Ethnic Amharas  in Oromiya Regional State at Risk of Genocide   (By Meskerem Abera)

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By Meskerem Abera

The incumbent government ruling over Ethiopia is headed by an Oromo prime minister, Abiye Ahmed ,who won Nobel Peace prisze of 2019. The coming in to power of this Oromo prime minister is the aftermath of the mass resentment done against brutal and corrupted rule of Tigrian minority ganga under the leadership of TPLF(Tigrian Peoples Liberation Front).The mass resentment had been mainly launched  by Ethnic Oromo and Amhara youths and politicians who assumed that they  were overruled and marginalized  by Tigrian minority rule for nearly quarter a century.

Soon after the downfall of TPLF, the Oromo nationalist who had converged with Amharas to fail TPLF started to divided  in two camps. The first camp wishes to supplant Oromo dominance in the place of Tigrian dominance and do not want to see ethnic Amhara officials’ visibility at the federal level of government. This camp of Oromo nationalism, Championed by Jawar Mohammod, allude Amharas as old oppressors of Oromos who imposed Ethiopia on Oromos and consider Amharas as enemy number one of Oromos, even more foe than TPLF. This camp of Oromo nationalism holds sizable amount of Diaspora Oromo intellectuals, activists and Oromo Youth at home.

The second camp of Ormomo nationalism is headed by the incumbent prime minister Abiye Ahmed who is trying to  forge the Oromo-Amhara alliance and consider this alliance as a bedrock to  the furtherance of Ethiopian statehood. This camp is nascent version of ormomo nationalism which do not backed by many Oromos except meager number of Oromos most of which are members of ODP.

The first camp of Oromo nationalism championed by Jawar Mohammod, Ethiopian born strident Oromo nationalist holding American passport, are castigating  their co-ethnic prime minister Abiye Ahmed as disciple of Amharas, assume power to execute the political agenda of Amharas and wish to be surrounded by Amharas at the federal level of government. Hence, this camp assumes Amharas are usurpers of the revolt dominantly accomplished by Oromos; prominent personalities of this camp officially declare this through Oromo media outlets.

Such caustic propaganda  of strident Oromo nationalists  drag the Oromo youth away from the centerist political path of Abiye Ahmed and push in to fanatic Oromom nationalism which usually is manifested by killing Amharas living in Oromiya region. Even worse, strident Oromo nationalists lead by Ethiopian born American citizen Jawar Mohammod, refer Amharas living in Oromia as settler colonialists who came to Oromia so as to exploit Oromos and the resource of Oromiya. In the same token, Ethnic Gamos peopled in Oromiya region are recently labeled as settlers who came to exploit Oromiya and became victims of xenophobia. Such xenophobic sentiment of Oromos recently sharpened and deepened to take religious character of attacking all Christians considering Christian is tantamount to Amhara.

The cumulative effect of all these virulent propaganda put the life of Amharas living in Oromoiya region of highest risk that might develop in  to open ethnic cleansing and  genocide. What makes the condition more scary is the security apparatus of Oromiya region such as the special police force of Oromiya shares this sentiment of considering Amharas as colonizers and old oppressors that need to be cleaned from Oromiya. Hence, the security apparatus of  Oromomiya region has been observed backing with fanatic and violent Oromo youth nationalist by action or inaction to attack Amharas. The action is by collaborating Oromo nationalist youth in attacking Amharas and the inaction is looking Indifferently while Amharas are killed and their belongings are burnet by Oromo nationalists. Let alone ordinary security officials, the head of Oromiya regional state, Shemeles Abdissa, is not immuned from the archaic  sentiment of considering Amharas as enemy number one of Oromos; he publicly announced that Amharas are now broken by Oromos and he reiterate loud as he is proud of Oromos who broke the spine of Amharas.

The international community, human right organizations and every single advocate of human rights need to be aware of such ripe hovering condition of Genocide against Amharas living in Oromiya region. It has been long since every instability developed in Oromia region start to harm the Amahras  right to live in Oromiya region. At this moment due to the disarray created in Oromiya region by the cause to which Amharas have no part, Amharas are being killed, robbed and their houses are burnt. Oromo government officials who are indifferent to the plight of Amhara peoples under their realm tend to whitewash the genocide condition as a mere discord. They do not want to call the problem by its right name, genocide risk against Amharas. This does not change the reality.

Overlooking or underestimating  the nascent condition of genocide will make the problem more complicated and the way of reversing it difficult. This is what has happened in Rwanda. At the very beginning  of the infamous Rwanda genocide, the International community had confused the   burgeoning genocide conditions with the then civil war and considered the genocide as mere part of the civil war.

This knowing or unknowing indifference of the international community resulted the elimination of nearly half a million innocent Tutsis and what the international community had to say was the slogan “Never Again” which is by far disproportionate to the grave mistake done and the shameful scare stamped on the history of mankind. Still, if the slogan “Never Again” is serious, the international community need to keep  its eyes on Oromiya region in which genocide is simmering.


  1. galas residing in the USA who are financially supporting the ethnic cleansing of Amharas in Ethiopia, think about what you are doing. There will be legal or other repercussion for what you are doing.

  2. If Obbo Jawar has a common sense, he should have waited until the business hours and go to the HQ of the federal office and ask for answers. No, that was not his cup of tea. He likes drama. He likes publicity. He enjoys his grandiloquent image when speaking to a crowd. He has been spoiled by everyone including those in the media everywhere for not asking him tough questions and for not challenging him for hard and ocular evidence. When he claims to be someone with experience in international mediation between warring groups, nobody asked him for a proof. When he claimed right on an international media that Oromos used to be jailed en masse for speaking Oromifaa, nobody asked him for ocular proof. I wasn’t. My father wasn’t. More than a million my Itu Oromos weren’t. The entire Western Hararghe was buzzing with Oromifaa on market days. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to buy a single can of life saving grain. The whole area was buzzing in Oromifaa even when the late emperor’s motorcade passing through it all. But he was allowed to harangue such anger fusing diatribes unchallenged. Such unchallenged personality in a ‘leadership’ role has given him the wrong impression about himself in that he feels he can make that gem of the colored into anything he desires. He might have been led to believe that he can hand out ‘republics’ like candies to anyone he feels like it. You want a separate ‘Republic of Tigray? Just tell me when. I heard you want a new spanking ‘Republic of Sidama’. Say when! You want a religious republic? Let me talk to the Wahhabis first because they are the big buckets and I will get back to you with the good news. Remember I will be the only qualified persecuted punk artist to be the president of all new republics!!! Get it? Not you, Me!!! Anyone who has a center cut fillet mignon? I’m getting hungry here!!!

    Folks, this is the usual consequence when someone is left unchallenged as ‘de facto leader’ of any group. The late PM was left unchallenged once he was able to wrestle away a front that was founded for a noble cause. He wanted to form a party called Marxist-Leninist nobody in his entourage came out challenging him. He was allowed to puke that satanic verse by Marx that religion is the opium of people in that bastion of Christianity where Negash(Nejashi) saved Islam. He was led to believe that he was absolutely infallible. If he wanted to kill prisoner war against the Geneva Convention he gave a hoot about that and he sent them to be shot somewhere faraway in remote location. Nobody can tell you where their Allah created sacred bodies were buried or disposed. That must be a lesson to all those who are now there on the spot. No one should be left unchallenged for their follies. Spades should be called just as that, spades. There should be any tolerance for lies and exaggeration. Everyone should be aware of the fact that there is a significant section of any given society that does not possess the sophistication to look through what it is hearing or reading. And this section is potentially the most dangerous, the most destructive and the most deadly. This section is the one who was told ‘There were here to kill me in during the night and when I was in bed’. And we had this. We had such unimaginable act of savagery I now have to live the rest of sunset life ashamed with as an Oromo.

  3. Amara had been killed in Oromia since the imperial majesty Hailesselasie the 2nd was murdered.

    The communist regime made sure Amhara gets
    murdered by Oromos for the first few years of the About, then in few years later when the communist abyot found out that Amaras would retaliate the Oromo communist begged for pardon and preached unity with Amara insisting in forgiving or forgetting the past about what Oromo did to Amara, we are seeing it happening tillthis day with the Barya shanqila Mengistu Hailenariam preaching wedefit hid (forget past with pardon in Abyot ) to Amara just to finish all Amaras.

    It seems Amara us only needed or not killed by Oromos when foreigners invade otherwise Oromo wants to kill Amara any chance it gets.

    Somalia invaded then Oromo begged Amara to save them from Somalia Siad Barre, invasion and kept Amhara in Oromia for fear of Somalia not because they want Amara to live amongst Promos but to be their security zebegna from Somalia or Amara is wanted to fight Egypt Sudan as Abyot Ahmed wants from Amara right now.

    Oromo wants from Amara only so Amara fights the battle which Oromos themselves should fight for.Amara is not allowed to organize, so Oromo treats Amara as guard dog pets that Oromo says “Jazz” them Amara bites .
    Addis Ababa people was said Jazz by Oromo and Addis Ababa bit the Addis Ababa ID card and Condo lottery scandal whistleblowers. Addis Ababa submitted now Oromo is about to treat all Amara as their pets saying Jazz since Amara us disorganized since Oromo said jazz to ADP.

  4. At some point in the history of the world there were those who concluded that enemies of their people were the people themselves. Nero condemned the residents of Rome to be their own enemies therefore they have to be torched into ashes in their own homes. Mussolini was said to have confided that the reason why the process he started to bring back Italy’s glory to the days of the great Roman Empire stalled or was dragging on him were Italians themselves. He was blaming the citizens of Italy for his miserable failures both at home and abroad. When Hitler found out that Germany’s defeat was imminent, he blamed the German for not fighting hard enough and ordered the torching of Berlin to the ground along every resident in it. Modern day terrorists who founded groups such as ISIS, Qaeda, Al-Shabaab and others alike were accusing Muslims themselves to be the enemies of the faith. And we have seen and see how they are indiscriminate in their massacre of civilian population in their own countries. And we should all remember all these demons were projecting images of angels and saviors to their targeted crowds before they achieved their objectives. Then no one will be safe including their own. If such individuals manage to yank away a territory they called, say, the Republic of Amhara and no one will come to their aid to rescue them from such brutes. They will be left to deal with it on their own. If the same fortune hit my own Oromos there will be no Amhara, Tigre, Somali, Afar or any other to come to our rescue. We have to deal with the Sheik Al-Bahr that was so methodical in latching on our backs all alone. We will be left to deal with it alone and to no avail.

    Well, we Oromos were told to be our own enemies which means every Oromo is expendable and can be used as cannon fodder to advance the agendas of reckless self crowned leaders. There should not be any blinking at the fact that they will turn their ire on their own citizens if they have the chance to found their own ‘republic’. That is because there will be seemingly insurmountable stumbling blocks in ruling countries. The economy will go south and people will start grumbling right away. Their going all alone will not create sympathy for them and every ounce of cooperation is already gone from the first day the bigoted ‘leaders’ founded their style of a republic(fiefdom). Internal opposition will be followed by brutal purges. You need proof on this one too? You should’ve known that already. I don’t think you are that academically challenged. Such scenarios are inevitable. Consider you are forewarned!!!

  5. Amara had been killed in Oromia since the imperial majesty Hailesselasie the 2nd was murdered.

    The communist regime made sure Amhara gets murdered by Oromos for the first few years of the Abyot, then few years later when the communist abyot found out that Amaras would retaliate , the Oromo communist Abyot begged for pardon and preached unity with Amara insisting in forgiving or forgetting the past about what Oromo did to Amara, we are seeing it happening till this day with the Barya shanqila Mengistu Hailenariam preaching wedefit hid (forget past with pardon in Abyot Ah Eda terms) to Amara just to finish all Amaras .

    It seems Amara is only needed or not killed by Oromos, when foreigners invade, otherwise Oromo wants to kill Amara any chance Oromo gets.

    When Somalia invaded.Ethiopia then Oromo all of a sudden begged Amara to save them from Somalia’s invasion and kept Amhara in Oromia only for fear of Somalia not because the Oromo wanted Amara to live amongst Oromos but to be Oromos security zebegna from Somalia or in today’s terms Amara is wanted to fight Egypt Sudan as Abyot Ahmed only wants from Amara right now.

    Oromo wants from Amara only so Amara fights the battle which Oromos themselves should fight for ..Amara is not allowed to wise up organize, so Oromo treats Amara as guard dog pets that Oromo says “Jazz” then Amara bites whoever or die fighting Oromo’s battle.
    Addis Ababa people got recently said Jazz by Oromo then the disorganied Addis Ababa bit the Addis Ababa ID card and Condo lottery scandal whistleblowers. Addis Ababa submitted , now Oromo is about to treat all Amara as their pets saying Jazz since Amara is disorganized since Oromo said jazz to ADP so ADP turn on Amara organizers.

  6. The republicans (vet Dr. Alemneh?) tried to bring change in mid 1940s and failed. 14 years later in 1960, the Neway brothers tried and failed but killed Ras Seyoum and Ras Abebe Aregay, two of the most respected war leaders and many resistance fighters of the second war with Italy for no reason. Another 14 years later, Colonel Attnafu Abate, veteran of the Congo campaign still bitter from the fact the Emperor didn’t spare the life of Dej. Belay Zeleke, succeeded to topple him. Colonel Attnafu didn’t care for communism or ‘scientific socialism’ but made a mistake of letting Mengistu and his evil friends Daniel and Getachew lead. And another 14 years later, the fighter generals who were sick and tired of Menge’s idiotic leadership, Demise Bulti, Fanta Belay, Mere’d Negusse etc. would die trying which resulted with the huge army not being able to do much anymore. Some say it was Menge’s cruel killing of the general Tariku Ayene of Afabet a few years earlier that destroyed the army but I think it was the latter. General Mered’s children have written his memoirs and General Demise’s lawyer son had done the same before that. Demise’s son tells a shocking account of1 54 generals murdered by Menge and only five killed by enemy in more than 30 years of utterly useless war.

    And the 14 year cycle after Weyane took power was back on with CUD/KINIJIT in 2005. CUD didn’t succeed but shook the foundation. And 14 years later…we are here with Lemma’s addiction and Abiy’s MEDEMER government.

    Haile-Selassie’s and Mengistu’s governments were Ethiopian governments though the former was more into ‘established’ laws and did honestly believe it was named by god and acted the only way it knew and the latter only needed to outsmart the communist students by dividing them by first taking Senai Like, Baro Tumsa, Negede Gobeze and most of all Haile Fida IN and keeping the others OUT and then killing them all!

  7. My people Amharas in the diaspora,

    I do not know how sad you guys are by what is unfolding in our country. In my case, I am heart-broken and do not think I will call the wild galas and anbeta tigres who support the ethnic cleansing of Amharas as my fellow countrymen/women.

    The one and only solution I see: Repatriation of all Amharas in the Southern part of Ethiopia to the current Amhara kilil before it is too late as the crime that comes will be worse than what we see now.

    If Amharas in the diaspora really care for their people, let us sacrifice a bit. If most Amharas in the diaspora are serious about the issue at hand and contribute their one year income, we could definitely repatriate our people in Southern Ethiopia to Gojjam, Gondar, Showa and Wollo.

    Anybody who thinks this makes sense, please leave your opinion here.

    Otherwise, leap service will take us nowhere.

    When the time comes, we will reclaim all our lost lands.

  8. An error in my previous post: I meant to ask contribution of a one month salary in a year time by all Amharas in the diaspora, not a one year salary.

  9. I just found out that there is a new campaign by concerned citizens which is using the hashtag # AllBlack is calling for residents of Addis Ababa to dress in black for the demonstration this coming Wednesday. Let’s join the citizens of Addis/Finfine in expressing our heart-felt sorrow for the deceased and sympathy for their loved ones by donning black bands on our arms on that day and the entire week that follows. Let’s have them in our thoughts.

    In the meantime, I call upon and down on my knees the editors of this esteemed website not to let hate filled comments and insults ride here for everyone to see. I also call upon them to pass along my desperate pleas to their colleagues who are also editors of similar websites. I know hits on your website are the bread and butter for sustainability. It is the days of commodity sold in bits. The largest companies today in terms of market capitalization are not those that manufacture widgets but rather those that sell bits. The culture of that exemplary self censorship and restraint by mainstream media seems to be slowly being eroded by this new reality. I realize that this new ‘industry’ has helped millions to pull themselves out of abject poverty. But in our case where the citizens there do not have the maturity in this ‘specter’ and with no one there to help them prudently navigate through it all the consequences can be disastrous. Please weed out those who spew insults using derogatory terms such ‘neftegna’, the ‘G’ word instead ‘Oromo’ and other pejoratives from your websites. Consider such individuals Ted Bundy’s and Charles Mansons. They are good for nothing. They are menace to society and those glorious people who produced us all. Please! Please! Please!!!

  10. zehabesha and the likes of you do not post critical issues or comments like the above post only trivial issues all admit that you are hypocrites.Do you want ethiopians stay all their life stay in perpetual darkness of misery and confusion?you do not post such post such coments because the critical big truth resides in such issues.

  11. Well said!!!!good article for international readers who want to know more about the current situation of Ethiopia. But one thing left….. Mrs. Meskerem Abera should discusses peoples need on the first group, actually it is a gang group who tries to de store and dismantle the Ethiopian people. so specially their leader should be arrested and he the Ethiopian gov’t should bring him to justice!!!! within the last two days Ethiopians lost more than 100 citizens.

  12. All this is happening because of Abiy who is incompetent person ascending to the highest power in ethiopian history. He empower killers and let violence to heppen in this old country.

    He must be brought to justice.He is the one who let all the killers and violent people to enter ethiopia in the name of medemer , fake philosophy of leadership implemented by pedantic gradutes like ABiy who misunderstood the lecture of his professors .

  13. Mahibrekidusan elites , terrrorist organization is also the enemy of oromo people preaching the supremacy of amhara elites labelling Kimant, Agew and others as minorities .

    Kimant young concerned

    Ohio, US

  14. Birhanu Nega

    Is he running to get elected and maintain power or just concerned for the people dying ? He was the one fuled the killings in 1997 and left to US after letting others dying with the fire that he alreday ignited.

    All people who enter the political arena are stone-headed and donot worry for the life of innocent ppl if it helps them to ascend to the throne.

    Most powerful criminals outside the bar, jails. This is including all people , Melese, mengistu , Abiy and all other diasporas in and out who were killing innocent people

  15. Many Addis Ababa people provided supplies to Querro.

    For the past year or so Kinijit political party cadres walked around Addis Ababa collecting supplies then giving Querrro time and time again supplies such as notepads , ink pens , earphones , mobile cell telephone chargers , cell mobile telephones and USD cash so Querro excutes a coordinated attack , this recent attack was just a practice attack, the real big coordinated attack is yet to come.

    Kinijit is hoping to start a turmoil that will let the Kinijit continue being acting wrong. Kinijit vowed not to repeat
    wrongness, but is doing in its power to let wrong continue .Kinijit is wrong .

  16. Messere

    To be honset you are not amhara. I have read 1000 of your comments for the last 3 to 5 months , you just keep on insluting Oromo. You are the one setting fire on your own tribe, amhara. I am afraid, you are not genuine amhara . I am not refering to your Amhara DNA, but your bad and cruel mentality.

    Stop insulting oromo; and others. I do know amharas working with killers . They donot care for thier won tribe as far as they collect money from the ruling party, be it TPLF or Abiy’s.

    Stop stop …..stop insulting. I am responding to you very kindly and friendly.

    There are many tigreans who killed thier own tribal members and even freedom fighters. Habesha just want to live for himself , may be he fight for his family but not ffor his tribe ti that extent.

    Donot generalize please. I myself have been tortured by TPLF gand members but I still donot condemn them since my problem is not with the whole tribe . I donot hate amhara, oromo or any other tribe. I will still fight against anyone who want to kill innocent amhara, oromo, Tigre any other tribe;

    Stop shedding the blood of innocent people and worshipping those whites fueling genocide in a conspired manner.

    thank you

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