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  1. All ethnicities that don’t got their own states or that do not administer themselves already (including federal cities) , need to be able to hold a referendum for statehood otherwise ethnic federalism must get abolished in the entire country.

    The population explosion boom by those trying to be awarded their own state is creating complications that the country is unable to resolve.
    Ethiopian ethnicities and federal cities should not be evaluated by Population census count size inorder to get their own states.
    Meles Zenawi’s biased statehood awarding system need to get amended quickly or it needs to get abolished totally once and for all quickly.

    1. @Someone

      Tamrat Layne is the culprit that labeled many ethnic groups as “ANASAS” to deny them statehoods, while awarding statehoods only to those ethnic groups which he did not label as “ANASAS”.

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