

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Shonke village is a 900-year-old settlement on the top of a mountain in Ethiopia’s Amhara region.

Residents say they prefer their traditional stone-built homes to Ethiopia’s “shining cities”.

About 20 generations have lived in the village, but residents now say half of the village’s estimated households have left in search of farmlands down the hill.

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  1. Many city dwellers including me wish I had the kind of life the Shonke villagers had. I would not have moved to foreign land in exile if I was from Shonke .Sadly I was from Nazret the hiv capital, TPLF crimes against humanity looting center and sin City capital, where previously red terror ,now displacement by ODP’s mayor backed Querro before Shabiya crimes then Shabiya’s crimes replaced by TPLF puppet mayor with discrimination was part of my daily life, which made people like me that is not a looter giving up and going in the exile to foreign lands.

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